Empire of Sin proves a lawbreaker career requires some strategic skills. According to reviews on Metacritic, this unique blend of genres makes it one of the most underrated titles on the market.

Imagine a mafia tycoon game requiring a solid strategy – this is Empire of Sin! It takes players back in time to the 1920s to let them start a highly illegal alcohol business during the Prohibition era. Have you already played Empire of Sin and want something similar? Welcome to the list of its absolute best alternatives!

Criteria for Similarity

Inspired by suggestions of adequate alternatives on Reddit, we created a selection of must-play video games sharing comparable gameplay mechanics, themes, aesthetics, and available platforms.

Four titles focus on an almost identical gangster experience, and one — XCOM — is exceptionally close to Empire of Sin regarding strategy fun.

City of Gangsters

Release date:2021-08-09

Travel back to the Prohibition era and make the entire city yours before 1933. It’s a turn-based tycoon game, so prepare for a similar playstyle.

People crave alcohol, and you should use this knowledge to boost your influence in the city. Manage regular supplies, develop a network of essential contacts, employ people, and expand your territory to become a legendary mafia authority.

Key features
  • Construct an alcohol empire during Prohibition era
  • Import or produce resources
  • Hire more people for the mafia family
  • Expand your territory

Gangsters: Organized Crime

Release date:1998-11-30
Developer:Hothouse Creations

Pick this title if you are an enthusiast of unlimited freedom of choice in how you want to play the game. Take charge using all methods available!

Organized Crime is a lawbreaker life simulation set in a massive Chicago-inspired city. Try yourself at harmonizing illegal missions, making shady deals, fighting, and watching out for the ever-present cops. And if you want, win elections and start a career as mayor.

Key features
  • Decide what kind of criminal you want to be
  • Coordinate all your units
  • Deal with unexpected events
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to four players

Company of Crime

Release date:2020-08-08
Developer:Resistance Games

Travel to 1960s London to play on both sides of the law – as a legend of the criminal underworld or as chief inspector of Scotland Yard.

Company of Crime is a turn-based strategic game enriched with role-playing features revolving around the classic gangsters-police story. Prepare for refreshing melee combat, realistic enemy behavior, an immersive atmosphere, and many risky missions to complete!

Key features
  • Play on both sides of the law
  • Expand your sphere of influence as the leader of the criminal underground
  • Lead investigations as a Scotland Yard inspector
  • Enjoy 1960s London’s thrilling atmosphere


Release date:2016-02-04
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Firaxis Games

Welcome to the future! It’s 2035, and aliens finally conquered Earth. By leading the underground resistance, you can still save this miserable situation!

Synchronize secret XCOM units to get rid of the alien occupation once and for all. It’s time to recruit soldiers, complete the riskiest guerrilla missions, and invent revolutionary technologies to increase your chances of survival. The entire Earth’s fate depends solely on your determination! Like Empire of Sin, XCOM 2 focuses on territory and resource management.

Key features
  • Reclaim Earth after alien invasion
  • Reactivate XCOM to engage in a desperate fight for freedom
  • Develop innovative technologies and manage soldiers
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Mafia III

Release date:2020-05-19
Developer:Hangar 13

Lincoln Clay returns to New Bordeaux from the Vietnam War to witness his gang companions tragically die as a result of betrayal. Driven by pure revenge, the protagonist decides to track down and eliminate members of the Italian mafia.

Mafia III is the best recommendation for Empire of Sin fans desiring an action-adventure video game type. Explore the open world of a New Orleans-inspired city, complete challenging quests, fight using Clay’s special attacks, and interrogate NPCs. This gangster adventure offers five different endings!

Key features
  • Become part of New Bordeaux’s gangster life
  • Use an impressive arsenal of weapons to avenge your companions’ death
  • Explore the city and soak up its vibrant atmosphere
  • Make choices and complete quests to reach one of five endings

Although entirely different in terms of graphics, all of these options should cover your appetite for games about resisting the established order. Whether you want a more strategic or adventurous take on classic mafia gameplay, choose from these diverse but surprisingly alike recommendations to forge your dream underground empire!