Genshin Impact won the hearts of fans from all over the world.

Since its release in 2020, many players have already explored the vast world of Teyvat and are hungry for more similar titles. This article lists alternatives to the game, that can satisfy the most demanding veterans and which are considered the best of the genre.

The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2017-03-03 Adventure Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 3
Tokyo Xanadu Ex 2017-12-08 RPG Nihon Falcom
Ni No Kuni Wrath Of The White Witch Remastered 2019-09-20 Adventure Level-5
Final Fantasy XV 2018-03-06 RPG Square Enix Business Division 2
Nier Automata 2017-03-17 RPG PlatinumGames
Monster Hunter World 2018-08-09 Action CAPCOM
Dragon Quest Xi S Echoes Of An Elusive Age Definitive Edition 2020-12-04 RPG Square Enix
Tales Of Berseria 2017-01-26 RPG Bandai Namco Studios
Fire Emblem Three Houses 2019-07-26 Adventure Intelligent Systems
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 2022-07-29 Action Monolith Soft
Persona 5 Strikers 2021-02-23 Adventure Omega Force
Trials Of Mana 2020-04-24 RPG Xeen
Tales Of Arise 2021-09-10 RPG Bandai Namco Studios
Immortals Fenyx Rising 2022-12-15 Action Ubisoft Quebec
Scarlet Nexus 2021-06-25 Action RPG Bandai Namco Studios

Tower of Fantasy

Release date:2021-12-16
Developer:Hotta Studio

At the beginning of Tower of Fantasy, players take on the role of an adventurer named The Wanderer, who gets separated from their twin and ends up on the planet Aida, where he encounters a small colony.

The player has access to three different types of weapons at any moment, each of them containing one of four elements that are especially effective against enemies that are vulnerable to that specific element.

When he accumulates a certain level of charge during combat, he can switch between weapons and perform a powerful special move.

Key features
  • Customizable characters
  • Multiplayer support
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Vast open world

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release date:2017-03-03
Developer:Nintendo EPD Production Group No. 3

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild takes place in a huge open world called Hyrule, where players control the protagonist Link, who sets out to defeat Calamity Ganon and save Princess Zelda and the land of Hyrule.

The game includes a “chemistry engine” that determines the physical properties of objects and regulates their interactions with the player and the world around them.

It means that certain objects will behave in a predictable way depending on the circumstances. For example, if it’s stormy, metallic objects will attract lightning, so the player will have to avoid wearing metal, and he can use that to direct lightning at his enemies. This is just one of many addictive mechanics.

Key features
  • Nonlinear gameplay
  • Physics engine
  • Players can collect various weapons and equipment throughout the game
  • Dynamic weather system

Tokyo Xanadu eX

Release date:2016-09-08
Developer:Nihon Falcom

In Tokyo Xanadu eX players take on the role of a high school student named Kou Tokisaka, who discovers that he has the ability to fight against these supernatural threats with a powerful weapon called the Soul Device.

The eX version of the game includes additional content in the form of side chapters that follow the conclusion of each main chapter, as well as an After Story that takes place after the epilogue.

These extra features include character-specific event scenes and a bonus dungeon that involves the characters from these scenes.

Key features
  • Additional content, such as side chapters
  • Fast-paced combat system
  • Dungeons up to three participants
  • Building relationships with other characters

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor

Release date:2018-03-27
Developer:Bandai Namco Entertainment

Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is story-driven and all fans who like reading dialogues will be able to immerse themselves in the plot. The main character mainly interacts with Koharu, who serves as a guide for quests.

Image credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment

The character’s abilities depend on the equipped weapon and the Skill Record possessed. Using the weapon switch button, players can easily switch between swords and access the abilities associated with the Skill Record.

You will meet familiar characters from the Sword Art Online series, such as Klein, Diavel, and Kibaou. This will surely make some people nostalgic.

Key features
  • Well-known characters
  • Character creation
  • Players can join guilds, participate in events, and communicate with each other through a chat system
  • Real-time combat

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Release date:2019-09-20

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch features a unique blend of traditional RPG gameplay and elements from Studio Ghibli’s animated films, such as whimsical environments, magical creatures, and memorable characters.

Combat in Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is turn-based, with the player taking control of Oliver and his party of up to three other characters. Each character has unique abilities, including normal attacks, special skills, and spells.

Players can also collect and train a variety of creatures called Familiars, which can be used in battles alongside the main characters.

Key features
  • Engaging storyline
  • Beautiful art style
  • Familiar capturing mechanic
  • Emotional storytelling

Final Fantasy XV

Release date:2018-03-06
Developer:Square Enix Business Division 2

Final Fantasy XV introduces the story of Prince Noctis and his companions as they journey across a massive open world, battling enemies and completing quests.

