Traveling involves many potential dangers, especially when starting a new life elsewhere is at stake. On this subject, one of the most inspiring eras in the history of humanity is the 19th century in America – the creation of the Oregon Trail.

The Oregon Trail video game started in 1971 as an educational project to show the harsh life of settlers traversing the most challenging route on the North American continent. Packed in wagons, the pioneers were to walk the distance from Independence City to Oregon.

On their way, players could come across many hardships like dangerous animals, diseases, or lack of food. Sounds like fun? If you dream of a similar adventure in hostile conditions, we have something just right for you.

Faster than Light

Developer:Subset Games

Aboard your spaceship and become part of a galaxy-tearing conflict. The armies of the enemies are close, and the survival of the entire crew depends only on your leadership skills.

Embark on an epic space adventure and fight for your survival! Travel through randomly generated locations, react fast to unexpected situations and develop your spaceship to become unbeatable. You can encounter enemies or friends with whom you trade or accept orders. Get ready for fast-paced action and decision-making! Who will you save – your ship or your crew?

Key features
  • Play a strategic sci-fi game to lead your spaceship
  • Fight in real-time and repair damages
  • Explore the far locations of the galaxy and discover its secrets
  • Make decisions that will determine your and your crew’s lives

Organ Trail: Directors Cut


This game is basically the Oregon Trail, but with zombies! Get behind the wheel of an old car and travel across the United States with your friends to survive and fight the hordes of bloodthirsty undead.

Like the Oregon Trail video game, this title came to life as an educational project for kids. But not only! Begin your adventure in a retro pixelated post-apocalypse world and hit the road to fight for your life. Name your friends, collect precious stuff and repair your old car. You never know what will happen on the way, and each friend may die from the disease or an attack by wild animals.

Key features
  • Play the post-apocalyptic version of the Oregon Trail
  • Lead a road trip through the United States
  • Collect valuable resources, ammunition, and food
  • Make decisions that will determine the survival of your friends


Developer:Ludeon Studios

Have you ever dreamed of managing a space colony? In this game, you can do it and lose yourself entirely in the wealth of random events waiting for your settlers.

Establish a colony and manage the actions of completely random people on an alien planet. Each features a unique personality and skill, and the slightest plot twist can completely change your future. Explore the place, develop a settlement and do everything in your power to prevent all colonists from dying of hunger, disease, or bad decisions.

Key features
  • Build a colony on an alien planet
  • Discover the personalities and skills of your settlers
  • Explore, get resources and discover advanced technology
  • Get carried away by the extraordinary story of your unique adventure

Anno 1800

Developer:Ubisoft Blue Byte

It is one of Ubisoft’s legendary strategy games where you can manage your settlement and economy. In the time of the Industrial Revolution!

Start with a modest village and make it grow by acquiring resources and processing them into valuable materials. Create new structures, design production chains, and forge political alliances. Your people must work to make the city prosper, so take care of their wellbeing. Just like the Oregon Trail, anything can happen in this game!

Key features
  • Play a strategy game set in the times of the industrial revolution
  • Develop a small settlement and turn it into a massive metropolis
  • Trade, invent products, and design production chains
  • Take care of your citizens and watch out for any dangers



Guide a group of survivors on a post-apocalyptic journey through the United States. Are you ready for a challenge? Let’s see!

Overland is a strategy video game where it all depends on your decisions. With a group of survivors, you must go on a journey and survive. But it won’t be that easy! Threats like strange enemies, lack of fuel, or random events are everywhere. Moreover, monsters are sensitive to loud sounds, and even the most innocent encounter can bring you instant death.

Key features
  • Lead a group of survivors on a journey through North America
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic world to collect resources
  • Keep quiet and fight the monsters
  • Make decisions and distribute tasks

The Banner Saga


Like the Oregon Trail, this game is a road story where you will take control of a group of survivors. But this time in a slightly different, Nordic setting!

When a caravan of survivors runs from its final doom, it’s up to you how they will survive. Lose yourself in the world of Norse mythology and fight ancient opponents in a turn-based system. Explore the map, develop your characters’ skills and take care of your people in these harsh times. In this game, each decision can lead to a completely unexpected outcome!

Key features
  • Guide a caravan of survivors in the Nordic setting
  • Develop the skills of your heroes to make them better in combat
  • Explore new locations and fight threats
  • Do everything in your power to ensure your people survive this journey


Developer:Jan Zelený

If you love trains, you’ll love Mashinky. Create your railway empire and face numerous hardships to become the best player on the map!

In this unique strategy video game, you will lead the development of the entire railway company. Start with nothing and raise funds to begin the production of the first railway carriages. Build a tracks network, discover procedurally generated maps, and gain experience to win the game. Each accepted task is a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable skills and resources to develop a real railway empire.

Key features
  • Play a train strategy game
  • Grow your business and raise funds to build even more
  • Design a railroad network and upgrade your machines
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to eight players

The Flame in the Flood

Developer:The Molasses Flood

The world dies in a massive flood, but you have a raft and are just embarking on a journey down the river. Luckily you are not alone! The faithful Aesop dog is always at your side.

The Flame in the Flood is an atmospheric story about a lone heroine discovering the world during a flood. Play as Scout and set off on a journey through a rushing river and forgotten islands. Develop your raft, collect resources, ensure your survival and avoid encounters with enemies. Who knows, maybe on your way you will meet someone who will tell you something more about this terrible catastrophe? If you love the gloomy atmosphere of the Southern United States and swamp country – you will definitely love this title.

Key features
  • Play a post-apocalyptic game about the great flood
  • Explore lonely islands and discover their story
  • Develop your raft and collect valuable equipment
  • Discover the details of the doom and explain its cause

The Oregon Trail is a unique video game developed by the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium in 1971. The title quickly appeared on popular platforms like Windows, Apple Arcade, or Android, presenting even more great features of new editions. In the meantime, such spin-offs as The Yukon Trail or The Amazon Trail came to life. But the atmosphere of traveling through the United States inspired the creators of other games the most.

Now we have a massive selection of games, where we fight to survive in dozens of thrilling scenarios! If you crave the adventure as a lone wasteland survivor responsible for the lives and deaths of your comrades.