So, you’ve spent countless hours in every Company of Heroes game and now want to try something different, yet somewhat similar. What now? Fret not!

We’ve picked a whole bunch of great real-time strategies and tactical games, a whole lot of them about the Second World War. But we didn’t limit ourselves to one historical period. Let’s take a look at our picks, shall we?

Relic Entertainment’s Company of Heroes quickly garnered critical acclaim, a large fan base, and earned its place among the best real-time strategies of all time thanks to its polished gameplay, presentation, and the World War II theme. After all, it’s still a pretty unique game, since you don’t really have WWII games with base building, resource collection, you know, all the RTS gameplay staples.

Naturally, the franchise owes its predecessor, the revered Dawn of War series, a lot, since it borrows its gameplay model from these titles. Company of Heroes received a bunch of expansion packs and two sequels, the latest of which was released in 2023 to positive reviews.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at our selection of games which have something in common with CoH, be it the main theme or the gameplay.

Iron Harvest 2020-09-01 Strategy KING Art Games
Warno 2022-01-20 RTS Eugen Systems
Steel Division 2 Standard Edition 2019-06-20 Indie Eugen Systems
Rising Front 2023-01-14 Action Sandstorm Studios Inc.
Wargame Red Dragon 2014-04-17 Strategy Focus Entertainment
Men Of War Assault Squad 2 Deluxe Edition 2014-05-15 Action & Shooter Digitalmindsoft
Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak 2016-01-20 Strategy Blackbird Interactive
Close Combat The Bloody First 2019-10-03 Simulation Slitherine Software
World In Conflict Complete Edition 2007-09-18 Strategy Massive Entertainment
Ruse 2010-09-07 Strategy Eugen Systems
Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War Master Collection 2006-01-01 Strategy Relic Entertainment
Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War II Master Collection 2009-02-18 Strategy Relic
Warhammer 40000 Dawn Of War III 2017-04-27 Simulation Relic Entertainment
Tom Clancys Endwar 2009-02-25 Strategy Ubisoft Shanghai
Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty Heart Of The Swarm 2013-03-12 Strategy Blizzard Entertainment

Wargame: Red Dragon

Release date:2014-04-17
Developer:Focus Entertainment

Here’s something for folks looking for a more complex RTS set during a modern conflict. The Wargame franchise is one of the best picks around.

Western forces are facing the Communist bloc again and it’s up to you to decide which of the factions you want to support. Red Dragon is the most complex installment in the series. What’s new here? Well, for starters, there are naval units for you to command. Overall, there are 1,450 units available from 17 nations, all carefully reproduced.

How does Red Dragon fare against Company of Heroes, though? Well, there’s no base building in here and no resource collection. RD is also more complex and realistic. And it’s about a modern conflict, not World War II. Still, it’s something you might want to consider, especially if you’re looking forward to steering clear from traditional RTS games and checking out something more tactical and realistic in nature.

Key features
  • It’s about a major conflict between the forces of the West and the Communist bloc
  • 1,450 authentic units available
  • Dynamic campaign system
  • Multiplayer for up to 20 players

Steel Division 2

Release date:2019-06-20
Developer:Eugen Systems

If we were to describe this one in as little words as possible, we’d say something along the lines of “it’s Wargame, but set during WWII.” Well, that pretty much sums it up.

Still, that would be somewhat cruel and unjust of us, as Steel Division 2 is a worthwhile game in its own right, offering a realistic, complex take on Operation Bagration.

You can build decks using over 600 available units and then deploy them during massive battles across 25 maps, each huge and detailed. Dynamic campaigns blend real-time tactics and turn-based gameplay. Multiplayer lets up to 20 players duke it out in various modes. It’s a phenomenally complex (but still pretty accessible) release which is perfect if you want to try something much more sophisticated than Company of Heroes (we don’t want to discredit Relic’s game here, mind you, as we think it’s pretty fantastic).

