Kickstarter has given a chance for independents studios to publish their games with relative ease. One such title is Larian Studio’s Divinity: Original Sin, a two-part series of isometric RPGs. The game’s development was made possible thanks to the backers who provided the developer with the funds necessary to bring their vision to life.

Both the original game and its sequel (also financed through crowdfunding) were met with critical acclaim. If you’re looking for similar titles, not necessarily funded out of gamers’ pockets, then take a look at our list of the best role-playing games like Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel.


Wasteland 3

Release01 January 2016
DeveloperinXile Entertainment

The third installment of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic RPG series takes the player to the frozen fields of Colorado. There they will fight for survival not only against the harsh conditions but other survivor groups. The story of the game focuses on two rangers from Arizona who become stranded on a mission to Colorado. Forced to work for a local warlord, the rangers will have to make difficult choices that will influence their fates in this cold, cruel world.

Wasteland 3 shares several similarities with the Divinity: Original Sin series. The main of them are the isometric view, RPG gameplay mechanics, and cooperative multiplayer mode. Moreover, throughout the game, the player will have to make various choices, which will determine the outcome of the plot, influence the characters and the world of the game. If you’re a fan of more “involved” role-playing games, then Wasteland 3 might be just what you’re looking for.

Key features
  • Survive in the frozen wilds of post-apocalyptic Colorado
  • Choose to work for the ruthless warlord or join the efforts to overthrow him
  • Team up with other players in a co-op multiplayer mode

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

ReleaseMay 18, 2015
DeveloperCD Projekt Red

Geralt’s epic story comes to an end in the climactic finale of CD Projekt RED’s The Witcher series. Wild Hunt sees the White Wolf helping Ciri, who becomes the target of the mysterious force known as the Wild Hunt. Geralt embarks on a quest to protect his protege and put an end to the Wild Hunt’s threat to the Continent.

The Witcher 3 and the D: OS series share a fantasy setting and some RPG elements of gameplay, but that’s not their most important common feature. Divinity: OS and its sequel came equipped with robust modding tools, allowing players to create their own single and multiplayer quests. While CDPR didn’t offer such solutions for The Witcher 3, more resourceful fans of the series have been doing the Lord’s work in that matter, introducing various modifications – from graphical improvements to significant gameplay overhauls. Give The Witcher 3 a shot if you’d like to see the effects of their tinkering for yourself.

Key features
  • Explore the open-world of the Continent
  • Experience the epic finale to Geralt’s story
  • Carry out missions, sidequests, and participate in optional activities
  • Use various mods to make your game look even better

Pillars of Eternity

ReleaseMar 26, 2015
DeveloperObsidian Entertainment

In Pillars of Eternity, the player assumes the role of a Watcher, a person able to communicate with souls. Shipwrecked during the storm, the protagonist witnesses a ritual that imbues them with this mysterious power. The Watcher’s new abilities are also their curse – one that will slowly drive them mad. To prevent that from happening, the Watcher embarks on a quest to find the cultists and reverse the curse.

Pillars of Eternity is the most classic representative of isometric RPGs. The player controls their character, traveling from location to allocation, fulfilling quests, and progressing the story to unlock new areas. The game features a character creator, in which the player can make their own hero (or heroine). Combat in PoE follows an interesting mechanic focusing on the defensive strength of various items and characters. Fans of the classic RPGs like Icewind Dale and Baldur’s Gate will definitely find a lot to like about Pillars of Eternity.

Key features
  • Find a way to break a curse put on you by a mysterious cult
  • Explore the region in search of loot and treasure
  • Learn the strengths ad weaknesses of your enemies to defeat them easier
  • Enjoy the classic RPG mechanics

Baldur's Gate 3

ReleaseOct 6, 2020
DeveloperLarian Studios

The third installment of the classic RPG series takes the player back to the world of Faerun, where the forces of evil are launching a full-scale attack on the realm. Kidnapped by mind flayers and injected with one of their parasites, the player character is rescued before the transformation process can begin. Stranded in Faerun after the crash of the rescue airship, the player character must find a way to get rid of the parasite before they become part of the mind flayer hive.

Baldur’s Gate 3 didn’t have an easy way into the player’s hands. The IP had changed owners several times before finally landing at the feet of Larian Studios, the developers of Divinity: Original Sin. The studio changed the mechanics a little, making the game more similar to their own productions than to the previous installments of the Baldur’s Gate series. Thanks to that, the fans of isometric RPGs can easily enter the game world even without any previous experience with the BG series.

Key features
  • Return to Faerun, where evil raises its ugly head to take over the continent
  • Find a way to get rid of the mind flayer parasite implanted in your head
  • Experience the new way of playing Baldur’s Gade thanks to the RPG mechanics similar to Divinity: Original Sin
  • Explore the games multiplayer mode for more cooperative fun

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden

ReleaseDec 4, 2018
DeveloperThe Bearded Ladies

Another title set in a post-apocalyptic world, this time filled with mutants. The player controls a team of mutated individuals known as the Stalkers, whose task is to gather resources for the Ark, the last bastion of civilization. The team under the player’s control, sent out to locate a missing scientist, discovers a plot that could put the existence of the Ark at risk.

Although MYZ features characters like a humanoid boar and duck, it remains very traditional in its gameplay mechanics. You can forget about slashing the opponents open with tusks or pecking at them with beaks. What you can do, is employ your tactical skill in turn-based combat, using the character’s expertise with various types of weaponry. Not every RPG has to reinvent the genre, and Mutant Year Zero is fun enough for the player not to mind that it misses some gameplay opportunities with its premise.

