Looking for a perfectly spooky horror game, many players choose Man of Medan by Supermassive Games. And that’s a great choice until there is nothing more to play.

If you’re a thriller enthusiast, you’ve probably already played the first video game in the Dark Pictures Anthology series – Man of Medan. This disturbing, jumpscare-packed story featuring five playable characters can impress!

Understandably, you may assume the gaming world has nothing better to offer. But that’s not true, as this particular studio has several similarly stunning titles up its sleeve, like House of Ashes or The Devil in Me. Sounds like fun?

Check out this list of the best recommendations from various developers. Do you know something even better? Share your best horror discoveries!

Until Dawn

Release date:2015-08-25
Developer:Supermassive Games

Before Supermassive released Man of Medan, they created this brilliant PS4 exclusive about teenagers lost in the mountains – inspired by the best B-movies!

This interactive story focuses on terror and challenging choices with no way back. So get ready for 9 hours of an addictive adventure in a unique horror movie simulator from the creators of Man of Medan. And remember – every decision is final!

Key features
  • Play another horror game from Man of Medan developers
  • Follow the adventures of desperate teenagers
  • Execute extremely challenging decisions
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of your favorite horror movie

The Quarry

Release date:2022-06-10
Developer:Supermassive Games

This game is a must-have for every horror fan! Play it to see what happens when a team of teenage counselors launches their innocent end-of-summer party.

You can expect a dark setting, fun characters, a branching narrative, and an ever-present sense of danger. Sounds familiar? Of course, this is another title from the trustworthy Supermassive Games! And if you’re unsure about engaging in it alone, invite some friends and enjoy the experience together – just like the characters in this terrifying adventure.

Key features
  • Confront an unimaginable threat in an old quarry
  • Make decisions to shape the story outcome
  • Experience it as a player or spectator
  • Play solo or in engaging multiplayer for up to seven players

The Walking Dead

Release date:2019-09-10
Developer:Telltale Games

This point-and-click episodic adventure takes you to a different universe overrun by bloodthirsty undead. But like in Man of Medan, the characters’ fate depends solely on your decisions.

Based on Robert Kirkman’s comic book, the game perfectly reflects the locations and atmosphere known from his works. See what happens when zombies take over a once peaceful reality! Will they pose a greater threat than survival-driven humans? Sneak, make decisions, and chat with others to unravel the story that captured the hearts of players worldwide.

Key features
  • Play a zombie classic based on Robert Kirkman’s comics
  • Discover stories of people finding themselves in dangerous circumstances
  • Sneak and make decisions
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of omnipresent desperation

Hidden Agenda

Release date:2017-10-24
Developer:Supermassive Games

Another PS4 exclusive title from Supermassive Games is an excellent recommendation for every horror game enthusiast. And now there’s a ruthless killer involved!

Play as Becky Marney and Felicity Graves to solve a series of brutal murders. You will love this game if you are into morality systems and crime mysteries. And remember to try it in mobile multiplayer to see who you can’t trust!

Key features
  • Discover a crime mystery designed by Supermassive Games
  • Conduct a challenging investigation to explain the serial killer’s secret
  • Make tricky choices
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to five players


Release date:2015-01-28
Developer:Quantic Dream

Witness people slaughtering people on the New York streets and learn the origins of such a brutal affair – from two different perspectives!

Play as Lucas Kane, entangled in a risky plot to discover his hidden power. What happened to the citizens of this massive city? And what is your purpose? Use the help of the local police to solve this thrilling mystery in the game that sold over 800,000 copies worldwide.

Key features
  • Learn your hidden power
  • Solve the mystery of bizarre murders
  • Discover this story from several different perspectives
  • Lose yourself in the engaging setting

Heavy Rain

Release date:2020-06-18
Developer:Quantic Dream

Imagine a serial killer leaving only one trace at the crime scene – origami figures. And only four heroes to solve this mystery!

Developed by the creators of Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain features a comparable vibe with a fair amount of unsettling atmosphere, similar to Man of Medan. Explore the story from four different points of view, make lightning-fast decisions, witness their brutal consequences, and solve the ultimate mystery – who is the Origami Killer?

Key features
  • Experience suspenseful gameplay
  • Play as four heroes solving an impossible case
  • Enjoy the realistic and grim setting
  • Make challenging decisions to survive this adventure

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Release date:2020-10-30
Genre:Adventure horror
Developer:Supermassive Games

It is the second installment in Dark Pictures Anthology, revealing the chilling story of a forgotten town. A town that doesn’t like visitors.

Play solo or in multiplayer to influence the destiny of four students trapped in the gloomy Little Hope. This name exists for a reason, as your seemingly pleasant adventure will soon evolve into a terrifying trial involving unclear visions and dark forces.

Key features
  • Play a successor to your favorite Man of Medan
  • Explore the dark town and discover its secrets
  • Make choices and solve challenging puzzles
  • Have fun with this spooky setting solo or in a multiplayer

Games like MoM represent a genre that doesn’t just focus on gross scenes. You get so much more: a disturbing setting, forgotten secrets, an utter lack of hope, and unforgiving choices. You are the only one shaping the course of the plot in these titles – that’s quite a responsibility! Feeling up for this challenge? Have fun, and let us know which games kept you up at night – whatever the reason!