A long time ago, in the 90s, a new video game won the hearts of players around the world. It was Myst – a puzzle title where its fans could lose themselves in an inspiring world of mystery and history. If you are looking for something similar, you will find it here!

In 2020, Myst came back as a successful remake, offering the experience of the legendary adventure in a refreshed form. This time also on Oculus Quest! Virtual reality enables even better immersion in the game, fully displaying the world of the secret island. Have you played Myst and looking for something else? Or maybe you want to start your adventure with puzzle titles from scratch? In this guide, you’ll find the best games similar to Myst!

Games similar to Myst
Riven The Sequel To Myst 1997-10-29 Adventure Cyan Worlds
Myst Masterpiece Edition 2011-02-02 Adventure Cyan Worlds
Myst III Exile 2001-05-08 Adventure Presto Studios
Myst IV Revelation 2004-09-10 Adventure Ubisoft Montreal
Myst V 2016-07-26 Adventure EnsenaSoft
Myst 2021-08-26 Puzzle Cyan
Uru Complete Chronicles 2004-07-07 Adventure Cyan Worlds
Obduction 2016-08-24 Adventure Cyan Inc.
The Witness 2016-01-26 Adventure Thekla, Inc.
Grim Fandango Remastered 2015-01-26 Adventure Double Fine Productions
Full Throttle Remastered 2017-04-18 Adventure Double Fine Productions
The Talos Principle 2014-12-11 Adventure Croteam
Return Of The Obra Dinn 2018-10-18 Adventure Lucas Pope
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker
The Room 2016-07-15 Adventure hOSHI
Rime 2017-05-26 Adventure Tequila Works
The Secret Of Monkey Island Special Edition 2009-07-15 Adventure LucasArts
Day Of The Tentacle Remastered 2016-03-21 Adventure Double Fine Productions
Ever Forward 2020-08-13
Eastshade 2019-02-13 Adventure
Superliminal 2020-11-05
Portal 2 2011-04-18 Adventure Valve
What Remains Of Edith Finch 2017-04-24 Adventure Giant Sparrow
Twelve Minutes 2021-08-19
My Brother Rabbit 2018-09-21 Adventure
Thimbleweed Park 2017-03-30 Adventure Terrible Toybox
Machinarium 2009-10-16 Adventure Amanita Design
The Room 4 Old Sins 2021-02-11 Puzzle Fireproof Games
Manifold Garden 2020-10-20

Ever Forward

Genre:Indie, Puzzle
Developer:Pathea Games

Welcome to a reality where everything is unclear. Play as a young girl Maya and embark on a journey through the dreamland full of memories and surprising adventures.

Ever Forward is a graphically beautiful puzzle video game about a journey through a mysterious world full of secrets. Guide Maya’s actions and explore this strange land to discover pieces of the girl’s memories. Solve puzzles, collect clues and proceed to the heart of a touching story. It is a single-player proposition for players who love the beauty and the enchanting atmosphere of Myst puzzles!

Key features
  • Play as Maya and direct her actions in a mysterious world
  • Explore a colorful land to discover its secrets
  • Solve puzzles and avoid obstacles
  • Collect pieces of memories to see the solution of the story

The Talos Principle


Take the challenge and discover a wide variety of worlds to find the path to enlightenment. But remember – nothing is as it seems in this puzzle game!

Wake up from a deep sleep and set off on a journey through the worlds created by the mysterious Elohim. You will find dozens of puzzles, traps, and obstacles! To discover all worlds, you have to go through a series of the most vital questions. Who is your creator? Where are you going? And most of all – who are you in this story?

Key features
  • Play as an android taking the challenge of traveling through mysterious worlds
  • Explore and solve puzzles
  • Avoid obstacles and collect clues
  • Learn details of the story from the past to understand the meaning of existence

Twelve Minutes

Genre:Mystery, puzzle
Developer:Luis Antonio

Imagine a romantic evening turning into a nightmare. A nightmare that goes on and on and on. You are in a time loop, and only your decisions can make you truly free.

When dinner with your wife turns into a twelve-minute nightmare, you are the only one who can change the dramatic course of events. This addictive thriller offers point-and-click gameplay where you will make the most significant decisions by selecting dialogue options. Locked in the same apartment for twelve minutes, you have to figure out how to get out of the time loop. As a bonus, this title presents a unique cast featuring Willem Defoe, James McAvoy, and Daisy Ridley.

Key features
  • Play as a man stuck in a time loop
  • Select dialogue options and look for a solution to your situation
  • Explore the apartment and look for clues
  • Make decisions to view the different endings of each loop


Developer:Cyan Inc.

It is an adventure video game from the creators of Myst, with a very similar atmosphere to this title. If you are into exploration gameplay, that doesn’t help you find a solution to the whole puzzle – play Obduction.

Touch a mysterious artifact to enter a bizarre world. Explore a foreign land, discover new locations and try to grasp what this whole adventure is all about. Interact with items and seek clues. Why did you come to this place? And what is this location? These are just two of the many questions that will come to your mind on the incredible journey to uncovering the mystery of Obduction!

