Venturing into the vast realms of open-world gaming offers a unique and immersive experience.

Outward, with its blend of survival, exploration, and role-playing elements, has carved its own niche. If you’ve found yourself captivated by its challenges and wonders, this guide is your gateway to a curated selection of games that share the same spirit.

Outward’s charm lies in its uncompromising approach to realism, challenging gameplay mechanics, and a vast open world that reacts to your decisions. If you’ve found solace in the unforgiving landscapes and dynamic adventures of Outward, this guide will be perfect for you.

Choosing the Right Game for You

Let’s find out which type of gameplay you might enjoy the most.

  1. Solo vs. Multiplayer – consider your preferred playstyle—whether it’s the solitary journey of a lone adventurer or the camaraderie of exploration alongside your friends.
  2. Level of Difficulty – each game varies in difficulty, some are full of challenging encounters, while other have a more forgiving gameplay. Choose based on your appetite for a test of skill.
  3. Type of Storytelling – explore diverse narratives, from epic quests to emotional journeys. There are plenty storytelling approach out there and you are bound to find a perfect fit.

Alternatives to Outward

In this exploration, we’ll take a closer look at seven games that stand as worthy alternatives to Outward. Each game offers a distinct flavor of adventure, survival, and storytelling – every fan of the genre will find something for themselves.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen

Release date:2016-01-15

Venture into a vast open-world where you’ll battle mythical creatures, embark on epic quests, and experience a unique pawn system.

Recruit AI companions, also known as pawns, and customize their skills to complement your playstyle. You’ll have a chance not only to engage in fluid, action-packed combat against colossal monsters with a variety of classes and skills, but also to traverse a diverse landscape, uncover hidden secrets and dungeons, and face challenging encounters.

Witness a dynamic day-night cycle that affects gameplay and introduces different creatures and challenges.

Key features
  • Pawn system
  • Dynamic combat
  • Open-world exploration
  • Day-night cycle

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Release date:2019-06-11
Developer:Warhorse Studios

Immerse yourself in a realistic medieval world, where historical accuracy meets an engaging narrative of revenge, politics, and survival.

Experience authentic medieval combat, influenced by historical martial arts techniques and learn to navigate a non-linear narrative with choices affecting the story, relationships, and the game’s universe.

Moreover, get ready to witness a living, breathing world with a day-night cycle, weather, and NPC routines. You will also have a possibility to develop your character’s skills and abilities based on your chosen playstyle, from swordplay to stealth.

Key features
  • Realistic combat
  • Branching narrative
  • Living world
  • Skill progression


Release date:2022-03-01
Developer:Piranha Bytes

Explore a seamless open-world blending science fiction and fantasy elements, face moral dilemmas and engage in intense combat.

Roam a vast, seamless world filled with diverse regions, factions, and hidden secrets. In ELEX II you get to navigate a branching narrative with impactful decisions, which influence the story and your character’s fate.

There’s also a jetpack for vertical exploration, uncovering of hidden areas and evading enemies. Align with different factions, each with its own ideologies, quests, and consequences following your allegiance.

Key features
  • Open-world exploration
  • Moral choices
  • Jetpack exploration
  • Faction system


Release date:2019-12-09

Embark on a journey in a stylized, passive multiplayer world, face challenging enemies and form lasting bonds with other players.

In this shared world you can enjoy the option to seamlessly join other players using the option for cooperative exploration. Traverse a world that shifts dynamically between light and darkness and see for yourself how it affects visuals and gameplay.

As you engage in intense, stamina-based combat against formidable foes, make sure you carefully choose your strategic approach. Immerse yourself in a visually striking world with a unique, hand-drawn aesthetic.

Key features
  • Passive multiplayer
  • Dynamic day-night cycle
  • Challenging combat
  • Unique art style

Monster Hunter Rise

Release date:2022-01-12
Developer:Capcom Development Division 2

Join the ranks of skilled hunters in a fantastical world, battling gigantic monsters and crafting epic gear.

In Monster Hunter Rise you get a chance to engage in thrilling battles against colossal monsters, each with unique behaviors and attack patterns. Team up with friends or join random hunts in a cooperative multiplayer experience.

As you progress, you can gradually master a diverse array of weapons, where each of them offers a distinct playstyle and strategy. Hunt monsters, gather materials, and craft powerful gear to take on increasingly challenging foes.

Key features
  • Dynamic hunts
  • Multiplayer friendly
  • Weapon variety
  • Crafting and upgrading

Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Release date:2023-03-29
Developer:Merge Games

Shrink down to a tiny size and navigate a dangerous wilderness, crafting tools, and surviving against insects and the elements.

Experience a unique perspective by shrinking down to a miniature size and see for yourself what it’s like to navigate a world filled with everyday hazards. You will have to gather resources, craft tools, and build shelters to survive the challenges that come along the way.

Naturally, you will come by various insects and wildlife, each with its behaviors and interactions, creating a living ecosystem. Join friends in the miniature world and work together to overcome challenges and explore this unique environment.

Key features
  • Shrinking mechanic
  • Crafting and building
  • Dynamic ecosystem
  • Cooperative multiplayer


Release date:2021-10-19
Genre:Action RPG

Embark on an emotional journey as a mother protecting her son in a post-apocalyptic world with  unique time-loop mechanics.

Experience a narrative-driven game that explores themes of love, loss, and sacrifice in a zombie-infested world. The time-loop mechanic can be used for strategizing and planning your actions, and as a result creating a dynamic and challenging experience altogether.

Gather resources, manage your character’s health, and make the right decisions – keep it might that they will impact the mother and son’s chances for survival.

Key features
  • Emotional narrative
  • Time-loop mechanic
  • Survival elements
  • Unique art style


Release date:2011-01-25
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Arrowhead Game Studios

Magicka immerses players in a world of spellcasting mayhem. With a unique focus on combining elements to create spells, cooperative multiplayer chaos ensues as you battle through humorous and challenging levels.

Feel free to combine different elements to create diverse spells and add a layer of unpredictability to the gameplay. Join forces with friends to cast spells, solve puzzles, and navigate the chaotic levels.

You are sure to enjoy the lighthearted storyline filled with humor, pop culture references, and unexpected twists. The mythical creatures and foes you encounter along the way will require you to use strategic spellcasting for successful battles.

Key features
  • Dynamic spellcasting
  • Cooperative multiplayer
  • Humorous narrative
  • Challenging enemies

Summary and Game Comparison

In our exploration of games like Outward, each title brings a unique flavor to the table. Whether you’re craving the dynamic combat of Dragon Dogma, the realism of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, or the cooperative magic of Magicka, there’s a diverse selection to suit every adventurer’s taste.


Do I need a high-end PC or console to play these games?

System requirements vary, so it’s best to check the specifications for each game. Some titles may run well on mid-range systems, while others might benefit from higher-end hardware.

How Do I Pick the Right Game for Me?

Consider your gaming preferences in terms of gameplay mechanics, narrative depth, and cooperative elements. Review the key features of each game to find the one that best aligns with your preferences.

Are These Games Multiplatform?

Most of the listed games are available on multiple platforms, including PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. Check the individual game’s availability on your preferred platform.