In Northgard, the classic base building meets Norsemen’s conquests to deliver a multi-layered strategic experience overflowing with a Nordic vibe. Have you already played it? Check out these alternatives!

Fans of multitasking will surely love this game that requires fighting, planning, considering survival features, and following an immersive story – all at the same time.

It is Northgard, a Nordic approach to classic strategic fun. However, the game had its big release in 2018, so loyal fans may want to consider playing something different but similar. Do you agree? Let’s dive into the best PC alternatives to your favorite Northgard game!

Dune Spice Wars 2022-04-26 Strategy Shiro Games
Kingdoms Reborn 2020-11-03 Strategy Earthshine
Farthest Frontier 2022-08-09 City Builder Crate Entertainment
Land Of The Vikings 2022-11-08 City Builder Laps Games
Against The Storm 2022-11-01 Base Building Eremite Games
Becastled 2021-02-08 Base Building Mana Potion Studios
Driftland The Magic Revival 2017-11-29 Indie Star Drifters
Patron 2021-08-10 Colony Sim Overseer Games
Banished 2014-02-18 Economy Shining Rock Software
The Settlers 4 Gold Edition 2001-02-15 Strategy Blue Byte Studio
The Plague Kingdom Wars 2020-07-09 RTS Reverie World Studios


Release date:2014-02-18
Developer:Shining Rock Software

Lead a group of exiles searching for a new place to live. All these people own are clothes and some modest resources!

As you’ve probably already guessed, Banished is quite a complex game revolving around pure survival. Your people are the most valuable resource in the game but can instantly die from cold, hunger, old age, disease, or a weak heart. Using this knowledge, assign them suitable tasks, balance the resources utilization, and transform a humble settlement into a mighty city.

Key features
  • Stop your people from dying by meeting their needs
  • Manage resources and grow your population
  • Develop the settlement and prepare for unexpected natural disasters
  • Enjoy challenging strategic gameplay featuring realistic obstacles

The Settlers 4

Release date:2001-02-15
Developer:Blue Byte Studio

It’s a classic real-time strategy featuring three playable races – Romans, Mayans, and Vikings – confronting the evil god Morbus, desiring to destroy all of Earth’s flora.

Pick a nation, start one of two available campaigns, and lose yourself in an epic fight against the evil Morbus! Follow the storyline, enjoy beating separate scenarios, or have fun in multiplayer for up to eight players. Compared to previous installations in this iconic series, The Settlers 4 offers much better graphics, ensuring a pretty enjoyable experience with each playthrough.

Key features
  • Play the fourth part in the legendary real-time strategy series
  • Choose from three playable nations to defeat the evil Morbus
  • Focus on the economic aspect
  • Play in single-player or exciting multiplayer for up to eight players

Cultures 1&2

Release date:2001-07-25
Developer:Funatics Development

Northgard fans craving overseas journeys will be more than pleased with the extraordinary adventures these two games have to offer!

Cultures: Discovery of Vinland and Cultures: The Gates of Asgard tell the tale of Norse warriors traveling to the faraway provinces of America, Europe, and the Middle East. Driven by the dream of conquering foreign lands and uniting all nations, they must survive in these unfamiliar conditions and develop their skills to benefit the entire community.

Key features
  • Explore remote lands and confront your enemies
  • Unravel mythical mysteries to unite all nations
  • Decide each settler’s future
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Land of the Vikings

Release date:2022-11-08
Developer:Laps Games

This incredibly realistic simulation allows its players to expand and manage a Nordic village. It is a more modern take on your favorite Northgard game!

Start with a few villagers and witness your settlement grow! Each settler is unique, so your job is to recognize their strengths to use them at work or on the battlefield. Try to endure the most brutal disasters, raid, trade, design, and enjoy breathtaking views to see what a fulfilling Viking life looks like.

Key features
  • Start with a humble settlement and grow it as you like
  • Meet all settlers and help them live a happy life
  • Collect resources to survive the harshest winters
  • Trade and conquer

Kingdom Wars: The Plague

Release date:2020-07-09
Developer:Reverie World Studios

Become one of 200 medieval rulers to survive the incredibly rough 1347 in Europe!

Tough times call for a strong leader. Ensure the survival of your mighty kingdom surrounded by enemies and plague by fighting, acquiring resources, and developing cities. But remember, everything happens in real-time, and so does the ever-spreading plague!

Key features
  • Play as one of 200 minor and powerful rulers
  • Fight, build, and acquire resources in real time
  • Wage massive battles involving tens of thousands of units
  • Get involved in the campaign or create your ideal scenario

Going Medieval

Release date:2021-06-01
Developer:Gramophone Games

It is another plague-focusing recommendation, letting its players restore the collapsed civilization slowly devoured by thriving nature. Pick this game if you’ve ever dreamed of playing a postapocalyptic strategic adventure set in medieval times.

Create a hero, start with a modest settlement, and develop it to survive the brutal post-plague reality. Prepare your units, construct increasingly better buildings, and fulfill your folks’ needs. Also, beware, as enemies and hostile neighbors await your slightest mistake!

Key features
  • Rule the newly-established post-plague kingdom
  • Fight hostile factions and take care of your people’s needs
  • Unlock better buildings and gather a heroic army
  • Use massive disaster to conquer this land

Video games like Northgard avoid holding the player’s hand. Some players may find them overly complicated, as most combine survival traits with violent natural disasters.

But that’s what it’s all about! Plagues, malicious gods, diseases, and frost create a more realistic and demanding gameplay experience. That translates into endless fun in not-so-friendly worlds requiring the strongest leaders. So, pick up the gauntlet and beat the most complex medieval city builders!