The most thrilling stories are fun. Discovering more secrets and dark locations is a reward in itself. And if they are written as well as Little Nightmares – they stay with us forever.

Indie horror platform games are experiencing their golden age of popularity. And although some titles adopt ideas from others, they all provide master-level satisfaction. The release of Little Nightmares 2 in 2021 proved how much fans had been waiting for the second installment of the game, as it gained overwhelmingly positive ratings on Steam really fast. Have you played this title and are looking for something with a similarly dark story and unique mechanics? Let us help you! On this list, you will find the best games like Little Nightmares, with which you will experience the survival adventure of your life.

Best Games similar to Little Nightmares

Little Nightmares 2017-04-27 Adventure Tarsier Studios 80% Read more
Little Nightmares Ii 2021-02-11 Puzzle Tarsier Studios 69% Read more
Little Nightmares Complete Edition 2017-04-27 Adventure Tarsier Studios 68% Read more
Limbo 2011-08-02 Adventure Playdead 75% Read more
Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition 2014-05-29 Adventure Krillbite Studio 86% Read more
Inside 2016-07-07 Adventure Playdead 74% Read more
Little Misfortune 2019-09-18 Adventure 81% Read more
Hollow Knight 2017-02-24 Action & Shooter Team Cherry 32% Read more
Fran Bow 2015-08-27 Adventure Killmonday Games AB 10% Read more
It Takes Two 2021-03-26 Cooperation Hazelight Studios 52% Read more
Celeste 2018-01-25 Adventure Matt Makes Games Inc. 63% Read more
Omori 2020-12-25 Read more
Outlast 2013-09-04 Adventure Red Barrels 85% Read more
Outlast 2 2017-04-25 Adventure Red Barrels 89% Read more
Undertale 2015-09-15 Indie tobyfox 28% Read more
Neverending Nightmares 2014-09-26 Adventure Infinitap Games 84% Read more
Bendy And The Ink Machine 2017-04-27 Indie Kindly Beast Read more
Among The Sleep Enhanced Edition 2014-05-29 Adventure Krillbite Studio 86% Read more
The Dark Pictures Anthology House Of Ashes 2021-10-22 Horror Supermassive Games 59% Read more


Hollow Knight

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Team Cherry

It is a side-scrolling platform game from the indie Team Sherry studio that will take you to a magical underworld full of bug-like creatures. Play as the fearless Hollow Knight and set off on an adventure to discover all the secrets hidden in the ruins of the ancient kingdom.

Hollow Knight

Travel the world of Hallownest in 2D and enjoy classic gameplay in a unique environment. Here awaits a forgotten world of ancient ruins, mysterious remains, and various fantastic creatures. Explore, discover and approach other characters to learn new secrets. Dozens of enemies and bosses will stand in your way, and you will defeat them with your speed and magic. The Hollow Knight is a recommendation for players looking for a bit more fairy-tale games similar to Little Nightmares.

Key features
  • Play as the brave Hollow Knight and set off on an epic adventure
  • Explore the ancient remains of an abandoned dungeons
  • Discover magical secrets and meet new friends
  • Fight your enemies and eliminate all bosses



Travel to 1960s Taiwan and experience true horror among creatures from the oldest folk legends and tales. Discover the story of high school students who get stuck in a school overrun by true evil.


Death lurks around every corner in this school. Do your best to survive this trial and uncover the mystery of the odd changes. Explore, gather clues, solve puzzles, and set traps. In this game — just like in Little Nightmares — you will not defeat your enemies in combat. So hide as best you can and pray for your life!

Key features
  • Play as two high school students in the 1960s Taiwan
  • Explore an abandoned school and collect clues
  • Solve puzzles and learn details of the story
  • Set traps and hide to avoid being detected by powerful enemies

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Developer:Asobo Studio

It is a story about the unequal struggle of two children against the mysterious Inquisition in times of a deadly epidemic. Guide Amicia and Hugo as they try to survive in France during the Black Death.

A Plague Tale: Innocence

Just like in Little Nightmares, the protagonists in this game also do not have the option to fight in combat with the enemy. Their only way to survive is through exploration, hiding, and clever tricks. Sneak, hide in the shadows or stay in the light to avoid hungry rats. It is a recommendation for enthusiasts of adventure games with realistic and often violent scenes!

Key features
  • Play as Amicia and Hugo and try to survive
  • Escape the dark Inquisition and avoid the hordes of hungry rats
  • Discover Hugo’s secret and learn the truth
  • Solve puzzles and fight



It is a classic platform game from 2010 where you’ll manage the actions of a boy who finds himself in a mysterious and dark world. Accept the challenge, set off on a journey, and you might be able to save your lost sister.


Players on Reddit claim that Little Nightmares borrowed some gameplay features from Limbo. So if you’re looking for something similar – check this title out. It is an exceptionally dark and atmospheric story about a kid who sets off on a trip through a dangerous land full of murderous creatures. The only way to continue your journey is to solve a series of complex puzzles before it’s too late.

Key features
  • Play one of the most atmospheric indie games ever
  • Manage the actions of a kid who has to travel through a dangerous land
  • Solve puzzles to continue your journey
  • Hurry up to avoid confrontation with murderous monsters


Developer:Frictional Games

If you’re looking for first-person survival-horror games like Little Nightmares, Soma might be just perfect for you! Go to the underwater research facility and face the monsters from your worst nightmares.