Key features
  • Move to a bizarre world full of artifacts and secrets
  • Collect clues and story details
  • Explore new locations and discover all their secrets
  • See the surprising end of the game from the creators of the legendary Myst

Grim Fandango Remastered

Developer:Double Fine Productions

It is a remastered adventure video game from the 90s – perfect for dark humor enthusiasts. Play as Manny Calavera and lead your unique travel agency that sends the dead to the afterlife.

Business is business, but it looks like something is wrong in the land of the dead. Manny suspects an intrigue and must undertake an unusual investigation to save his agency. Discover the exciting world of one of the most engaging games ever and lose yourself in the atmosphere of film noir combined with inspiring Mexican folklore. If you are looking for a dark and hilarious adventure in the style of good old detective movies, choose Grim Fandango!

Key features
  • Play as a travel agency worker sending clients on their last journey
  • Explore new locations and meet unique characters
  • Collect clues and make decisions
  • Enjoy the unique gameplay style


Developer:Amanita Design

A little treat for steampunk fans! In this point-and-click adventure video game, you will find yourself in a world populated only by robots. Play as one of them and save the world from destruction!

Return to the robot city to get rid of the Black Cap Brotherhood gang and save your loved one. Get ready for a long and exciting journey full of challenges to meet the other heroes of the story and discover atmospheric locations. The most crucial element of Machinarium gameplay are puzzles, available in different difficulty levels. Solve them all and save the whole city!

Key features
  • Become part of the robot world and save the city from destruction
  • Explore various locations and discover their secrets
  • Defeat dangerous opponents
  • Solve numerous puzzles and see the end of this epic adventure

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition


Welcome to a 2D adventure video game where you will make your dream of becoming a pirate come true! Embark on your fabulous journey and take on a series of challenges to experience the adventure of your life.

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition is an improved adaptation of the video game from the 90s – perfect for fans of games like Myst. Go on a journey to uncover pirate secrets and complete a series of challenging quests. Explore the mysterious island, solve puzzles and discover the upcoming chapters of your unique story! This game features riddles of legendary difficulty, so it’s a recommendation for the most demanding genre enthusiasts.

Key features
  • Play as a young man dreaming of becoming a pirate
  • Go on a journey that will change your life
  • Explore and solve challenging puzzles
  • Complete missions and gain praise from your pirate companions

Lost At Sea

Developer:Studio Fizbin

What is the meaning of life? And how much will you achieve before you die? These and other questions you will ask yourself in this independent title from Studio Fizbin focusing on deep reflection on the meaning of existence.

Lost At Sea

Get carried away by the unclear and intriguing adventure of discovering the meaning of human existence. Travel to a magical world full of memories and questions where you will lose yourself in the endless beauty of this unique title. Continue your journey, solve puzzles and be the one to discover the answers to all crucial questions.

Key features
  • Play a puzzle game about the meaning of human life
  • Explore a beautiful island and solve puzzles
  • Discover the stages of a person’s life and reflect on your choices
  • Enjoy the unique graphic design

Thimbleweed Park

Developer:Terrible Toybox

This pixel-art adventure video game from the creators of The Secret of Monkey Island will be perfect for fans of all old-school puzzle titles. See the bizarre town of Thimbleweed Park and discover its greatest secrets!

Take control of five heroes’ actions to discover their shocking stories. Explore the town and meet its citizens to solve the mystery of the mysterious corpse. But there is more! As the investigation progresses, you will come across even more strange secrets. Explore your surroundings carefully and look for hidden details. Watch as all plots come together to uncover the mystery of Thimbleweed Park!

Key features
  • Go to Thimbleweed Park to uncover a mysterious murder case
  • Take control of the actions of five heroes and learn their stories
  • Explore and look for clues
  • Select the difficulty mode to solve challenging puzzles

The Witness

Developer:Thekla, Inc.

If you enjoyed the atmosphere of a mysterious island in Myst, you can have a lot of fun in The Witness! Discover a strange world full of puzzles and go on a journey to understand who you are.

When you find yourself devoid of memory on a mysterious island, you have to solve a series of logical puzzles that will reveal the secrets of this strange land. It is a game for determined and patient fans of challenging puzzles who love to look for the tiniest details. And over five hundred puzzles in The Witness will bring you closer to discovering the answers to the most important questions.

Key features
  • Start your adventure on a mysterious island full of puzzles
  • Explore new locations and search for clues
  • Solve puzzles to discover new pieces of your story
  • Enjoy immersive virtual reality gameplay

Puzzle PC games are a genre for everyone. Impatient or action-hungry players can become deeply disappointed in them, encountering more and more challenging puzzles. But that doesn’t mean it’s best to give them up! No other genre develops logical thinking, concentration, and creativity as games as Myst does. Each solved puzzle brings players closer to the following story chapters as a reward for their hard work. Such satisfaction increases self-esteem and encourages them to continue solving more complex puzzles.

There is no better modern way to spend free time than exercising your brain! Such fun can significantly increase your performance at school, at work, and in everyday life. So if you still have doubts about playing Myst type games, start right away!