John Wick is not an ordinary man – he is an absolute legend! Many of us have dreamed more than once that, just like him, we would throw ourselves into a gunfight while forgetting about the whole world. Well, maybe with a little fewer injuries.

If the brutal adventures of John Wick have always made you feel that wild combat call, we’ve got you covered! Fast-paced, dynamic shooter video games are the answer to the needs of all action-hungry players. For this occasion, we have selected a few titles for you to completely lose yourself in the exciting world of the best weapons, dynamic battles, and thrilling stories. Welcome to the list of ten similar games to John Wick movies!

Games that make you feel like John Wick
John Wick Hex 2020-12-04 Action-strategy Bithell Games
The Hong Kong Massacre 2019-01-21 Action-strategy Bithell Games
Dishonored Definitive Edition 2012-10-11 Action Arkane Studios
Dishonored Complete Collection 2017-09-15 Action Arkane Studios
Hotline Miami 2012-10-23 Adventure Dennaton Games
Hotline Miami 2 Wrong Number 2015-03-10 Action & Shooter Dennaton Games
DOOM Eternal 2020-03-20 Action id Software
Max Payne 3 2012-05-31 Adventure Rockstar New England
Max Payne 3 Complete Edition 2012-05-31 Adventure Rockstar Studios
Call Of Juarez Gunslinger 2013-05-22 Action & Shooter Techland
Hitman 3 Deluxe Pack 2022-01-20 Stealth
Hitman 3 (Xbox X/S) 2021-01-20 Stealth IO Interactive
Superhot 2016-02-25 Action & Shooter SUPERHOT Team
Superhot VR 2017-05-25 Action, Indie SUPERHOT Team
Payday 2 2013-08-13 Action & Shooter OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Payday 2 Legacy Collection 2013-08-13 RPG OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.
Mafia III Definitive Edition 2020-05-19 Action Hangar 13
Mafia III 2016-10-06 Adventure Hangar 13
Shadow Warrior 2 2016-10-13 Fighting Flying Wild Hog

John Wick Hex

Developer:Bithell Games

It’s a tactical action video game developed by Bithell Games and released thanks to Good Shepherd Entertainment in 2020. Do you want to play as John Wick himself? Choose this game!

John Wick Hex is a cartoonish version of the main character’s adventures, happening before the events known from the movies. It’s fast, dynamic, neon-colored, and deadly exciting! Discover your abilities in unequal fights against dozens of enemies and try out weapons and attacks that you have not even dreamed of before. John Wick game is the ultimate action-packed gameplay experience for players looking for intense battles in legendary locations from the John Wick movies.

Key features
  • Play as John Wick and discover a storyline set before the events known from the movies
  • Explore your range of deadly moves and attacks
  • Discover an arsenal of weapons that will knock down all your enemies
  • Plan your attack tactics to get out of the fight
  • Enjoy the unique comic-style graphics


Developer:Arkane Studios

Become a deadly professional Victorian killer. Discover the gameplay features that John Wick fans love the most in this steampunk action title. There will be an intriguing plot, mystery, stealth, and epic bloody battles against vile enemies.

You are Corvo Attano, and the city of Dunwall hides many dark secrets and deadly intrigues that require an effective solution. Whose side will you choose? And how will this fierce gameplay shape you? Dishonored is a video game where you develop your own story and decide how your legend unfolds. Get ready for brutal battles, supernatural powers, and attacking enemies by surprise. Moreover, this title will recognize your playstyle to adapt the characters’ behavior to your aggression level.

Key features
  • Play as Corvo Attano and discover dramatic chapters in Dunwall’s history
  • Get caught up in a political plot and solve it your way
  • Sneak, use weapons or supernatural abilities
  • Use the elements of the environment to your advantage
  • Combine attacks and deadly moves to defeat your enemies even more effectively

Hotline Miami

Developer:Dennaton Games

This action video game is the 1980s in 2D, with neon graphics and a mesmerizing soundtrack in a deadly brutal edition. Get possessed by the passion of killing and rediscover yourself in the addictive gameplay of Hotline Miami!

If you are looking for something brutal – this game is the answer to all your needs. Play the role of a hero who discovers an uncontrolled need to kill and embark on a murderous mission. Use weapons or elements of the environment and crush all your enemies. Find masks that will unleash completely new possibilities and make each level run with the blood of your enemies.

Key features
  • Play as a hero who has to kill
  • Come up with the most creative ways to eliminate your enemies
  • Use over 30 weapons and discover powerful equipment
  • Stand against hordes of enemies and don’t get killed – in this game, death is permanent
  • Enjoy the thrilling soundtrack and unique graphics in the style of the classic GTA

Max Payne 3

Developer:Rockstar New England

It is the third part of the spectacular series of action games, developed and released by Rockstar Games in 2012. If you’re looking for action-fuelled, story-rich John Wick-like gameplay, you’ll find it in Max Payne 3!

Play as a former cop who can’t find purpose in life. After some tragic events in his life, he is merely a shadow of his former self. Arriving in Sao Paulo, he encounters a reality full of crime and brutality, which he quickly becomes a part of. But on which side? Play and see for yourself! Like John Wick, this video game is a dark tale of a man who seeks vengeance and lives haunted by the past.

Key features
  • Play the third part of the action video games about the ex-cop
  • Become a part of his new chapter in life and discover how the story unfolds
  • Take part in spectacular shootings and use extraordinary skills
  • Fight several enemies at the same time
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 16 players

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Genre:Action & Shooter

It is a real treat for all Wild West fans! Call of Juarez: Gunslinger transfers you right in the middle of the brutal battle against villains – in an entirely epic style!

