We still have to wait a while for the grand release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II – the adrenaline-fueled sequel to the 2019 video game. But during this time, you can always enjoy yourself by playing other first-person shooters!

With Call of Duty from 2003, Infinity Ward launched an impressive and world-famous FPS game series that allows you to play as a soldier in various scenarios. From World War II through Nazi zombies to the present day, this legendary series grabs the attention of many and never lets it go. But if you’re looking for a replacement for your favorite type of gameplay, fear not! These alternatives are perfect for scratching that itch before the upcoming mission in your dream Call of Duty campaign.

Games like Call of Duty | It's time to gear up!
Metro Exodus | Gold Edition 2019-02-22 Action 4A GAMES
Metro Redux Bundle 2014-08-27 Horror 4A GAMES
Titanfall 2 2016-10-28 Action & Shooter Respawn Entertainment
Battlefield 2042 2021-11-19 Shooter DICE
Battlefield V 2018-11-20 First-Person DICE
Battlefield 1 2016-10-21 MMO EA DICE
Battlefield 4 2013-10-31 Action & Shooter EA DICE
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege | Deluxe Edition 2015-12-01 Action Ubisoft Montreal
Post Scriptum 2018 Indie Periscope Games
Destiny 2: Legacy Collection 2022-01-18 Action & Shooter Bungie Inc.
Insurgency: Sandstorm 2018-12-12 Action New World Interactive
Insurgency 2014-01-22 Action & Shooter New World Interactive
DOOM Eternal Deluxe 2020-03-20 Action id Software
DOOM 2016-05-12 Action & Shooter id Software
Spec Ops: The Line 2012-06-28 Action & Shooter Yager Development
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising 2009-10-07 Action Codemasters Studios
Operation Flashpoint: Red River 2011-04-20 Strategy Codemasters Action Studio

Metro Exodus

Release date:2019-02-22
Developer:4A GAMES
Game modes:Single-player

Start your survival journey in the third installment of the best-selling video games series based on Dmitry Głuchowski’s works. Leave the dark underworld and gather the courage to step outside and change your life forever.

It is 2035 – the time to discover who else has survived the post-apocalyptic tragedy. Play as Artem and join the Spartan Rangers to embark on a risky journey aboard the Aurora train. In this single-player gameplay experience, you’ll find everything Call of Duty fans love: a rich arsenal of weapons, dynamic combat, and stealth elements. Plus a captivating story and tough decision-making.

Key features
  • Play the third installment in the famous Metro game series
  • Join the Spartan Rangers to embark on the riskiest journey of your life
  • Explore mysterious locations and fight mutants
  • Modify your weapons and collect equipment to survive

Titanfall 2

Release date:2016-10-28
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Respawn Entertainment
Game modes:Single-player, multiplayer

It is a fast-paced first-person shooter for PC, XONE and PS4 developed with the participation of the Call of Duty creators. Are you dreaming of a crazy battle using powerful mechs? This and more you can always find in Titanfall 2!

Play as one of the futuristic soldiers dreaming of a pilot career. Unexpectedly, one of the giant combat robots will support the fight against the enemy, and you will go through a series of epic story missions. Explore the chapters of this exciting saga, learn mech skills, and fight in spectacular battles – solo or in multiplayer.

Key features
  • Play the second installment in the praised Titanfall series
  • Become a pilot and control one of the powerful mechs
  • Practice your skills and get carried away by a spectacular combat
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Battlefield series

Release date:2018-11-20
Genre:First-person shooter
Game modes:Single-player, multiplayer

If you’re looking for a worthy rival to the Call of Duty franchise, you’ve found it. Battlefield is a first-person war shooter created for fans of this genre!

Battlefield is a series of action video games taking place in various historical settings. Travel to the battlegrounds of World War II, see alternative events of World War I, or fight organized crime as a young cop. This title is a guarantee of realism, addictive multiplayer, and a multitude of maps to play. If you are looking for FPS at the highest level – Battlefield will meet your expectations.

Key features
  • Play the series of best-selling war games
  • Try out a variety of scenarios, maps, and historical periods
  • Enjoy high-quality weapons and the impressive realism of military competition
  • Play the solo campaign or fight in multiplayer

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Release date:2015-12-01
Developer:Ubisoft Montreal
Game modes :Single-player, multiplayer

The terrorist organization wreaks havoc worldwide, threatening humanity with a biological weapons. Only a specialized Rainbow unit — with your help — will be able to stop them.

Join one of the two fighting teams to achieve your goals on the map. Play a series of single-player campaigns or start an engaging sequence of PvP battles! Each mission features different objectives for both teams, during which you must cooperate with other players to win. Create an action plan, use the latest weapons, and communicate for hundreds of hours of great fun in Ubisoft’s acclaimed first-person shooter game.

Key features
  • Play a multiplayer competition between the police and terrorists
  • Plan your strategy and cooperate with the rest of the players
  • Sneak, eliminate your enemy by surprise, and complete mission tasks
  • Play in the single-player mode or join multiplayer games

Post Scriptum

Release date:2018
Developer:Periscope Games
Game modes:Multiplayer

It is a multiplayer battlefield simulator of World War II, presenting a highly realistic approach to team combat. Are you looking for total immersion? In Post Scriptum, you will become an authentic soldier – with all your skills and responsibilities.