Key features
  • A complex simulation of Operation Bagration
  • 25 huge maps
  • Multiplayer supports up to 20 players and offers various modes to choose from
  • Hundreds of painstakingly recreated units

World in Conflict: Complete Edition

Release date:2007-09-18
Developer:Massive Entertainment

OK, the premise sort of sounds like the one in Red Alert 2, but make no mistake, it’s something very serious, grounded, and pretty complex, even if very accessible.

World in Conflict is about a Soviet invasion of the United States. This surprise attack catches Americans off guard, but they quickly mount a counter-offensive. Your task is to help them win. One of the most striking features in the game are the calldowns, including tactical nukes. You can level the entire map with them. Aside from that, you can command units such as infantry, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, and helicopters.

The game received an expansion titled Soviet Assault, which features six new missions and a handful of new maps. No new units were added, though. It’s one of the most “traditional” RTS games on this list and like we said, it’s very accessible, sort of like Wargame-lite. Still, it’s a very fun title that packs quite a punch. Be sure to grab it, especially if you love modern warfare.

Key features
  • Soviet forces invade the United States of America
  • Various unit types at your disposal
  • Powerful calldowns which let you demolish entire maps
  • Super fun multiplayer

Men of War

Release date:2009-05-06

Here’s a simulation so sophisticated it’s simply staggering. The amount of detail this game pays attention to is simply shocking. Men of War may not be for everyone, but it’s very rewarding once you get the gist of it.

Yeah, the game demands a whole lot of micromanagement and paying attention to the tiniest of details, but that’s what makes it so appealing. Heck, you can even control units directly using your mouse and keyboard, like in action games! It’s all simply stunning.

The game offers several single-player campaigns focusing on the less-known battles of the Second World War, as well as a robust multiplayer mode featuring six different modes and supporting up to 16 players. Men of War also received a couple of standalone expansion packs, including one set during the Vietnam War.

Key features
  • An extremely complex simulation of war
  • Focuses on relatively obscure battles and tactical combat
  • Allied, Soviet, and German campaigns available
  • Multiplayer for up to 16 players, with six different game modes, to boot

Iron Harvester

Release date:2020-09-01
Developer:KING Art Games

Time for some alternate history and dieselpunk. Set in the 1920s, Iron Harvest features giant mechs, which are definitely the stars of this game.

There are three factions that you choose to lead to victory, as well as 40 units in total and 9 distinct heroes, each with unique abilities. Your task is to capture and hold resource points, deploy new units, and crush the enemy forces. You know, the usual. Iron Harvest also boasts fully destructible buildings and free updates with new content.

Gameplay-wise, this is one of the closest things to Company of Heroes. So, if you’re looking for something akin to Relic’s masterpiece, but a bit far out of the left field, be sure to try Iron Harvest. With a wealth of single-player and multiplayer options, as well as polished gameplay, this one shouldn’t disappoint.

Key features
  • Set in an alternate reality with dieselpunk mechs
  • Three campaigns featuring over 20 missions
  • Dozens of available unit types
  • Competitive and co-op multiplayer modes

Commandos 2 – HD Remaster

Release date:2020-01-24
Developer:Yippee! Entertainment

Ah yes, the classic of the tactical/stealth genre. Alright, this game is probably way different from the Company of Heroes franchise (although CoH features some missions which are closer to Commandos than anything else). Still, it’s worth mentioning, since it’s an excellent, demanding piece of entertainment.

Just like its revered predecessor, Commandos 2 puts you in charge of a squad of commandos, each with different abilities, who need to carry out various missions during WWII. The odds are definitely NOT in your favor, but this is where your tactical finesse, ingenuity, and your team’s skills come in. These will help you complete your tasks and make it out in one piece.

The HD remaster of Commandos 2 features upgraded visuals, reworked user interface and controls, as well as a refreshed tutorial. It’s a demanding title, but a very rewarding one, so if you’re looking for a challenge, try this one.

Key features
  • 22 missions available in total
  • Three new squad members in addition to the original six returning from the previous game
  • Lots of new tricks up the commandos’ sleeves
  • Keep in mind that it’s a difficult game

Sudden Strike 4

Release date:2017-08-11
Developer:Kite Games

The latest addition to a classic real-time tactics franchise, Sudden Strike 4 offers new challenges and lots of fun for those daring enough to delve into it.