Prepare for wild deserts, dangerous canyons, gun combat, and fantastic stories. Play as Silas Greaves – the bounty hunter. Explore the unstable world of the Wild West and eliminate the most famous villains to create your legend. It is the story where facts mingle with fantasy – you have nothing else to do but adapt to it! In addition to the campaign, you will also find other single-player gameplay modes that will completely satisfy your hunger for cowboy adventures.

Key features
  • Play as Silas Greaves and become a famous bounty hunter
  • Explore breathtaking Wild West locations
  • Use weapons, elements of the environment, and the ability to slow down time to win the fight
  • Develop your skills and become a master in your profession
  • Try all the game modes

Hitman 3

Developer:IO Interactive

When you think John Wick, we think Hitman. This video game is the end of the new Agent 47 trilogy – the most famous contract killer in the world of video games. Discover how his dramatic story will end, and visit locations scattered all over the world to deal with the most vicious criminal organizations once and for all.

Hitman is a stealth game where you can adopt two tactics to win. Choose to strike your opponents by surprise or wander the city streets, wreaking death and chaos! Use an arsenal of brand-new weapons and gadgets, change the appearance and always be where your enemies expect you least. Hitman 3 video game is addictive action gameplay and a perfect choice for fans of John Wick’s legend.

Key features
  • Play as the world’s most famous contract killer
  • Explore the world and discover the details of a complex plot
  • Sneak and eliminate enemies by surprise
  • Use the latest gadgets and weapons that will give you an advantage in combat
  • See the ending of the dark tale of Agent 47’s adventures


Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:SUPERHOT Team

There is no plot and no overwhelming audiovisual setting. It is only a fight – in the most rewarding form ever!

Superhot is an action video game where you will fight hundreds of enemies to beat the following levels. This game is nothing like the other titles, presenting a unique combat style. Your enemies can die from just one hit, and so can you. Time influences your actions, and it does not flow if you are not moving. It allows you to plan your tactics and avoid enemy attacks. And what about weapons? You can use guns, knives, and everyday objects obtained in the battle.

Key features
  • Discover a unique action game focused entirely on combat
  • Stop moving to pause the flowing time
  • Kill with weapons or found and acquired items
  • Prepare your attacks and dodges
  • Enjoy the unique visuals of the game

Payday 2

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:OVERKILL - a Starbreeze Studio.

Become the bad guy and choose a career as a lawbreaker! PayDay 2 is an action video game focused on four-person cooperation about a group of bandits undertaking a series of complex jobs. Become one of them and prove the law does not rule your life.

Accept jobs and work together to achieve the ultimate goal. Choose your character class and develop skills to become better in this unique work. Play solo or cooperate with other players to earn money and even better equipment! This game is a challenge where the scenarios are constantly changing, guaranteeing an entirely new gameplay experience every time.

Key features
  • Join an organized group of criminals
  • Accept jobs and complete heists
  • Cooperate with other gang members and plan your actions
  • Get better and better skills and equipment
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to four players

Mafia III

Developer:Hangar 13

This game is revenge! Like in John Wick, the main character of this title has to lose something to enter the path of uncontrolled lust for revenge. Discover the world of complex mafia relationships and become a part of it in the legendary series of video games about the criminal underworld of massive cities.

Play as Lincoln Clay, a Vietnam war veteran who lost everything. The culprits are the Italian mafia, whose main protagonist swears to destroy. Enter the dark path of crime, gain allies, take over the businesses of your enemies and rise to power in the fictional city of New Bordeaux. There will also be car chases, shootings, fights, and brutal adventures in the shady style of Mafia 3.

Key features
  • Play as a revenge-driven veteran of the Vietnam War
  • Build your new life on the ruins of the previous one
  • Climb the career ladder in a world ruled by mafia
  • Get involved in intrigues and take part in brutal battles
  • Do whatever it takes to destroy your greatest enemies

Shadow Warrior 2

Developer:Flying Wild Hog

It is the first-person shooter video game with RPG elements from 2016, which offers a world that combines the magic and brutality of combat. See a reality where humans and demonic beasts share the same land and restore the disturbed order!

Shadow Warrior 2 is a video game about battle legend. Play as Lo Wang – a mercenary who chose to live in the wasteland. Drawn into another intrigue, he sets out on a journey leaving behind only the slain bodies of his enemies. Use a vast arsenal of weapons, discover the secrets of the world around you and fight demons in dynamic battles. It is a proposition for fans of fun action games focused on spectacular battles and a unique storyline.

Key features
  • Become a mercenary and start your next adventure
  • Discover a world where humans and demons live side by side
  • Engage in the plot and shape it yourself
  • Fight in dynamic battles and use guns and melee weapons
  • Play solo or in the co-op for up to four players

Why do we love John Wick? And why do we want to feel like John Wick? Well, this is a man whose legend surpassed him. Boogeyman, Baba Yaga – these are the monsters that arose in the minds of his enemies long before the main character visited them. And this guy did it all for the dog!

Video games like John Wick are all about action, combat, and blood. But also heartbreaking stories of the main characters, their weaknesses, professionalism, or the unfortunate circumstances in which they live. These are tales of warriors, revenge killers, and desperate ex-lawmen. Yes, aggression is the last method of solving problems. But when all in your gameplay fails – it is the only way to get rid of the real monsters.