When Danganronpa heroes fall into Monokuma’s bear traps, the same happens to the players. Because this game is addictive like no other, offering a masterpiece experience from the very first second.

Riddles, murders, suspicions, and cute teddy bears – this is Danganronpa in its brief part. This unique Japanese video game hides many gameplay features that are hard to describe without giving away some spoilers. One thing is sure – even players who have never been fans of visual novels or detective horror games love it. For what? For a badass style and a smart story that surprises at every step. Have you had fun playing Danganronpa, and you don’t know what to do with your life next? We got you something special!

Here is a list of the best video games similar to Danganronpa!
Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair 2016-04-18 Adventure Spike ChunSoft
Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc 2016-02-18 Adventure Spike ChunSoft
Danganronpa V3 Killing Harmony 2017-09-25 Adventure Abstraction Games
Nobody Saves The World 2022-01-18 Action RPG DrinkBox Studios
Doki Doki Literature Club Plus 2021-06-30 Visual novel, horror Team Salvato
Distrust: Polar Survival 2017-08-23 Adventure Cheerdealers
Her Story 2015-06-24 Adventure Sam Barlow
Orwell Keeping An Eye On You 2016-10-27 Adventure Osmotic Studios
Corpse Party 2016-04-25 Adventure Team GrisGris
Persona 4 Golden 2020-06-13 jRPG ATLUS
Persona 5 Strikers Digital Deluxe Edition 2021-02-23 jRPG ATLUS
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy 2019-04-09 Adventure CAPCOM
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles 2021-07 Adventure CAPCOM
The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Ace Attorney Trilogy Adventure CAPCOM
Sherlock Holmes The Devils Daughter 2016-06-10 Adventure Frogwares
Agatha Christie The Abc Murders 2016-02-04 Adventure Artefacts Studio
Steinsgate 2016-09-08 Adventure 5pb.
Scribblenauts Unlimited 2013-02-15 Arcade & Platform 5th Cell

The Zodiac Trial

Genre:Visual Novel

Just like all Danganronpa games, this title is also a visual novel death game, where several heroes fight to survive and discover secrets. If you loved Danganronpa, The Zodiac Trial is all you need!

The Zodiac Trial

Get ready for the most challenging trial of your life! Join a group of heroes faced with the complex task of solving a series of deadly puzzles. Get ready for crazy traps, numerous secrets, and betrayal. Trust others and cooperate or play as a lone wolf and ensure yourself a victory. It is a game where you can play thirteen scenarios and see over fifty different endings!

Key features
  • Join the Zodiac Race and face a series of challenging tasks
  • Make decisions and chat with other characters
  • Solve puzzles to survive
  • See over fifty surprising endings

The Ace Attorney Series

Genre:Visual Novel
Developer:CAPCOM Co., Ltd.

It is an adventure detective video game about one of the most famous lawyers in the gaming world. Play as Phoenix Wright and defend your clients to discover the truth!

Like Danganronpa, this series is a visual novel full of secrets where you can enjoy your wits. Meet your clients, examine the details of their cases, collect evidence and draw conclusions. And once you have a clear picture of the situation, shine in the courtroom as the most brilliant lawyer ever!

Key features
  • Play as Phoenix Wright and enjoy dozens of engaging cases
  • Examine crime scenes and collect clues
  • Talk to your clients to gather more information
  • Fight in the court and win the case

Persona Series


While Persona is a fantasy role-playing game, this title also features a series of mysterious events, secrets, and engaging elements of school life. With a pinch of combat and mythology!

Persona is a series of stories about heroes who travel between worlds. Their task is to combine everyday life with unraveling dark secrets hidden in an alternative world. If you are looking for a game like Danganronpa, but with a slightly lighter atmosphere and engaging fantasy elements – play the Persona series!

Key features
  • Play as a hero learning new supernatural skills
  • Lose yourself in the mysterious story and solve puzzles
  • Explore locations and take part in turn-based battles
  • Make friends and take care of everyday school life

The Zero Escape trilogy

Developer:Spike ChunSoft

If you are into games where a crazy psychopath lures you into a maze of traps, Zero Escape will meet your expectations. It is a visual novel adventure where your life will be at stake!

Play as one of the heroes solving deadly traps prepared by the mysterious Zero. Make decisions and follow the plot to find your way out of a series of bizarre rooms. Prepare for cooperation, quick choices, and no mercy for the weakest. Can you solve the mystery of each location? And will you be able to identify the psychopathic Zero?

