MMORPG is a genre perfect for short games and long, delicious marathons. Forget everything and set off to a massive open world where anything is possible! And the best part is that all the fun takes place in the company of other players.

Blade and Soul is an MMO video game based on Korean mythology where players accept the role of various heroes for an action-packed adventure. If you are looking for a title similar to BNS, here you will find everything you need: exploration, combat, captivating story, and bizarre creatures. Plus tons of PvE and PvP raids, occasional events, and fabulous prizes. Welcome to the list of the best games like Blade and Soul!

Games Like Blade And Soul
Final Fantasy Xiv Endwalker 2021-12-07 Massively Multiplayer SQUARE ENIX
World Of Warcraft Time Card Prepaid Battlenet 60 Days - - -
World Of Warcraft Shadowlands Epic Edition 2020-11-23 MMO Blizzard Entertainment
Guild Wars 2 Path Of Fire Deluxe Edition 2017-09-22 MMO ArenaNet Inc.
Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood 2017-06-20 Action & Shooter Square Enix
Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Standard 2022-02-28 MMO ArenaNet
Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn 30 Days 2013-08-27 Adventure Square Enix
The Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind Upgrade 2017-06-06 MMO Zenimax Online Studios
The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Edition 2016-09-09 RPG Zenimax Online Studios
The Elder Scrolls Online Collection Blackwood Collectors Edition 2021-06-01 RPG MMO Zenimax Online Studios


Free to play?Yes
Monthly subscription required?No. In-game microtransactions only

Somewhere in the world, there is the land of Erinn where sorrow, disease, and death do not exist. Go on a journey, face the filthiest monsters and become the first to reach this promised land.

Image credit: No. In-game microtransactions only

Pick one of sixteen heroes, learn their skills, and let the call of brutal combat take you over. Your adventure will begin in a dark soulslike world, overrun by hideous creatures and vile beasts. Join forces with other players and go to war with the mighty monsters that ravaged this once beautiful realm.

Key features
  • Choose from sixteen heroes and start your adventure
  • Forget yourself in brutal combat
  • Develop your skills and discover the secrets of a forgotten world
  • Play with other players and defeat the most challenging opponents

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Developer:Square Enix, Findev
Free to play?No
Monthly subscription required?No

It is the fourteenth installment in the legendary RPG series from Square Enix – this time in the MMO version! Explore the devastated realm of Eorzea and join other heroes to restore it to its former glory.

The evil Bahamut destroyed Eorzea, and its people urgently need help in the face of the approaching changes. Create a hero and embark on an adventure! Explore, collect valuable items, and fight hordes of enemies. Discover treasures or get a mount to travel faster. Final Fantasy 14 is a video game where you can lead your story in any direction – alone or in the company of other players.

Key features
  • Choose your race and class and create your dream hero
  • Learn about the land of Eorzea and help its people
  • Complete quests and fight mighty beasts
  • Play solo or have fun in PvE and PvP matches

World of Warcraft

Developer:Blizzard Entertainment
Free to play?Free to Level 20
Monthly subscription required?Yes, after level 20

As the world of Azeroth is torn apart by war, its people fall into two dominant factions – the Horde and the Alliance. Decide your side and rise as a legend in Blizzard’s epic MMO!

World of Warcraft Classic

Choose your race, class, and faction to create your dream hero. Set off on a journey through war-torn lands, visit capitals, fight massive beasts, and discover pieces of the continent’s history. Can your presence make a difference? Join the battle and see for yourself!

Key features
  • Create a hero and join one of the most popular MMOs
  • Explore vast lands and discover their secrets
  • Complete quests and level up
  • Play solo or have fun with other players

Guild Wars 2

Free to play?Yes, but with restriction
Monthly subscription required?No

It is a continuation of the first series of Guild Wars games from 2012, where you will play a story set over 200 years from previous events. Travel to the magical land of Tyria and discover fantastic adventures in the game like no other!

Choose your race and design a character for this exciting journey. Explore the land plagued by countless crises and learn the details of past events. Everything you achieve will matter, and your destiny will forever be linked to the legend of this world.

Key features
  • Choose your race and class and create your dream hero
  • Explore, discover, and complete quests
  • Develop your skills and fight
  • Take part in events and play solo or in multiplayer

The Elder Scrolls Online

Developer:Zenimax Online Studios
Free to play?No
Monthly subscription required?No

Dark plots cause demonic creatures from the underworld to break through the surface, wreaking chaos and destruction. It is a video game for everyone: old and new players.

Enter the land of Tamriel and discover its history! It is a world where the difference between good and evil is blurred, and only you will be able to understand their sense and origin. Create a character, choose a faction and embark on a journey through the most magical MMORPG ever.

Key features
  • Create a hero and play the legendary The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Join various guilds and complete missions
  • Gain experience and develop as you want
  • Fight and craft

Revelation Online

Developer:Hong Kong NetEase
Free to play?Yes
Monthly subscription required?No

Always wanted to fly? In this MMO, you can! Spread your wings and roam through a stunningly beautiful game world developed for every fan of multiplayer fantasy games.

Revelation Online

Choose your character class and create a mighty hero with whom you will learn all the secrets of the world of Nuanor. Travel, complete quests, discover treasures and forget yourself in this endearing gameplay. Solo, PvE, or multiple PvP competitions!

Key features
  • Create a hero and set off to the massive open world of Nuanor
  • Explore on foot or by flying
  • Meet the people and accept quests to gain experience
  • Play solo or with other players

It’s not hard to love MMOs – it’s a magical version of real life. You explore mysterious lands, people praise your courage, and you can take part in epic battles between dozens of players in PvP mode. The game world is delightfully gorgeous or scary, and you can develop your story as you want. If you are a fan of MMORPGs similar to Blade and Soul, enjoy! And if you’ve never dealt with this genre before, then boy oh boy – there’s a lot to discover!