Manhunt is an iconic title, although some controversy has grown around it.

All because of the very brutal and bloody gameplay, in which your task is to take part in a series of brutal murders for the entertainment of a sadistic director.

Intense experience, realism and a dark, dense atmosphere, all combined with advanced stealth mechanics caused Manhunt to leave a lasting impression on many gamers. However, there are several alternatives worth exploring if you are seeking a similar experience or simply wishing to try something new.

Criteria for Selection

While compiling this list, we focused on several key criteria to ensure that each recommendation captures the compelling essence of Manhunt:

· Atmosphere: we looked for games with dark, gritty atmospheres and themes that evoke the same sense of tension and unease found in Manhunt.

· Stealth and survival mechanics: we prioritized games with stealth mechanics or survival elements like the ones present in Manhunt.

· Graphic content: given Manhunt’s controversial nature, we considered games with similarly graphic content and mature themes.

· Moral aspects: we prioritized games that offer players meaningful choices and consequences, mirroring the decision-making aspect of Manhunt’s gameplay.

Games Like Manhunt

In this article, we aim to provide gamers with a curated list of alternatives to Manhunt. Whether you’re drawn to its psychological tension, stealth gameplay, or the sheer adrenaline rush of intense combat, these games offer something akin to the experience provided by Manhunt.


Release date:2015-06-01
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Destructive Creations

If you’re looking for infamous games, Hatred might be the one for you.

Immediately after its release, this title made a lot of noise and received a strong reaction from reviewers. Some accused the game of being tasteless and offensive, while others pointed to the right of free expression.

Hatred is an isometric shooter in which you can take on the role of a mass murderer. Your task is to, well… kill as many people as possible. Moving around a city filled with innocent civilians, you look for opportunities to unleash a massacre.

The atmosphere of the game is dark and disturbing, and the unjustified violence pushes the boundaries of what we usually find in games. Here you won’t find innocent entertainment, and the developers won’t encourage you to do heroic deeds. On the contrary, the only morality, is the lack of rules and devotion to the darkest instincts.

Key features
  • Relentless brutality
  • Unique perspective
  • No moral compass
  • Controversial subject matter

Hitman 3

Release date:2022-01-20
Developer:IO Interactive A/S

The Hitman series is known for its attention to detail and for offering complex missions full of hidden secrets and surprises, as well as an atmospheric, immersive world.

The inclusion of the third installment of these popular stealth games on our list, however, may come to you as a surprise.

Hitman 3 resembles Manhunt in terms of its emphasis on stealth mechanics, as well as its well-thought-out strategy. In both cases, careful planning of next steps and precise execution of missions are of key importance.

In both Hitman 3 and Manhunt you take on the role of ambiguous protagonists, willing to commit acts of violence as long as personal gain is achieved. During the gameplay, you will explore the extremes of morality and confront ethical dilemmas along the way.

Key features
  • Innovative assassination opportunities
  • Disguise system and stealth mechanics
  • Dynamic environments and beautiful locations
  • Difficult moral choices

Condemned: Criminal Origins

Release date:2006-04-11
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Monolith Productions

This time you will play the role not of a murderer, but of an FBI agent who is investigating the mystery of a gruesome crime.

The action takes place in a dark urban landscape, full of dilapidated buildings and abandoned locations.

Condemned: Criminal Origins perfectly builds a sense of fear and suspense, offering an intense, brutal combat system, as well as a highly engaging storyline with elements of psychological horror. The shiver-inducing soundtrack is also worth a mention.

Your task is to unravel a murder mystery, and to do that you have to carefully collect evidence and analyze crime scenes using various investigative tools and your observation skills. The game offers an immersive, blood-curdling experience, delving into the psychological aspects of fear.

Key features
  • Immersive, dark atmosphere
  • Brutal combat system
  • Forensic investigation
  • Psychological horror

POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost

Release date:2015-04-14
Developer:Running With Scissors

If apart from violence, you’re also looking for black humor, you’re sure to enjoy POSTAL.

The arsenal of absurd weapons and explosives that you can use to wreak havoc as a psychotic postal worker will give you a solid dose of madness.

The game gives you the opportunity to explore the world at your own pace and the freedom to eliminate targets. All this is based on a dose of chaos and an ironic sense of humor. As in Manhunt, you’ll engage in acts of extreme violence without remorse or justification.

However, POSTAL is not just mindless mugging. The game goes deeper than that – it offers a biting satire of society and pop culture, ridiculing its various aspects and stereotypes with outrageous, twisted scenarios.

Key features
  • Satirical commentary
  • Rampant destruction
  • Open-ended gameplay
  • Unique blend of humor and mayhem

The Suffering

Release date:2004-03-09
Developer:Surreal Software

This offering is a third-person horror game set in a maximum-security prison where supernatural forces come to play.

The game draws inspiration from real-life accounts of haunted prisons and ghost stories, which adds authenticity to the experience.

Image credit: Surreal Software

During the gameplay, you take on the role of Torque, a convicted criminal with an unclear past. You try to survive the chaos and dangers served by your surroundings, as well as discover the dark secrets of the prison.

The decisions and actions you take during the game will affect Torque’s character. They will decide not only his ultimate fate, but also the outcome of the entire story. You will have to face external enemies, including a diverse cast of grotesque monsters and abominations, alongside your own demons.

Key features
  • Terrifying enemies
  • Morality system
  • Dynamic sanity transformations
  • Environmental storytelling

In conclusion, if you are looking for games similar to Manhunt, our list is sure to provide you with hours of high-quality entertainment.

Whether you’re looking for an intense experience of brutal violence, want to delve into the psychological aspects of fear, or perhaps you’re looking for a combination of action and humor, you’re sure to find plenty opportunities to satisfy your hunger for adrenaline.