Escape From Tarkov is a popular first-person shooter game developed by Battlestate Games. It is a tactical, hardcore, and realistic multiplayer experience that takes place in a fictional city called Tarkov, which has been sealed off after a political conflict.

Whether it’s a change of scenery or a different playstyle, there are plenty of alternatives to Escape From Tarkov that offer similar adventures. So, if you’re looking for a new title to sink your teeth into, keep reading!

Fallout 4 2015-11-09 RPG
Post Scriptum 2018 Indie
Dayz 2013-12-16 Adventure
7 Days To Die 2013-12-13 Adventure
Arma 3 2013-09-12 Action & Shooter
Stalker Call Of Pripyat 2010-02-11 Horror
Insurgency Sandstorm 2018-12-12 Action
Stalker Clear Sky 2008-09-15 Adventure
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Bundle 2007-03-20 Adventure
Project Zomboid 2013-11-08 Indie
7 Days To Die 2013-12-13 Adventure
Hunt Showdown 2018-02-22 Action
Metro Exodus 2020-02-14 Adventure
State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition 2018-05-22 Action & Shooter
Payday 2 2013-08-13 Action & Shooter


Release date:2018-02-08
Developer:Facepunch Studios

In Rust, players must survive in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world by gathering resources and building shelters. It could be the ultimate survival choice for those who relish deadly games of pursuit and evasion.

One of the unique features of Rust is its player-driven economy. Players can collect resources such as wood, stone, and metal, which can be used to craft weapons, armor, and buildings.

After joining a server, you will spawn in a random location on the map with limited resources. Your first task will be to gather resources such as wood, stone, and metal to build a shelter and you better make use of it!

Key features
  • Procedurally generated world
  • Resource gathering and crafting
  • Player-driven economy
  • Intense player interactions


Release date:2013-12-16
Developer:Bohemia Interactive Studio

DayZ is known for its emphasis on realistic survival mechanics. Players must manage their hunger, thirst, and fatigue levels to survive.

DayZ provides many interesting features like when players are exposed to gas attacks, a lethal gas is released, which leads to bleeding, vomiting, and eventually unconsciousness and death unless they evacuate the area and receive appropriate medical care.

When dying in DayZ, you lose all of their items and must start over. This adds a high level of risk and reward to the gameplay, as players must balance the need to gather resources with the risk of losing everything.

Key features
  • Survival mechanics
  • Large open-world environment
  • Permadeath system
  • Gas attacks

Arma 3

Release date:2013-09-12
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Bohemia Interactive Studio

Arma 3 is the third main installment in the Arma series. It was released in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular military simulators on the market. The plot is set on a fictional Mediterranean island called Altis, which is based on the real-life Greek island of Lemnos.

Arma 3 is also known for its modding community. The modding tools are highly accessible, allowing players to create and share custom content and modifications.

The game’s AI has been significantly improved compared to previous versions, making for more challenging and realistic gameplay. The AI is more responsive and adaptive, making for a more immersive and engaging experience.

Key features
  • Modding support
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes, allowing to have fun offline and online
  • Emphasis on teamwork and strategy
  • Realistic gameplay mechanics

Z1 Battle Royale (Former: H1Z1)

Release date:2018-02-28
Genre:Battle Royale
Developer:Daybreak Game Company

Z1 Battle Royale, formerly known as H1Z1, is a battle royale developed and published by Daybreak Game Company. It was initially released as a survival game called H1Z1 in 2015, but was later split into two separate titles: H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill. The second one was eventually rebranded as Z1 Battle Royale.

Z1 Battle Royale allows to form teams of up to five players and offers different team-based game modes. The team play mechanics are highly customizable, allowing you to create your own team strategies and load-outs.

Like other battle royales, Z1 Battle Royale features a shrinking safe zone that forces players into closer proximity with each other. However, the mechanics are more dynamic than in other games, with the zone constantly shifting and changing based on activity.

Key features
  • Large-scale map
  • Dynamic safe zone
  • Many interesting vehicles including cars, trucks, and ATVs
  • Revive system

Stalker / Stalker 2 (2023)

Release date:TBD
Genre:Shooter, RPG
Developer:GSC Game World

The storyline of Stalker revolves around the aftermath of the nuclear disaster that occurred at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant in 1986. Players take on the role of a stalker, a scavenger who ventures into the Zone to find valuable artifacts while avoiding deadly anomalies, mutated creatures, and rival factions.