One of the main features of Final Fantasy XV is the ability to summon powerful creatures called Astrals. These massive beings can be summoned during combat to do massive damage to enemies, and each of them has its own unique abilities and strengths.

Apart from combat, Final Fantasy XV also offers many side activities and mini-games, such as fishing, cooking and racing.

Key features
  • Real-time action combat
  • Side activities
  • Character development
  • Players can summon powerful creatures called Astrals

Nier: Automata

Release date:2017-03-17

Nier: Automata is set in a post-apocalyptic world where players control a combat android named 2B as she fights against mechanical creatures in a war between humans and machines.

Automata presents more and more eccentric combat situations, in which it’s not uncommon to fight in an arena populated by robotic samurai, tanks, flying metal balls and other inventive opponents that the game can come up with to test your abilities.

You can appreciate such details either on Xbox, PS, PC or Nintendo. All platforms assures the same amount of fun.

Key features
  • Multi-genre gameplay
  • Deep and complex story
  • Multiple endings
  • Challenging boss fights

Monster Hunter: World

Release date:2018-08-09

In Monster Hunter: World, players control a hunter who sets out on quests to hunt and capture various monsters.

The gameplay in Monster Hunter: World revolves around hunting and capturing monsters, with an emphasis on strategic combat and preparation.

Players must carefully plan their hunts, gather resources and craft equipment before jumping into battle with powerful monsters. The battles are fast-paced and intense and require quick reflexes and strategic thinking to succeed.

Key features
  • Strategic combat
  • Various dangerous monsters
  •  Players can play the game solo or team up with friends to take on the game’s challenging hunts and quests
  • Cross-platform play

Dragon Quest XI

Release date:2020-12-04
Developer:Square Enix

The story of Dragon Quest XI follows a young man who discovers that he is the reincarnation of a legendary hero, and he must journey across the world to unravel the mystery of his past and save the world from a great evil.

Compared to previous Dragon Quest games, it offers a more expansive and detailed world. The game’s environments are larger and more complicated, with a higher level of interactivity.

While still maintaining the classic turn-based battles, the game introduces new features such as a free-form camera option that allows players to move around the battlefield, adding more strategic depth to the combat.

Key features
  • Turn-based battles
  • Free-form camera option
  • Mini-games and side activities
  • Expansive world

Tales of Berseria

Release date:2017-01-26
Developer:Bandai Namco Studios

Tales of Berseria story provides a dark and mature narrative that explores themes such as revenge, morality, and redemption. The characters are well-written and memorable, with each one having its own unique backstory and motivations.

Unlike previous versions, when a character attacks with a depleted Soul Gauge, his attacks can be easily blocked by the opponent.

However, the Soul Gauge will automatically recharge over time. In combat, enemies drop souls that the player can collect to replenish his soul meter.

Key features
  • Dark and mature storyline
  • Soul Gauge can be blocked
  • Memorable characters
  • Unique combat system

Fire Emblem Three Houses

Release date:2019-07-26
Developer:Intelligent Systems

Fire Emblem Three Houses is placed in a medieval-inspired world where players take on the role of a professor at a prestigious school for warriors. As the professor, players must choose one of three unique houses to lead and train in the art of combat.

Players can have conversations with their allies, build support levels, and even enter into romantic relationships. These relationships can affect the story and the game’s ending.

Fire Emblem Three Houses have a stunning art style that blends traditional Japanese anime with Western-inspired character designs. The game’s colorful and vibrant world is brought to life with detailed backgrounds and fluid animations.

Key features
  • Academy life
  • Strategic gameplay
  • Deep character interactions
  • Stunning art styles

Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Release date:2022-07-29
Developer:Monolith Soft

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 writing remains similar to previous entries, as there was no need to change something great, but its gameplay mechanics are slightly different.

The plot is set in Aionios, a world where two constantly at war nations, Keves and Agnus, deploy soldiers with a lifespan of only ten years. It follows the journey of Noah and his childhood friends Eunie and Lanz from Keves, and Mio and her fellow soldiers Sena and Taion from Agnus.

After gaining a mysterious power, they unite to search for safety and uncover the secrets of their world, including the perpetual war and the true nature of their existence. Although the game has no multiplayer, it has so much to give offline.

Key features
  • Each character has a starting moveset based on a Class
  • Fast travel option
  • Action-based battle system
  • Character class changing possibility

In conclusion, there are many exciting games like Genshin Impact available to play now, not only for PC and Steam but all the platforms, including mobiles. From the vast open world of Breath of the Wild to the immersive combat of NieR: Automata, there is no shortage of fantastic titles to enjoy. You just have to choose which one suits you best, or decide on each one in turn!