Welcome to PATHOS-II – an underwater research facility overrun by devastating AI and hideous creatures. Get ready as almost everything will want to kill you here, and your only task is to find a way out to freedom. Explore, sneak, discover secrets and avoid confronting the monsters. Soma is addicting gameplay for all fans of disturbing sounds, jump-scares, and the omnipresent atmosphere of despair.

Key features
  • Play one of Steam’s favorite survival horror games
  • Lose yourself in a story where nothing is obvious
  • Explore, discover secrets and collect clues
  • Sneak and avoid confrontation with bloodthirsty opponents

Unravel / Unravel Two

Developer:Coldwood Interactive

These two 2.5D platform games are stories of a journey through breathtaking Scandinavian-like locations. In both parts, the protagonist is a tiny yarn person whose goal is to discover the secrets of this world.

Unravel / Unravel Two

Unravel is a classic platform video game focusing on solving puzzles, avoiding obstacles, and following the designated path. However, the title has one unique feature – the parkour-like traveling on the yarn strings. The hero or two heroes in cooperation use threads from their bodies to swing, jump or remove obstacles. Unravel is a lovely recommendation for players from 7 years who love logical puzzles.

Key features
  • Play two parts of the story of the charming yarn man’s journey
  • Explore the world using the yarn
  • Solve puzzles and avoid obstacles
  • Play solo or in cooperation

Hello Neighbor

Developer:Dynamic Pixels

It’s a single-player stealth game where you’ll encounter a creepy neighbor. Sneak into his basement to confirm if it hides a dark secret, and do your best to avoid being detected!

Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a recommendation for fans of mysteries with stealth elements. Enter the strange neighbor’s house and get to the basement at all costs. But be careful! If your enemy detects you, the whole adventure may end badly. Therefore, use the equipment, unique skills, and furniture to stay hidden for as long as possible.

Key features
  • Play a stealth game where you will sneak into your neighbor’s house
  • Explore his house and find the basement
  • Sneak and hide
  • Distract a neighbor or run to continue the mission

We Happy Few

Developer:Compulsion Games

Imagine the 1960s England in a completely alternative version where everyone is addicted to the Joy drug. Will you also join the happy citizens? Or maybe you will awaken your fighting spirit and join the battle with the system?

We Happy Few is a dystopian tale full of dark humor, where you will meet three unique heroes. Each of them has doubts about the lifestyle of the whole society and the use of the Joy drug. Get to know them better, discover the laws ruling this world, and choose your path in a survival game with many surprising endings.

Key features
  • Enjoy the dystopian reality of the 1960s England
  • Discover a world where everyone is addicted to one drug
  • Witness the stories of three people trying to live outside the system
  • Lose yourself in the psychedelic atmosphere of survival gameplay



It’s a 2.5D platform game from the creators of Limbo – this time even deeper and more challenging. Play as a kid who finds himself in the brutal war reality and avoids capture at all costs.


Inside is a game with no dialogue. To understand the message of the title, you have to discover the various secrets and plot details hidden in the game on your own. Take control of the young kid’s actions and travel through the grim world of war and monsters to regain freedom. Solve puzzles, keep your eyes open and stay alert – evil lurks at every turn in this game.

Key features
  • Play the second game from the creators of the famous Limbo
  • Manage the actions of a kid as he tries to survive and regain his freedom
  • Explore a world torn apart by war
  • Solve puzzles and avoid confrontation with the enemy

White Shadows

Genre:Puzzle, Adventure

When a great catastrophe destroyed all life on Earth, only one city remained safe. Play as the young Ravengirl and set off on a journey to freedom and a long-lost hope.

White Shadows

White Shadows is a classic side-scroll platformer with a unique history and audiovisual setting. Travel to White City, where subordination is the foundation of life, and play as a young heroine who awakened her rebellious spirit. Explore, avoid deadly traps and encounter the citizens of this grim dystopia. Will you be able to change your life?

Key features
  • Play as the young Ravengirl and set off on a journey to the farthest corners of White City
  • Explore the wicked city and discover its brutal secrets
  • Meet other citizens and collect information
  • Solve puzzles and discover the secret of this world

Alan Wake

Developer:Remedy Entertainment

Writers experience a lack of inspiration, and Alan Wake struggles with this terrible fate. Fortunately, his wife is arranging a fabulous trip that will improve everything! But is it for the better?

Alan Wake

When the hero’s wife disappears under mysterious circumstances, he sets out to find her. Unfortunately, this idyllic town turns out to be an extremely dark location full of strange locals and mysterious creatures. Explore, collect clues and uncover the secrets of this place. And most of all – discover the mystery of the thriller that you already wrote.

Key features
  • Play as a thriller writer struggling to survive in a small town
  • Collect clues and find your missing wife
  • Explore, get equipment and solve puzzles
  • Avoid confrontation with enemies or try to fight them

Horror indie platformers and adventure games are a unique genre combining elements of dread and charming fairy tales. It’s completely different gameplay than in classic horror video games, where all the fun focuses on jump scares. Here you usually have a cute hero in a mysterious world full of mortal dangers. Evil lurks everywhere, but it’s also easy to meet a friend. Or watch that friend die. Or die yourself! This unique blend of fear, comfort, delight, and other emotions makes them hit harder and stay in your memory. So if you are looking for a game that will bring you a series of colorful characters, dangerous locations, and unsolved puzzles – play games like Little Nightmares.