Dome Keeper alternatives to keep you busy? Here are a few worthy recommendations.

Dome Keeper is a simple but addictive roguelike that combines mining and gathering resources with upgrading and defending your space dome from hordes of aliens. The key to victory is to smartly manage time spent on mining and defending; minerals found underground are vital to keep the base running but you also need to manually operate defense systems to repel aliens and you can’t be everywhere simultaneously.

Below you’ll find a list of recommended games like Dome Keeper you should definitely keep an eye on.

The Riftbreaker

Release date:2021-10-14
Genre:Base Building
Developer:EXOR Studios

First, we have The Riftbreaker, where instead of a side-scrolling 2D game we get a 3D top-down experience but with a very similar gameplay loop. You will be tasked with building a base with walls and turrets, gathering resources, and managing the power grid to provide energy to all the built structures.

It’s definitely a more dynamic and action-packed option with engaging combat that involves battling hordes of enemies. You’ll be running across the battlefield while trying to secure necessary resources and repel the attackers with the help of automatic defense systems. Your goal is to survive as long as possible – how far can you get?

Wall World

Release date:2023-04-05

Wall World is a much closer Dome Keeper alternative, with an incredibly similar pixel-art style and gameplay loop. The first notable difference you’ll see is that instead of going underground to mine resources, you’ll be going to the side, as your base is attached to a wall.

The base is also something more than just a stationary dome; when necessary, it can transform into a spider-like robot that can slowly move up and down the titular wall. This will become especially useful during the combat phase, as you can use this mobility to evade enemy attacks.

Power to the People

Release date:2022-02-08
Developer:Rhombico Games

For a game that puts more emphasis on strategy and casual, slow-paced fun, we can’t recommend Power to the People enough. In this game, your task is to deliver electricity to a newly found city to allow it to grow further.

As the city expands, so does its electricity needs; if you can manage to meet people’s expectations, they’ll start building new homes and business centers, eventually transforming the city into a happy and lively place. There are no enemies to defeat, but there are natural disasters; beware of thunderstrikes and other dangerous events and respond to the threats accordingly.


Release date:2022-10-12
Genre:Colony Sim
Developer:Kodo Linija

If you’re looking for something more unique and space-oriented, Stardeus could be the game for you. It’s a surprisingly complex colony sim inspired by games such as Factorio and Rimworld.

The setting is as follows: the Earth is gone and some people were hibernated and sent to space in the AI-powered spaceship in order to find a new, habitable planet to restore civilization. You’re the AI in control and your job is to repair the ship and manage its internal systems to make sure the crew is safe and sound. Take them for a journey into deep space and help them find a new home as you go through a variety of randomly generated events.

Gladiator Guild Manager

Release date:2021-10-14
Genre:Strategy RPG
Developer:Entertainment Forge

Finally, a slightly different game from the autobattler genre. There’s no base building here; instead, you’ll be building a team of warriors and sending them to arena battles. Hire new faces, train them, form teams, utilize unique abilities, and come up with clever tactics to overcome the challenges.

Choose participants for each battle and arrange your unit placement the way you want. Once everything is prepared, start the duel and watch as the battle plays out automatically. Climb up the ladder, build a reputation, and prove to the world that your gladiators have what it takes to become true champions.

Even the most addictive game can get boring after a while. Once you’re done with everything there is to do in Dome Keeper, you may want to take a look at similar games. Perhaps there’s another game that will scratch a similar kind of roguelike base defense itch; take a closer look at our recommendations and see if anything sparks your interest.