Hello Neighbor is a fun mix of stealth and horror genres with a simple, colorful visual art style.

Looking for other games like that? Read on and learn more about a few possible alternatives.

Hello Neighbor is a combination of stealth and survival horror games in which you’ll be trying to sneak into your neighbor’s house in hopes of uncovering the secrets he’s supposedly hiding in his basement. Said neighbor acts suspiciously, leading you to believe there may be some dark mystery behind his behavior and thus you decide to step in and do some investigation on your own.

The gameplay revolves around sneaking around inside the neighbor’s house from a first-person perspective, getting access to new rooms, collecting required items, and solving puzzles while avoiding being spotted and caught.

What gives the game an interesting twist is the fact that with each failed attempt at revealing the truth, the neighbor’s behavior gets modified.

This means that when you get caught, kicked out, and forced to start over, you can’t rely on previously used strategies too much; the neighbor’s actions will be adjusted to match your previous tries and he’ll start placing down traps at places you’ve been to, meaning that you’ll have to be more careful and think out of the box to outsmart the opponent and get to the bottom of the case.

If that sounds fun, there are several other games on the market you may be interested in checking out that share certain similar elements and ideas. Down below is a list of some of the best games similar to Hello Neighbor to play, so let’s dive into it.

Bendy And The Dark Revival 2022-11-15 Adventure Joey Drew Studios
Dont Knock Twice 2017-09-05 Adventure Wales Interactive
The Blackout Club 2018-10-30 Simulation Question
Grounded 2020-07-28 Sanbox, survival Obsidian Entertainment
Witch It 2020-10-22 Action & Shooter Barrel Roll Games
Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition 2014-05-29 Adventure Krillbite Studio
Ben And Ed 2015-12-08 Adventure Sluggerfly
Scrap Mechanic 2016-01-19 Adventure Axolot Games
Raft 2018-05-23 Adventure Redbeet Interactive
Astroneer 2016-12-15 Adventure System Era Softworks

The Blackout Club

Release date:2018-10-30

Collect pieces of evidence and avoid the evil spirit that haunts the surroundings. Can you survive long enough to tell the story?

The Blackout Club is an interesting take on the horror genre, where the main enemy is The Shape which possesses people. The threat remains invisible, making things more exciting; you can only see it if you close your eyes. The game is primarily focused on co-op experience for parties of up to 4 people but there’s an alternative way that allows players to play solo in a special Stalker mode. With that being said, you’d want to have friends to play with to make the most out of this title.

Key features
  • A horror game in a modern setting
  • Focused almost exclusively on co-op for up to 4 players
  • Procedurally generated content for increased replayability
  • Character progression and customization options


Release date:2020-07-28
Genre:Sanbox, survival
Developer:Obsidian Entertainment

Surviving in the garden is not as easy as it may sound, especially if you’re the size of an ant.

In Grounded you’ll be playing as a teenager who’s been mysteriously shrunk to such an extent that even a spider can be considered a deadly threat. Play solo or with friends and try to stay alive as long as possible and learn what’s going on and how you ended up being trapped in the backyard. You need to be on your toes at all times, making the game a bit similar to Hello Neighbor in that aspect.

Key features
  • A survival game with a unique setting
  • Encourages stealthy and careful approach
  • Pretty art style with colorful visuals
  • Lots of customization for a more varied gameplay

Witch It

Release date:2020-10-22
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Barrel Roll Games

If you liked the hiding aspect of Hello Neighbor, this one may be interesting to try.

Witch It is a multiplayer game that revolves around the concept of traditional hide-and-seek experience with the addition of a fantasy element, where witches have to hide and hunters have to capture them. Although witches can blend with the environment and use some sorcery to outplay the enemies, hunters also have a few aces up their sleeves, which results in more exciting gameplay with surprising twists.

Key features
  • A hide-and-seek game in a fantasy setting
  • Playful atmosphere
  • Simple, colorful visual style
  • Focused exclusively on multiplayer

Among the Sleep

Release date:2014-05-29
Developer:Krillbite Studio

Among the Sleep proves that even a game where you’re playing as a toddler can be interesting.

Similarly to Hello Neighbor, most of the action here takes place inside the house with the addition of twisted and eerie memory planes. Objective? Find your way out. As a helpless toddler you’re not supposed to be able to face challenges directly, so expect stealthy gameplay that involves sneaking and hiding. Hug your trusty teddy bear tightly and good luck.

Key features
  • A spooky game played from a toddler’s perspective
  • Lingering feelings of anxiety and tension
  • Focused on exploration and solving occasional environmental puzzles
  • Interesting backstory that holds the whole game together

Ben and Ed

Release date:2015-12-08

This could be one of the most hilarious and silliest platform video games you’ve ever seen.

You’re a zombie participating in what’s called “Rundead”. Navigate through increasingly difficult obstacle courses filled with deadly traps to reach the finish line. There’s plenty of danger waiting ahead, but if you lose your limbs in the process, it’s not a big deal; as long as your head stays intact, you can keep rolling. You’re a zombie, it’s how it works.

Key features
  • Gameplay focused on beating a variety of platform levels
  • Relatively high difficulty level
  • Cartoon gore
  • Light-hearted spooky atmosphere with fitting music

Scrap Mechanic

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Axolot Games

If you’re in for a more casual, fun gameplay, you should give this one a go.

Scrap Mechanic is all about making all sorts of machines, buildings, and vehicles. Let your imagination run wild and share the fruits of your creative labor online. Try your hand at different game modes: collect resources and build more complex stuff as you progress further into the game in survival mode, choose the creative option to get unlimited access to all parts right off the bat, or test your skills in various challenges.

Key features
  • A sandbox game that puts emphasis on creativity
  • Lots of mechanical elements and moving parts to utilize
  • Dozens of challenging scenarios to try
  • Peaceful atmosphere


Release date:2018-05-23
Developer:Redbeet Interactive

The planet’s waters are full of trash, but for the protagonists of Raft, it’s a blessing.

Raft is a survival game where your main objective is to simply survive while trying to find remnants of civilization in a post-apocalyptic world. You’re drifting on a raft in the middle of nowhere, and your only hope is the overabundance of garbage that can be found on the surface of the ocean. Use the hook to grab whatever you find necessary, craft tools, upgrade the raft, and explore nearby islands.

Key features
  • Survival on the ocean
  • Lots of crafting and available research techs
  • Farming, cooking, diving
  • A tranquil atmosphere with the exception of sharks


Release date:2016-12-15
Developer:System Era Softworks

Finally, a space sandbox about base building and planet exploration

Astroneer is a sandbox game where you’ll be visiting 7 different planets with their own unique biomes. Explore, collect whatever materials you deem necessary, and expand your colony while trying to understand the forces ruling the game’s universe. Modify the terrain to change the planet to your liking, make caves, and dig all the way down to the planet’s core. Craft items, decorate the base, and enjoy a number of customization options.

Key features
  • Survival in a space setting
  • Focused on gathering a variety of resources and making use of them
  • Exciting co-op for up to 4 players
  • Colorful visuals and a peaceful atmosphere


Hello Neighbor combines a variety of elements into a one-of-a-kind, enjoyable experience. Its uniqueness, however, makes it quite difficult to find cool alternatives if you strive for more. With that being said, there are games that share at least some similarities, be it the gameplay, the setting, the atmosphere, or even the art style. Our list of the best games like Hello Neighbor features a variety of different games to make it easier for you to find a worthy option. Pick your favorites and let the fun begin.