Key features
  • Play as one of the heroes solving the traps of the mysterious Zero
  • Beat the levels and crack a series of puzzles
  • Make decisions to watch the story unfold
  • Chat with other heroes and discover their motives


Developer:Osmotic Studios

Is there anything more important than national security? Join the innovative Orwell program and see for yourself by monitoring people’s online activities.

Orwell needs you! Join the program as a system operator responsible for tracking suspicious terrorism-related behavior. Browse news, read social media posts and gain access to personal documents. Talk in chat rooms and get more and more information to report to the system. But remember – any action can have serious consequences. Keep an eye on everything, so no one has to keep an eye on you.

Key features
  • Play online public surveillance simulation
  • Follow the news, read blogs, and gather new information
  • Report your discoveries to Orwell
  • Keep your eyes open and see how your actions affect other people’s lives

Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

Developer:Artefacts Studio

It is an adventure detective video game perfect for fans of Agatha Christie’s works. Play as Hercules Poirot himself and solve the case of a serial killer who threatens the entire Great Britain.

When the mysterious ABC leaves more victims behind, your task is to catch the murderer at all costs. Lead an investigation, explore cities, talk to witnesses, and collect clues. In this story, anyone can be a murderer, and only your insight and born intellect will be able to help you solve this dark mystery.

Key features
  • Play as Hercules Poirot and solve a series of brutal murders
  • Investigate crime scenes and collect clues
  • Ask questions, talk to witnesses and identify the murderer
  • Immerse in the unique atmosphere of Agatha Christie’s work

The Professor Layton series

Genre:Puzzle, adventure
Developer:Level-5, Matrix Software

Welcome to a series of adventure games where you will discover a whole bunch of engaging puzzles. Play as Professor Layton and lose yourself in solving the most challenging mysteries with your assistant at your side!

Professor Layton

The Professor Layton series is a recommendation for adults and younger players, presenting the adventures of a genius scientist. In each part, you will face a series of complex puzzles and discover extraordinary places. Like Danganronpa, this is a title for logic-oriented players.

Key features
  • Play as the famous Professor Layton and experience thrilling adventures
  • Solve hundreds of puzzles and discover new chapters of the story
  • Get carried away by the engaging story
  • Explore, chat and collect clues

Ai: The Somnium Files

Genre:Visual Novel
Developer:Spike ChunSoft

It is a Japanese visual novel adventure from the creators of Danganronpa, set in technologically advanced Tokyo. Play as Kaname Date and investigate the mysterious merry-go-round murder.

Ai: The Somnium Files

A murder in an abandoned amusement park is just the beginning of your dark adventure in a world of dreams and reality. Examine a case and use your unique skill to enter the minds of witnesses. Explore, gather evidence, collect clues, and discover other characters’ motives. It’s a game where anyone can be involved in a murder.

Key features
  • Play as Kaname Date and use your unique skills
  • Find a serial killer
  • Question witnesses and review their memories
  • Connect the facts and discover the mystery of this strange case

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One

Genre:Adventure, Puzzle

Where puzzles are, there must be Sherlock Holmes. Discover the origins of the legend of a young detective and venture to a Mediterranean island to find a plot that may affect your future.

When young Sherlock returns to the island ten years after his mother’s death, he discovers that this delightful place deals with some issues. Learn the mystery of your mother’s death and find out what happened to the Holmes house. Explore, chat with locals, and gather clues. This game is a real challenge for fans of Danganronpa puzzles!

Key features
  • Play as young Sherlock Holmes and discover the mystery of your mother’s death
  • Explore a Mediterranean island and encounter its people
  • Get information, collect clues and discover secrets
  • Enjoy the impressive open-world setting



Is life ruled by destiny or by you? Play Steins;Gate and discover this truth as you immerse yourself in an inspiring story about manipulating time!

Play as Okabe Rintaro, a student who considers himself a brilliant mad scientist. But when one of your inventions starts working, weird things begin to happen. As you will soon discover, every choice can have serious consequences, and the lines between the present and the past are blurred.

Key features
  • Play as a young inventor and design the unique machine
  • Discover the mystery of the plot you have become a part of
  • Explore events across different timelines and collect clues
  • Make decisions that will determine your and your friends’ fate

Nothing boosts the imagination like detective stories. Full of charismatic heroes, deadly traps, and challenging puzzles that determine the outcome of the entire adventure. In some, you can easily enjoy a series of relaxing puzzles and explore the story at your own pace. But games like Danganronpa will squeeze you like a lemon. And, according to Reddit, the latter is definitely better. When your life is at stake, and you are surrounded by people with unknown motives – this is the best time to be alive!