Alone in the Dark is a game released in March 2024, which is a reboot of the series initiated in the 1990s by Frédérick Raynal. This time, the production is handled by the studio Pieces Interactive. In this title, we embody Emily Hartwood and detective Edward Carnby, who traverse the dark interiors and surroundings of the Derceto mansion.

This game combines action and survival horror, and it is set in the interwar period, in the USA. In the early 1920s, Emily’s father disappeared under mysterious circumstances in the southern part of the country. Years of searching led the woman to the dark mansion, which served as a shelter for the insane. In the game, we have the opportunity to embody both Hartwood and the detective, and our task is to unravel the mystery of Emily’s father’s disappearance.

Criteria of selection

The game offers us a third-person view and boasts superb graphics. The mechanic of switching playable characters is interesting and allows us to discover the story from different perspectives. As for the storyline itself, it is filled with difficult-to-solve puzzles, complemented by the dark atmosphere of this title.

While traversing the dark corridors and eerie streets, we encounter various nightmares, which we can either escape from or attempt to fight. What adds to the thrill is that ammunition in this title is scarce, so we must be very judicious in how we use the resources we find.

In summary, Alone in the Dark is an engaging game in the horror and mystery style, set in the 1930s, where our task is to explore the eerie mansion, solve intricate puzzles, and engage in uneven battles with monsters. The beautiful and dark graphics that complement the work are factors that truly make this game worth playing.

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