Hitman – a video game series about the infamous Agent 47, a perfect assassin, who mastered the art of silent killing.

Adventures of a genetically enhanced human with extraordinary physique and intelligence enjoy unabated popularity among players across the world, setting new standards for stealth-oriented games. But what if one already knows Hitman games and he’d like to try something else now?

Death to Spies 2007-10-16 Adventure Haggard Games
Thief: Deadly Shadows 2004-06-11 Adventure Ion Storm
METAL GEAR SOLID V: The Phantom Pain 2015-09-01 Adventure Kojima Productions
Dishonored 2 2016-11-11 Action Arkane Studios
Sniper Elite 4 2017-02-13 Adventure Rebellion Developments
Mark of the Ninja 2012-10-16 Adventure Klei Entertainment
Alpha Protocol 2010-05-27 Action & Shooter Obsidian Entertainment
Manhunt 2004-04-20 Adventure Rockstar North
Invisible, Inc. 2015-05-12 Indie Klei Entertainment
Assassin’s Creed Rogue 2015-03-09 Adventure Ubisoft Kiev

Death to Spies

Release year:2007
Genre:Stealth, third-person shooter
Developer:Haggard Games
Game modes:Single-player

Let’s start with one of the classic titles – it may look a bit outdated for today’s standards, but don’t let the game’s visuals fool you.

Death to Spies will take you back to the Second World War era, where, playing as one of Soviet’s counterintelligence agents, you will be tasked with eliminating a number of important figures and stealing valuable documents, preferably in the stealthiest way possible. This is emphasized by the fact that you are entirely on your own behind the enemy lines – you are greatly outnumbered, thus going all-in would attract unnecessary attention, ultimately leading to raising alarms and busting your operation.

Key features
  • Addictive combination of stealth and third-person shooter set during Second World War
  • Gameplay that favors a silent approach and staying low
  • Missions based on real-world operations
  • Authentic choice of weapons and vehicles from the WWII era

Thief: Deadly Shadows

Release year:2004
Developer:Ion Storm
Game modes:Single-player

Speaking of old classics and Hitman-like games, it just wouldn’t be fair to not include one of the first Thief installments on the list.

Thief is an amazing game in itself and introduces a number of interesting gameplay changes when compared to its predecessors, including the possibility to freely walk the City’s streets between missions.

The title will take you to a world that adds little mystical and fantasy twists to the otherwise realistic late medieval setting, where creatures such as zombies and gargoyles happily roam desecrated undergrounds. Think twice before fighting them, though – you’re not a warrior so use your scarce resources sparingly and keep a low profile unless combat is unavoidable.

Key features
  • An interesting story in a believable fantasy setting
  • Stealth-oriented gameplay that encourages silent play
  • An open-world environment that can be navigated freely between missions
  • An impressive arsenal of trusty thieves’ tools

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Release year:2015
Genre:Action-adventure, stealth
Developer:Kojima Productions
Game modes:Single-player, multiplayer

If you’re not a huge fan of classics, there are also some newer games similar to Hitman available to play right now – this includes MGSV: TPP.

Metal Gear Solid V is a part of an old video game franchise that started back in 1986 and remained a console-exclusive for a long time.

With MGSV things have changed and players finally got an opportunity to enjoy one of the bigger installments in the series not only on their consoles but on their computers, too. The game focuses on the character of Venom Snake as he seeks revenge on people responsible for the final events of Ground Zeroes.

The game features an open world which makes gameplay more varied and doesn’t force one to resort to stealth tactics alone. You can go full Rambo, but since we’re talking about games like Hitman, you’re probably more interested in the silent way – and that’s how MGS 5 is intended to be played.

Key features
  • An open-world environment that can be roamed freely
  • An amazing story full of twists and surprises
  • Open-ended gameplay that gives players some freedom when it comes to choosing their approach to play a mission
  • A wide assortment of tools and weapons to utilize on the battlefield

Dishonored 2

Release year:2016
Genre:Action-adventure, stealth
Developer:Arkane Studios
Game modes:Single-player

Get ready to revisit Dunwall and explore the city of Karnaca, as you help Corvo Attano on his quest once more.

Dishonored 2 continues the story of its predecessor and allows players to once more play as the Empress’ protector, Corvo, or – which is an interesting change – his daughter, Emily.

What makes the game unique is the fact, that you can complete it without ever killing a man – but why would you want that if you’re here and looking for games similar to Hitman? With that being said, you may also be interested in checking out the first Dishonored, as it had a bit smaller maps and arguably better atmosphere – which could prove to be more Hitman-like and thus more relevant to our today’s topic.

Key features
  • Unique locations inspired by the real-world Southern European countries
  • Nonlinear gameplay that allows players to tackle the challenges in a variety of ways
  • A set of upgradeable deadly weapons and tools
  • Several supernatural powers to utilize during play

Sniper Elite 4

Release year:2017
Genre:Tactical shooter, stealth
Developer:Rebellion Developments
Game modes:Single-player, multiplayer

For the final game on the list, we’ve got a game that’s not just about stealth – it’s about silently eliminating the targets.

Although one could have thought that the Sniper game wouldn’t have much in common with the Hitman series, there are actually more similarities than first meets the eye.

Sure, in Sniper Elite 4 your main tool to neutralize opponents is a sniper rifle, but there’s nothing stopping you from getting close and personal – you can still aim for melee assassinations with the use of your trusty knife. It will be harder and you won’t get these amazing X-ray slow-motion replays showing how the fired bullet pierces the enemy’s skull, but it’s an option nevertheless.

Key features
  • Set during Second World War and after the events of Sniper Elite III
  • Stealth-oriented gameplay that emphasizes the use of a sniper rifle
  • Advanced sniping simulation, where muzzle velocity, gravity, wind, and even the protagonist’s breath all play a vital role in the bullet’s final trajectory
  • A stunning X-ray slow-motion kill cam system that shows the fired bullet as it penetrates the enemy’s internal organs

Hitman is a great game and it’s quite hard to find a game that’s exactly the same. Each game that comes close features some important differences that can make the final experience quite different – which might be a good thing since it’s usually nice to play something new and fresh, rather than a copy-paste version of our favorite title.

We did our best and picked the coolest games similar to Hitman. We believe that they’re different and varied enough, that everyone will find something enjoyable among them.

If a good Hitman-like game is what you’re looking for, check some of the best games like Hitman on the list above. Do you have your favorite?