It’s definitely bigger and bolder than its predecessors. One of the new features is the presence of commanders who you can choose to bolster your forces with special abilities and different tactical capabilities. There are plenty of ways in which you can approach your objectives and these leaders (who sort of act as heroes in other RTS games or like commanders in StarCraft 2, it seems) will help you out tremendously.

Aside from the single-player campaign (and some other options for lone wolves) there is a multiplayer mode, of course. Sudden Strike 4 also supports mods. Gameplay-wise, it’s sort of like Company of Heroes, but more complex and without the whole base-building thing. And it looks great, too. It’s definitely one of the games you should totally check out.

Key features
  • The biggest installment in the series so far
  • Commanders with special abilities to help you achieve victory
  • 20 missions in the single-player mode
  • Various multiplayer options

Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology

Release date:2005-09-23

Sudden Strike’s younger brother, Blitzkrieg too focuses on battles and tactics rather than base building and resource collection. 

Blitzkrieg II further changes the gameplay thanks to the introduction of full 3D, which changes things considerably and opens up new tactical possibilities. The game also introduces plenty of new maneuvers and strategic options for you to try out. These will surely help you achieve victory.

The campaign boasts an additional strategic layer where you can decide which battles you want to fight and plan your next moves across the entire globe. Major WWII fronts are covered here. And once you’re ready, you can face other players in competitive multiplayer modes. Blitzkrieg 2 is definitely one of the best picks on this list, you should totally check it out.

Key features
  • Three campaigns featuring 68 missions in total
  • 250 different units and 60 infantry types
  • The environment is now fully three-dimensional
  • The game even features a map and mod editor

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

Release date:2017-04-27
Developer:Relic Entertainment

Before Company of Heroes there was Dawn of War, an RTS which first introduced the gameplay model and later carried over to CoH. DoW received great expansion packs and sequels, including the one numbered three.

The latest addition to the franchise, Dawn of War III lets you command the forces of the Space Marines, the Eldar, and the Orks. You can unleash huge machines and fight large-scale battles here, bigger than anything you’ve ever seen in this series. Naturally, base building, resource collection, and researching new technologies have remained here, so the core of the gameplay remains untouched.

Dawn of War III is set on the planet of Acheron where a devastating weapon is discovered. Various factions race to put their hands on it first. The campaign lets you command each of the playable races and learn their strengths and weaknesses, which will come in handy in the multiplayer mode. So, if you want more CoH-style gameplay, but in a different, science fiction setting, be sure to grab Dawn of War III or any of its predecessors, especially Dawn of War II.

Key features
  • Battles larger than ever before in the series
  • You can deploy powerful and humongous war machines onto the battlefield
  • Three playable factions
  • You can customize your armies’ looks in the multiplayer mode

Battle Academy

Release date:2010-08-04
Developer:Slitherine Ltd.

The last game on this list stands out from the crowd here because it’s a turn-based strategy, but we felt it’s a good fit here. Why? 

Well, for starters, it’s a World War II-themed production. Second, it’s really accessible to newcomers to the genre and looks very good. Third, it’s rather quick for a TBS game. Fourth, it’s really, really fun to play! Battle Academy offers a campaign covering over 30 battles where you play as Allied (Axis forces are available in the multiplayer mode).

With a clean interface, more than 100 units to command, and a wide variety of tactics that you can employ, BA really focuses on what matters the most: completing your objectives and securing victory. The developers brag that their game’s mobile version has become a major hit in 46 countries. Well, that sounds like a good incentive to try it out!

Key features
  • A really accessible turn-based strategy about World War II
  • Over 100 available units
  • Three single-player campaigns and a robust multiplayer mode
  • The game is also available on iOS

As you can see, there are quite a few alternatives to Company of Heroes and its sequels. So, what’s it going to be, commander? Ready to lead your forces to victory?