Key features
  • Embark on a quest to find a missing scientist
  • Explore the Zone – a post-nuclear war wasteland
  • Plan your strategy and use the tactical advantage to ambush your enemies
  • Expand the skills of your mutated characters using the skill trees

SpellForce 3

ReleaseDec 7, 2017
DeveloperGrimlore Games

SpellForce 3 takes the player to the world ruled by mages. After the conflict known as the Mage Wars makes the public resent the mages and their powers, a mysterious cult rises to make use of people’s anger and use it for their own purposes. The player controls a young corporal of the Wolf Gaurd, child of the mage Iselmo who was once the leader of the rebellion that led to Mage Wars, who is sent to investigate the strange events occurring in the land that may have a connection to the cult’s nefarious plans.

SpellForce 3 doesn’t introduce any new gameplay mechanics to the series. The player controls the protagonist and their companions on an isometric map, using various skills to fend off enemies, and carrying out missions to progress the plot. The protagonist, named Tahar, is fully customizable – the player can decide on their gender and appearance and select some of their initial skillsets. The game features elements of real-time strategy, in which the player can lead armies into battle. Their success depends on their progress on the Leadership skill tree.

Key features
  • The anti-mage sentiments grow stronger, and your task is to stop another war from happening
  • Create your character choosing their appearance and skills
  • Control the protagonist and their companions in a classic RPG gameplay
  • Lead armies into battle in the real-tome strategy segments of the game

Pathfinder: Kingmaker

ReleaseSep 25, 2018
DeveloperOwlcat Games

Pathfinder: Kingmaker follows the nameless adventurer tasked with defeating a bandit known as the Stag Lord, who terrorizes the region. Upon completing the harrowing task, the protagonist is named the baron. From here on out, their job will include addressing the problems of the land, which include invading hordes of monsters, among many others.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker, as the title would suggest, focuses not only on RPG gameplay but also kingdom management. As the baron of the land, the player will have to look after their people, making decisions concerning their welfare. The system of choices and alignments is an important mechanic of Pathfinder: Kingmaker – with each decision, the player will draw nearer a certain resolution of the game’s overall plot. If you are into political maneuvering and decent RPG mechanics, you can bet that Pathfinder will meet your expectations.

Key features
  • Defeat the Stag Lord and become the baron of the land
  • Rule your people with compassion or an iron fist
  • Make crucial decisions that will affect the fate of your realm

Path of Exile

ReleaseOct 23, 2013
DeveloperGrinding Gear Games

Path of Exile tells the story of an unnamed protagonist, the titular Exile, sent to the penal colony of Wraeclast. There, they are tasked with defeating humans and monsters to gain their freedom back. The path to freedom won’t be easy as Wraclast is inhabited by the most dangerous beings in the world.

Path of Exile is a unique entry on our list because, unlike many other role-playing games, it doesn’t feature any currency. The in-game items serve as bargain chips that can be exchanged for other goods. Another interesting gameplay mechanic are the Support Gems, which can be used to stack additional skills on top of the base one, further customizing the player’s skillset. The game features different gameplay modes, called Leagues. They offer modifications, including a mode with permadeath, a mode in which the players can’t interact with each other, etc. Most of the most are based around various events, so the player should always be on the lookout for the really interesting ones.

Key features
  • Fight your way from an exile.
  • Explore the penal colony inhabited by vile humans and even worse monsters
  • Exchange your items for other goods in a unique currency-less barter system
  • Choose one of several gameplay Leagues and join others in a game under special conditions


ReleaseSep 7, 2020
DeveloperSupergiant Games

Considered by many as THE game of 2020, Hades tells the story of Zagreus, son of the titular lord of the Underworld, who decides he had enough of his dad telling him how to live his life. He embarks on a quest throughout the realms of the Underworld, meeting and interacting with other greek deities and finding out their stories. All that while fighting all sorts of monstrosities living in the pits of Hades.

If it weren’t for the clever writing and likable characters, Hades would have been just another indie roguelike. The charming story and excellent graphics design elevate this game well above your usual action-RPGs. The gameplay mainly focuses on completing runs in different locations of the Underworld, defeating monsters, and interacting with deities who share with the player bits of in-game lore. If that kind of game is your cup of tea, then go ahead and give Hades a shot – you won’t be disappointed!

Key features
  • Experience an epic adventure in the Underworld
  • Play as the son of Hades and explore your father’s dominion
  • Survive the roguelike-style combat gameplay against the denizens of the Underworld
  • Learn Greek lore from the deities met along the way


ReleaseFeb 5, 2016
DeveloperFiraxis Games

In XCOM 2, Earth had been conquered by alien invaders. The remaining humans have gone underground, forming a resistance against the occupants. The player controls the leader of the XCOM team – a special unit forme from the members of a disbanded military group, tasked with scouting the surface, locating necessary resources, and dealing with any opposition.

If you played the original XCOM, then you know what to expect from its sequel. The game focuses on tactical turn-based gameplay, with the player placing the members of their squad in strategic positions. The game features elements of stealth and cover-based combat – the player can lead unsuspecting enemies into ambushes and take them out without alerting others. Other gameplay mechanics focus on managing the Avenger, an alien ship that serves as XCOM’s base of operations. Onboard Avenger, the player can research new technologies, heal up the wounded, and install new facilities to aid the war effort. XCOM 2 is an excellent game for the fans of turn-based strategies in a sci-fi setting.

Key features
  • Experience the turn-based tactical gameplay
  • Send out your best men to scout out resources and take on the alien invaders
  • Upgrade your base of operations with new facilities to take back the planet from the occupants