Celeste is a fun indie platformer that combines challenging difficulty level with adorable pixel-art visuals and adds a fitting soundtrack to the mix to make the whole experience even more enjoyable.

With overwhelmingly positive reviews from both critics and players alike, it became a source of joy for many people across the globe. If you already played it and loved it, then it’s only natural that you want to know if there are any similar games out there. And that’s where we come in.

Check out the list down below to find out some of the best games like Celeste.
Olliolli2 Welcome To Olliwood 2015-08-11 Indie Roll7
Rayman Legends 2013-08-29 Adventure Ubisoft
Splasher 2017-02-07 Action & Shooter Splashteam
Dustforce 2012-01-17 Arcade & Platform Hitbox Team
Super Meat Boy 2010-11-30 Indie Team Meat
The End Is Nigh 2017-07-12 Adventure Edmund McMillen, Tyler Glaiel
Ori And The Blind Forest 2016-04-27 Action & Shooter Moon Studios GmbH
The Messenger 2018-08-30 Action Sabotage
Hollow Knight 2017-02-24 Action & Shooter Team Cherry
Hollow Knight (Switch) 2017-02-24 Action & Shooter Team Cherry
Cuphead 2017-09-29 Indie StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.
Cuphead (Xbox Live) 2017-09-29 Indie StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.
Risk Of Rain 2013-11-08 Arcade & Platform Hopoo Games, LLC
Risk Of Rain 2 2019-03-28 Indie Hopoo Games, LLC
Rayman Legends (Xbox Live) 2013-08-29 Adventure Ubisoft

5. Super Meat Boy

Developer:Team Meat

If you’re looking for games like Celeste, Super Meat Boy would be a great start. Celeste is considered by some a slower and slightly easier version of Super Meat Boy. SMB will let you control an adorable piece of meat as he tries to rescue Bandage Girl, but the journey certainly won’t be an easy one.

Levels are full of traps and obstacles, and even the smallest mistake may force you to restart the area. It can be very unforgiving, especially at later stages, where completing the levels require deadly precision and masterful controls, and it becomes even more true if you think about getting all the collectibles and achieve 100% completion. There is a bright side, though – fully beating such a difficult game feels extremely rewarding.

Key features
  • An addictive 2D platformer with adorable characters
  • Lots of increasingly difficult and visually insane levels filled with dangerous traps and other obstacles
  • Extremely challenging to fully complete
  • Fast-paced gameplay that requires extreme precision

4. The End Is Nigh

Developer:Tyler Glaiel

If we have SMB on the list, it wouldn’t be fair to not include The End Is Nigh here as well. The End Is Nigh is a game from the creator of Super Meat Boy and it’s quite similar on several levels. It’s worth mentioning, however, that it’s slower-paced even than Celeste, and instead puts more emphasis on precise controls.

There are also some subtle differences, like the fact, that levels in The End Is Nigh are self-contained challenges, and there is no zoom or screen scrolling going on – the entire level is visible, from spawn point to the goal, which allows you to better plan the route to take. There is not much story going on, but who needs it anyway. Literally, any reason would be good enough to make us jump into the post-apocalyptic world full of challenging puzzles to complete.

Key features
  • Surprisingly fun and addictive platform action from the creator of Super Meat Boy
  • Tons of increasingly difficult stages that require deadly precision
  • Simple yet appealing 2D visuals and smooth animations
  • Numerous collectibles for those who want some extra challenge

3. Ori and the Blind Forest

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Moon Studios GmbH

If you wish to take a different approach when looking for games like Celeste, you could try Ori and the Blind Forest. Ori and the Blind Forest is a stunning title focused on the adventures of a little guardian spirit. While it may appear that the game is casual-friendly and emotional, don’t let the game’s looks fool you.

It’s a game that offers moderate challenge but can become really hard if you choose to play on the more demanding playing modes available in Definitive Edition, where most enemies and traps can basically kill you in a hit or two. But don’t get discouraged – Ori is an amazing and beautiful experience you surely don’t want to miss.

Key features
  • Emotional 2D adventure in Metroidvania style
  • Breathtaking visuals and effects
  • Unlockable abilities that can give access to previously inaccessible areas
  • Beautiful music that helps to create a unique atmosphere

2. The Messenger


Get ready for a nostalgia-inducing trip – The Messenger is a great Celeste alternative for those who love retro style. The Messenger pays homage to classic games from the golden era of NES and Sega Genesis, especially the Ninja Gaiden series.

It’s done so well, that you wouldn’t even know that it’s a 2018 game if we didn’t tell you. It perfectly captures the retro spirit, thanks to its 8-bit 2D sprites and music, but it’s also the gameplay that feels like it’s genuinely a game from the early nineties. If you loved Celeste and old Sega Genesis games, you definitely have to try The Messenger.

Key features
  • Retro-style platform game inspired by the Ninja Gaiden series
  • A unique combination of linear gameplay with Metroidvania
  • Upgradeable skills and abilities
  • Top-notch 8-bit music that fits the theme

1. Hollow Knight

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Team Cherry

For the final game that can serve as a great Celeste alternative, we’ve got Hollow Knight – a game about exploring an ancient kingdom inhabited by large hostile insects.

Hollow Knight is one of these games that prove the truth behind “don’t judge a book by its cover”. At first glance, Hollow Knight looks like a simple game, but the more you play, the more depth and beauty you start to discover. The game focuses on exploration and adds some combat to the mix – various minor enemies will try to stop you from reaching the goal, but there are also some more dangerous and formidable opponents that need to be dealt with.

Key features
  • A modern take on Metroidvania action
  • Simple but appealing hand-drawn visuals with lots of little details
  • Unlockable skills and various character customization options
  • Steel Soul mode with permanent death for those who are up for an extra challenge

Celeste is a fun and difficult platform game, but when looking for a Celeste alternative, you need to think about what you value in Celeste the most. Is it gameplay? Or visuals? Level design? Or maybe difficulty level? Depending on your answers, your idea of what should the best Celeste alternative look like, will be different.

Hopefully, with our help, you’ll be able to find a game that will give you as much entertainment as you had while playing Celeste. In final words, we can only add that there are more games that could be worth checking out. Honorable mentions would include titles such as Risk of Rain, Dead Cells, Dustforce, or even fLaiL, which is free, so you can try it right now.