Described as the Middle Ages version of Stardew Valley, the Medieval Dynasty offers more freedom regarding players’ actions than any other title in the genre. Does this game have any competitors?

Medieval Dynasty is a Polish simulation of life in the Middle Ages, combining RPG features with engaging city building. The game does not require completing any specific objective, instead allowing its players to freely enjoy exploration, survival, building, dynasty management, and quests. Read on if you’ve already played it and fancy a similar but slightly different alternative!

Valheim 2021-02-02 Sanbox, survival Iron Gate Studios
Going Medieval 2021-06-01 Medieval Gramophone Games
Farthest Frontier 2022-08-09 Strategy Crate Entertainment
The Wandering Village 2022-09-14 Strategy Stray Fawn Studio
Grounded 2020-07-28 Action Obsidian Entertainment
Lumberjacks Dynasty 2020-04-30 Early Access Toplitz Productions
V Rising 2022-05-17 Action Stunlock Studios
My Time At Portia 2018-01-23 Indie Pathea Games
Kenshi 2018-12-06 Indie Lo-Fi Games
Manor Lords 2024-04-26 Strategy Slavic Magic
Mount Blade II Bannerlord 2020-03-31 RPG Taleworlds
Against The Storm 2022-11-01 Strategy Eremite Games
Kingdoms And Castles 2017-07-20 Indie Lionshield Studios
Omensight 2018-05-15 Adventure Spearhead Games
The Survivalists 2020-10-09 Survival Team17


Release date:2021-02-02
Genre:Sanbox, survival
Developer:Iron Gate Studios

It’s like Medieval Dynasty, but with Vikings and more action. Build your dream settlement and try to survive in this challenging Nordic world!

Valheim lets you play at your own pace, so you can freely enjoy building, exploring, sailing your epic boat, and fighting in PvE combat. Thanks to no PvP included, the overall atmosphere between players is incredibly chill. It is an excellent Medieval Dynasty alternative if you want a pressure-free challenge.

Key features
  • Survive in the world of Norse myths
  • Explore the massive map and lose yourself in satisfying settlement-building
  • Collect resources to upgrade your equipment
  • Play solo or multiplayer for up to 10 players

Going Medieval

Release date:2021-06-01
Developer:Gramophone Games

While this game resembles the Medieval Dynasty, the GM focuses more on defending than developing the city. It also doesn’t let you play as one character, so it’s more of a strategy-oriented title.

Try to rebuild civilization after the Plague, which devastated all surrounding areas! Design a hero, develop a settlement, and fulfill your people’s needs to create a thriving city. In this game, all characters have unique personalities, so it’s a bit like The Sims but set in the brutal Middle Ages reality.

Key features
  • Design a character and rebuild civilization after the Plague
  • Defend it against hostile factions and unexpected events
  • Take care of your folks
  • Unlock progressively better development options

Farthest Frontier

Release date:2022-08-09
Developer:Crate Entertainment

This real-time strategy involves everything the prosperous city’s leader could dream of – building, meeting the citizens’ expectations, and surviving destructive external factors!

Play as the settlement’s supervisor to transform it into a fully functioning city. Prepare your farming strategy, customize the procedurally generated map, battle invaders, and avoid plagues to see how realistically this world responds to all your actions. It is the perfect recommendation if you are looking for fully customizable strategic gameplay!

Key features
  • Transform a modest settlement into a thriving city
  • Upgrade the road network and agriculture
  • Watch out for unpredictable external factors
  • Configure the difficulty level to suit your needs

Against the Storm

Release date:2022-11-01
Developer:Eremite Games

In this game, you will manage not one but several settlements spread across a diverse map. Everything for the Queen!

Travel to a fantasy world inhabited by all kinds of creatures to rebuild Smouldering City and survive the multiplying crises, with Blightstorm as the gravest. Collect resources, experiment, create production chains, and unlock upgrades to overcome all the dangers lurking in the wild.

Key features
  • Develop several settlements across a diverse map
  • Complete the Queen’s missions
  • Endure the multiplying crises
  • Experiment to unlock new building options

Kingdoms and Castles

Release date:2017-07-20
Developer:Lionshield Studios

Like the Medieval Dynasty, Kingdoms and Castles include extensive city-building enriched with action!

It is a classic city-builder involving typical features like gathering resources, constructing buildings, and meeting the population’s needs. But not so fast! There are also Viking raids, dragons, plagues, changing seasons, and death from hunger. It’s the best choice for challenge enthusiasts!

Key features
  • Design the ideal city to attract new citizens
  • Defend yourself against Viking raids
  • Experience the changing seasons
  • Enjoy complex mechanics in a simple audiovisual setting


Release date:2018-05-15
Developer:Spearhead Games

If you want mystery, action, murder, and an epic story – play this game. How is it even similar to the Medieval Dynasty? You can prevent a disaster instead of trying to survive its consequences.

Play as Harbinger – a hero destined to stop the tragic land of Uralia’s destiny. Gifted with the power of manipulating time, you can change the course of events to prevent this terrible incident from ever happening. Discover bits of the plot, enjoy hack-and-slash combat, and investigate to save Uralia!

Key features
  • Use your time manipulation skills to save Uralia
  • Fight in hack-and-slash combat and investigate the case of ultimate doom
  • Make choices to change the course of history
  • Pick the difficulty level to tailor the gameplay to your needs

The Survivalists

Release date:2020-10-09

If you’re tired of the medieval setting, try something different. Like The Survivalists focusing on, well, surviving on an island!

Explore procedurally generated biomes and gather resources to survive all the dangers inhabiting this paradise. Recruit monkeys, fight, trade, craft, and invite your friends to create a haven on this abandoned island. Like the Medieval Dynasty, the game offers infinite freedom in what you can and want to achieve.

Key features
  • Build a settlement on a forgotten island
  • Tame animals and plant greeneries
  • Enjoy the Don’t Starve-like gameplay mechanics
  • Play solo or in multiplayer for up to 4 players

Isn’t it wonderful how many video games share similar features with the Medieval Dynasty? Now, you can embark on brand-new adventures involving city-building, action-fueled combat, chill exploration, or surviving natural disasters. Have fun!