Deep in our developed minds, the primal brain is still alive and isn’t going anywhere. Fortunately, we can train it by playing games like Far Cry Primal!

Far Cry Primal takes players to the unforgiving world of Oros, where, as the lone caveman, they must survive a prehistoric reality. There is a gorgeous sandbox environment, attention to detail, a sense of danger, and solid combat with limited weapons.

And a story that in no way prevents you from doing whatever comes to your mind. Yet, many players may want a similar experience within a slightly different ruleset. Or the game does feel repetitive after a while. Whatever the reason, here, you will find the finest Far Cry Primal alternatives to satisfy your survival preferences.

Essence of Wilderness and Survival in Gameplay

A great game requires a challenge, and that’s what survival titles deliver best. The hostile, intense environment demands quick reactions, collecting resources, crafting tools, and fighting for life. You can feel strong, clever, and sly without hurting yourself in perfectly safe digital environments, and that’s why titles like Far Cry Primal are so much fun.

Green Hell 2019-09-05 Sanbox, survival Creepy Jar
Ancestors The Humankind Odyssey 2020-08-27 Simulation Panache Digital Games
Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition 2024-03-21 Adventure Guerrilla, Nixxes Software
Horizon Zero Dawn 2020-08-07 Adventure Guerrilla
Ark Survival Ascended 2023-10-26 Survival Studio Wildcard
Force Of Nature 2 Ghost Keeper 2021-05-27 Survival A.Y.std
Life Is Feudal Your Own 2015-11-17 Indie Bitbox Ltd.
Savage Lands 2015-03-05 Adventure Signal Studios
Grav 2015-01-08 Adventure BitMonster, Inc.
Conan Exiles 2017-01-30 Adventure Funcom

Horizon Zero Dawn

Release date:2020-08-07

A post-apocalyptic future sees humans retreating to life in tribes and hiding from giant machines. At the center of this reality is Aloy – a young girl desiring to learn the truth about the surrounding world.

Horizon Zero Dawn resembles Far Cry Primal in unrestricted exploration, hunting, and collecting resources. But the overall vibe is entirely different with omnipresent mighty machines, a post-apocalyptic reality, and the remnants of human civilization from its prime years. This game is your best choice if you are looking forward to a similar experience featuring some digging into a mysterious past!

Key features
  • Play as young Aloy discovering humanity’s past
  • Explore the open world to fight hostile machines
  • Craft tools and acquire parts for your weapons
  • Chat with other characters and complete challenging quests

ARK: Survival Evolved

Release date:2015-06-02
Developer:Efecto Studios

It is a more sim-like approach to the survival genre, offering solo and co-op gameplay in a world overrun by forgotten creatures. Seeing another day requires even more effort than in the Far Cry game!

Crash on an unfamiliar island with no weapons or tools and do whatever it takes to survive. Explore the island, learn new skills, craft items, and fight prehistoric reptiles! You can always use the other players’ help if all that sounds too complicated.

Key features
  • Experience a survival adventure from zero to hero
  • Explore an exotic island and construct a shelter
  • Fight prehistoric beasts and collect increasingly better loot
  • Play solo, in PvE or exciting PvP

Green Hell

Release date:2019-09-05
Genre:Sanbox, survival
Developer:Creepy Jar

Jake Higgins embarks on an expedition with his wife to locate the mysterious Yabahuca people. But the woman disappears, and the man finds himself alone in the dangerous wilderness of the Amazon jungle.

Green Hell is a single-player recommendation where your job is to find the leading character’s wife and survive in unpredictable conditions. All factors like hunger, cold, hydration, and health matter! Moreover, even a poor mental state can mean the end of adventure.

Key features
  • Play as a man searching for his missing wife in the Amazon jungle
  • Watch out for savage animals and collect resources to survive
  • Monitor your mental state and hunt for food
  • Use available tools to see the end of this exciting story

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Release date:2020-08-27
Developer:Panache Digital Games

Instead of focusing on one hero’s adventure, this game revolves around our entire species’ evolution. And the success depends entirely on your decisions!

Ancestors game is a realistic simulation of human evolution in which you take control of one of the tribe members and play as someone else in the event of his death. Starting as a hominid, you must develop skills, look after your clan members, collect resources, and watch out for threats. Like Far Cry Primal, the game happens in prehistoric times but focuses more on the journey than the destination itself.

Key features
  • Manage human evolution throughout over 8 million years
  • Explore, watch out for threats, and learn new skills
  • Enjoy beautiful visuals
  • Do whatever it takes to survive

Conan Exiles

Release date:2017-01-30

Set in the world of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles is a perfect recommendation for fans of detailed crafting and ancient secrets.

Play as a lone wanderer exploring diverse environments to collect necessary items and craft your first tools. Depending on your survival skills, you may soon be able to build impressive buildings and cities! Or lose the battle against threats, including unfortunate weather conditions, other characters, or predatory beasts.

Key features
  • Play an unpredictable game set in the Conan the Barbarian universe
  • Explore various environments and craft increasingly better items
  • Build, fight, and sacrifice your enemies to gods
  • Play solo or with other players

For a long time, books were the only way to experience the past, but video games changed this state of affairs. Now, we can take a little sneak peek into the history and fully experience it on our digital skin.

The best survival games offer this and more – that delicious pressure to survive. So, if you love to chop down some trees, fight prehistoric reptiles, take care of your tribe, and feel primal, you know where to look!