Stalker 2 promises to be more immersive and realistic than its predecessor, with improved graphics, physics, and AI. The game also features a new faction system that allows players to align themselves with different groups, each with their own motivations and goals.

Another aspect of the game that sets it apart is the inclusion of a branching narrative that responds to player choices. All this is combined with legendary mutants, priceless artifacts and unforgiving anomalies.

Key features
  • A unique gameplay experience that combines elements of FPS, horror, and simulation
  • Support for mods that allow you to expand the game universe
  • Advanced AI, making enemies even more competitive
  • Non-linear storyline and multiple paths leading to different endings

Project Zomboid

Release date:2013-11-08
Developer:The Indie Stone

Project Zomboid simulates real-world survival scenarios, so players must take into account factors such as weather, temperature, and the availability of resources.

In addition to managing their character’s basic needs, players must also deal with injuries, illnesses, and infections. These can be caused by zombie bites, falls, or other accidents, and they can have serious consequences if not treated quickly.

In multiplayer mode, you can team up with friends to survive together or compete against each other to see who can survive the longest.

Key features
  • Injuries, illnesses, and infections can have serious consequences
  • Complex crafting system
  • Realistic survival mechanics
  • Project Zomboid features dynamic events that can occur randomly in the game world

7 Days to Die

Release date:2013-12-13
Developer:The Fun Pimps

In 7 Days to Die, the building system is a crucial feature. Players can construct their bases and fortifications to protect themselves from zombies.

The name of the game refers to a significant event called the Blood Moon, which happens every seventh day. During this event, large groups of zombies and infected animals attack your current location all at once.

If the player has not made adequate preparations and built strong defenses, they will be quickly overcome by the onslaught. 7 Days to Die can be enjoyed on many platforms from Linux and Windows to PS4 and Xbox One.

Key features
  • Base building
  • Blood Moon feature
  • The game features a dynamic zombie AI system that makes zombies more dangerous at night and when in large groups
  • Procedural world generation

Hunt: Showdown

Release date:2018-02-22
Developer:Crytek Frankfurt

Hunt: Showdown is set in the late 1800s in a world where monsters and other supernatural creatures roam the earth. Players take on the role of bounty hunters who must track down and kill these creatures for money.

In Hunt: Showdown, when a player collects a bounty, they can partially detect the general whereabouts of others nearby. However, this action also exposes the position of the bounty holder to all others on the in-game map.

A key strategic element of the game involves players attempting to eliminate the current bounty holder to claim the bounty for themselves. Up to 12 competitors compete with each other at the same time for the full stake.

Key features
  • Bounty system
  • If a player dies, they lose their character and all of their equipment
  • Multiplayer with up to 12 adventurers
  • Many different weapons ranging from shotguns to crossbows

Metro Exodus

Release date:2020-02-14
Developer:4A GAMES

In Metro Exodus, there is a shift from linear gameplay to a more open-world structure. While the earlier games were primarily focused on linear storytelling and level design, Metro Exodus features large, detailed environments that players can explore at their own pace.

Another standout feature of Metro Exodus is its immersive atmosphere. The game’s environments are richly detailed, with many locations from desolate wastelands to underground tunnels.

Metro Exodus is a well-crafted game that offers a unique experience. Its mix of eerie atmosphere, engaging storyline, and day/night cycle make it a must-play for fans of the post-apocalyptic genre.

Key features
  • Eerie atmosphere
  • Engaging storyline
  • The game’s day/night cycle affects the behavior of both enemies and NPCs
  • Moral choices

State of Decay 2

Release date:2018-05-22
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Undead Labs

State of Decay 2 builds upon the solid foundation of the previous version, offering improved graphics, more diverse characters, cooperative multiplayer, and a greater emphasis on survival mechanics.

Every character possesses “traits” that can provide them with benefits or drawbacks, like becoming exhausted more easily or the ability to increase a specific skill at a faster rate. Except for the ones that are linked to the game’s storyline, it is possible to enlist most of them into survivor groups.

Characters also have a morale value that is influenced by in-game occurrences such as surviving a close call, losing a fellow character, or completing a challenging objective. These emotions can have an impact on their actions and may necessitate the player’s intervention at times.

Key features
  • The ability to communicate with radio
  • Standard, Dread and Nightmare Zones
  • Resource management
  • Skill progression and specialization