Take the side of the Allies or the German army and become part of heroic battles on maps up to eight square kilometers. Choose from classes like medic, tank commander, or rifleman to support your team in massive conflicts on a historically accurate battlefield. Use classic vehicle models, prepare ambushes, work with your team and win! Post Scriptum is not a typical shooting game. iI this title, you will become a living part of the brutal fights on the battlefield!

Key features
  • Play the most realistic World War 2 simulator
  • Choose the side of the Germans or the Allies
  • Explore massive maps using historically accurate vehicles
  • Use your unique skills to support your party in battle

Destiny 2

Release date:2022-01-18
Genre:First-person shooter
Game modesMultiplayer

It is a thrilling action video game set in a sci-fi setting where you will become one of the last Guardians to defend Light and humanity from a resurrecting evil. Embark on the most epic journey to the galaxy’s core and start the legendary adventure in the grandest universe from Bungie.

Destiny 2 is a spectacular MMO you can play solo or with other players. Choose a class, become a Guardian and embark on a series of epic missions to decide the fate of all living creatures. Explore mysterious locations, collect exotic equipment, discover ancient treasures and develop your character. And if you enjoy this game, there are also some absolutely thrilling DLCs out there that will give you dozens of extra hours of rewarding gameplay!

Key features
  • Play a sci-fi MMO from Bungie
  • Select a class and create your Guardian
  • Start a series of missions to save the galaxy and humanity
  • Play solo or with other players

Insurgency: Sandstorm

Release date:2018-12-12
Developer:New World Interactive
Game modesMultiplayer

Prepare for a challenging journey to the Middle East, where Security units clash in brutal combat against Islamic forces. Pick one of them and support your team on the harsh way to ultimate victory!

Use the character customization system and create your dream soldier. Choose between PvP or co-op modes and start a series of dynamic missions on dangerous battlefields. This title is a definition of realism that you will notice in the soundtrack, taking players to the game’s reality in the first moment of engaging gameplay. To enjoy the immersion, even more, you can count on a wide selection of weapons, vehicle equipment, and uniforms.

Key features
  • Play an FPS video game set in the Middle East
  • Choose a faction and create a perfect soldier
  • Work with your team in co-op mode or fight in PvP
  • Enjoy high-quality audio and setting details

Doom Eternal

Release date:2020-03-20
Developer:id Software
Game modesSingle-player, multiplayer

It is a continuation of the legendary action games series where players have been confronting the forces of darkness since 1993. If Call of Duty seemed too slow, Doom will make it up to you!

Travel to the Earth, Mars, and other dimensions possessed by hellish powers to stop the forces of evil once and for all. Play as the iconic Doom Slayer and use powerful weapons in fast-paced combat against hordes of enemies. Explore locations, solve puzzles, and show no mercy! In addition to playing solo, this title allows dynamic fun in two multiplayer modes, where you can have fun as one of the demons fighting Doom Slayer.

Key features
  • Play the next installment in the legendary series of action games
  • Start a series of missions to slay the forces of Hell and discover your origins
  • Test an arsenal of powerful weapons in a spectacular battle against hordes of enemies
  • Complete a solo campaign or play as a demon in other players’ missions

Spec Ops: The Line

Release date:2012-06-28
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Yager Development
Game modesSingle-player, multiplayer

Embark on a terrifying mission to Dubai to uncover the mystery of a dead rescue signal. But on the spot, it will quickly turn out that nothing is as it might initially seem.

Play as the Delta Force squad commander and search for the missing unit. Lead your team, give orders, sneak, and complete mission objectives. Discover the mystery of the city covered in sand and make the most complex decisions to see one of the four surprising endings to this story. It is a game with a unique desert atmosphere, perfect for enthusiasts of solo and multiplayer games!

Key features
  • Travel to Dubai and complete a risky military operation
  • Lead the Delta Force squad and uncover the mystery of the missing unit
  • Explore the city devastated by sandstorms and war
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising

Release date:2009-10-07
Developer:Codemasters Studios
Game modesSingle-player, multiplayer

Skira Island is a promised land with massive oil resources. When the Chinese begin to occupy this location, the Americans, bound by the peace pact, must fight on behalf of the Russian side.

Command a squad of four to complete the goals of eleven single-player missions. Explore 220 square kilometers of the island and use over 70 types of realistic weapons, grenades, and mines. In this title, you will also drive many fantastic vehicles, like tanks, helicopters, and armored vehicles. Each weapon deals highly realistic damage, and the battlefield faithfully replicates the look of the real-life island. So you can count on an epic gameplay experience!

Key features
  • Join the fierce battles for power over the Skira Island
  • Lead your team and plan each attack
  • Explore the vast map using realistic vehicles and weapons
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Shooting games like CoD are the perfect recipe for any longing for good action-packed gameplay. It’s not even about Call of Duty anymore. It’s all about a passion for exploring epic maps, testing engaging scenarios, and operating the arsenals of the best guns ever. Executing every possible strategy on the battlefield is a rewarding process during which we can have fun with all types of weapons or legendary vehicles. On this list, you can find the best Steam picks for any single and multiplayer first person shooter enthusiast. So take this chance and gear up, soldier!