Do you like the feeling of being scared?

If you’ve played Amnesia, you probably know that feeling all too well. In case you were interested in checking out some of the best games like Amnesia, you can take a look at these worthy alternatives.

Outlast 2013-09-04 Red Barrels
Alien Isolation 2014-10-06 Creative Assembly
Soma 2015-09-21 Frictional Games
Condemned Criminal Origins 2006-04-11 Monolith
Outlast 2 2017-04-25 Red Barrels
Amnesia Rebirth 2020-10-20 Frictional Games
Scp Secret Files 2022-09-13 GameZoo Studio
Amnesia Collection 2010-09-08 Frictional Games
Amnesia The Dark Descent 2010-09-08 Frictional Games
Dead Space Remake 2023-01-27 Motive Studios
Amnesia A Machine For Pigs 2013-09-10 The Chinese Room
Outlast Whistleblower 2014-05-06 Red Barrels
Dead Space 3 2013-02-08 Visceral Games
Dead Space 2 2011-01-27 Visceral Games

Alien: Isolation

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Creative Assembly

The first obvious choice would be Alien: Isolation, as it follows a similar principle – you are the prey who must find a way to survive in a hostile environment.

Alien: Isolation is certainly not an easy game. In this offline survival horror, you will have to outsmart the Alien, which won’t be easy as it learns and adapts to your playstyle. Don’t expect that the same trick will work twice, you must find new and creative ways of dealing with danger. What’s more, being trapped on a space station adds an extra layer of fear – your screams don’t matter as there’s no one who could hear you.

Key features
  • Terrifying survival horror experience
  • Immersive gameplay in a lo-fi sci-fi environment
  • A smart enemy that can’t be fooled twice
  • Favors stealth tactics


Release date:2015-09-21
Developer:Frictional Games

What else could be a better Amnesia alternative than another survival horror made by the same development team?

From outer space down to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean – SOMA takes place in an underwater environment that can be just as unsettling and scary as an abandoned space station. In this game you’re not a fighter, so keeping a low profile and avoiding dangers is a must. This game is not only an amazing survival horror title – it also comes with an intriguing story that explores certain philosophical ideas which can provide you with a new perspective on several aspects of life.

Key features
  • Takes place in an underwater research facility
  • Surprisingly deep story
  • Tense atmosphere
  • Puts emphasis on stealth and solving puzzles

Dead Space

Release date:2023-01-27
Developer:Motive Studios

As a remake of a 2008 game, Dead Space from 2023 can prove to be an excellent choice to play if you had fun with Amnesia.

More often than not, video game remakes are limited to visual overhauls, but it’s not the case with Dead Space – here we’ve got a bunch of other improvements as well, making the game a perfect title to jump into right now. As opposed to other games on the list, here you will have to fight back – combat is unavoidable, so be prepared to get your hands dirty and respond to the alien threat accordingly.

Key features
  • Survival horror in a sci-fi setting
  • Focused on exploration with combat sequences
  • Upgradeable equipment
  • Claustrophobic environments

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Release date:2006-04-11
Genre:Action & Shooter

One can’t forget about classic games. Condemned from 2005 is living proof that old can indeed be gold.

When looking for Amnesia alternatives, one could easily stumble across numerous dark video games, one of which is Condemned. Combat is an integral part of the game but don’t get too cocky – enemies are dangerous and should be approached with caution, as your self-defense capabilities are rather limited and revolve mainly around melee tactics with the use of nearby objects. Investigate crime scenes with the use of special gadgets and solve the case, but don’t let your guard down.

Key features
  • Immersive survival horror experience
  • Limited combat focused primarily on melee
  • A variety of tools for investigation purposes
  • Rather challenging difficulty level

SCP - Containment Breach

Release date:2012-04-15

Finally, a game focused on the works of the community gathered around a fictional secret organization: SCP Foundation

Secure. Contain. Protect. The SCP universe is much bigger than you’d expect, with thousands of people contributing to the project by writing scary fictional stories and inventing new scary creatures. The game introduces some of them and allows players to experience the twisted horrors first-hand. SCP creatures are more real than ever – survive the breach and escape the facility. Moreover, if you’d like to play with friends online, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find the multiplayer version of the game.

Key features
  • Nightmarish creatures of all kinds
  • Gameplay focused on exploration
  • Dark, claustrophobic locations
  • Tense atmosphere


Amnesia is a well-known horror survival game that was once a very popular choice to play on streaming platforms by numerous content creators. Due to its popularity, a lot of players had the opportunity to experience the game one way or another, so it’s only natural that some of you may be interested in finding alternatives. If you’re curious about what games to play if you like Amnesia our list could hopefully be of use to you.