Mad customers. Hot pots and pans. Orders waiting in line, tension in the air, and cooperation! This is Overcooked, one of the favorite co-op series on Steam.

If you’ve ever watched Hell’s Kitchen, you know exactly what we’re talking about. Now imagine that the kitchen you work in is in the middle of a sea of lava. Or in the middle of an ordinary sea. Or on a platform falling from the sky. But gameplay in Overcooked and Overcooked 2 is all about cooperation and fun, so you have nothing to worry about! Realizing that gamers love goofy cooking games and action-packed co-op titles, we’ve prepared a tiny treat for all of you. Here’s a ready-made course of the coolest multiplayer games like Overcooked to play with family and friends.

A Way Out 2018-03-23 Adventure Hazelight Studios
Rayman Legends 2013-08-29 Adventure Ubisoft
Broforce 2015-10-15 Adventure Free Lives Games
POSTAL 2 2003-04-13 Adventure Running With Scissors
Forced 2013-10-24 Adventure BetaDwarf
Enter the Gungeon 2016-04-05 Adventure Dodge Roll
Ultimate Chicken Horse 2016-03-04 Adventure Clever Endeavour Games
Iron Brigade 2012-08-13 Strategy Double Fine Productions
Dungeon of the Endless 2014-10-27 Adventure AMPLITUDE Studios
Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine 2013-04-24 Adventure Pocketwatch Games

A Way Out

DeveloperHazelight Studios

It is a unique cooperative game for PC, PS4, and XONE, intended only for two-player gameplay. Invite a friend and play as two brothers escaping from prison.

Vincent and Leo end up in the same prison and decide to regain their once-lost freedom. Get ready for action! There will be shootings, chases, stealth elements, and mini-games. All this in a captivating story. An interesting fact about A Way Out is that regardless of whether the game is played locally or online, the screen is almost always divided. A very nice touch is also the fact that the companion of the player who owns the game does not have to have it himself to take part in the cooperation.

Key features
  • Play as one of the two brothers and escape the law together
  • Develop an effective escape plan
  • Take part in fights, shootings, and spectacular rides
  • Complete the story of the two brothers

Rayman Legends

DeveloperUbisoft Montpellier

An excellent 2D platformer that you can play both alone and with friends up to 4 players. Play as charming Rayman and set off to explore the levels of the game in an action-packed style!

Jump, run, perform acrobatic dodges, and beat enemy after enemy! Rayman is a game that will take your platform gaming experience to a whole new level. Everything is perfect here: smoothness of the graphics, the climate of the game, and music. As for the music – you will even run across music levels here, which you will beat to the rhythm of absolutely fantastic themes. Rayman is the definition of a good platformer.

Key features
  • Work your way through a variety of levels using the craziest moves you can think of
  • Enjoy the fantastic audiovisual setting
  • Throw yourself into the action and eliminate all enemies
  • Play solo or with your friends with up to 4 players


DeveloperFree Lives Games

If you remember the toughest guys from the 90s action movies, you’ll know what’s going on. Broforce is an action, a hail of gunfire, and a mission to fulfill, that you and your bros will play in co-op.

Join Rambro and Brobocop in the shooting madness! Jump, run, climb and free your bros from captivity. Your weapons will change depending on the hero you are playing. Play in cooperation or competition. Grant no mercy, fight, and, after completing the mission, fly by helicopter towards the setting sun.

Key features
  • Play a 2D platformer where you will meet the most famous heroes of the action movies of the 80s and 90s.
  • Run through the levels and free your bros from captivity
  • Use weapons assigned to a given hero and eliminate all enemies
  • Play in cooperation or competition

Portal 2


An adorable and dark puzzle game from Valve in which you’ll travel through the levels of an artificial intelligence facility armed with a portal gun.

Portal 2 is a game that you can play both solo and in multiplayer. In the solo game, you will be assisted by the charming Wheatley, who will help you move through the corridors of the facility. In a cooperative game, you and your friend will play the role of two robots and go through a completely independent campaign with a separate storyline. The rooms will be full of traps, clues, secrets, puzzles, and lasers! And the success of the adventure will depend on how you use your gun portal.

Key features
  • Play the campaign solo or in co-op with a friend
  • Shoot portals to find the exit from the room
  • Immerse in an intriguing plot
  • Solve puzzles, jump, avoid lasers and eliminate enemy robots



Fantasy arcade RPG, created by an independent Danish studio. Classic zero-to-hero game!

Start the game as a slave and end as an invincible gladiator. You will be led by your mentor, who will accompany you on your way to greatness through 25 battle arenas. You can play Forced alone or with friends. The title was created for the cooperation of up to four people, which makes the game much more exciting and allows you to develop a significant advantage over your enemies.

Key features
  • Choose from four classes and create a hero
  • Enter the arenas to unlock new skills and grow stronger
  • Engage in 25 epic fights as you progress from slave to gladiator
  • Play solo or with friends in a group of up to 4 people

Enter the Gungeon

DeveloperDodge Roll

2D roguelike action shooter where you can shoot the past! Travel to find the mystical temple of Gungeon and discover an ancient treasure.

Enter the Gungeon and traverse pixelated corridors filled with enemies, treasures, vendors, and surprising decorations. Many enemies and powerful bosses will stand in your way. Each of them will fire millions of bullets, which is why the game features the bullet-hell element. Avoid the shots, shoot and enter the newly generated map after each death. Collect new weapons and fight to find a legendary gun that can alter the past.

Key features
  • Travel to the Gungeon to discover the most sacred treasure
  • Shoot, find weapons, and eliminate enemies
  • Fight against powerful bosses that fire massive amounts of bullets
  • Use tables as cover and set tricky and explosive traps

Ultimate Chicken Horse

DeveloperClever Endeavour Games

A 2D party game for Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows created for multiplayer gameplay. Would you like to take part in a fierce race against your friends? Play Ultimate Chicken Horse.

You have to compete in the race and get to the finish line as quickly as possible. You can play against other players in a competition of up to four people. An interesting fact about this game is that the levels provided by the creators are almost empty, and it is the players’ task to place obstacles before the start. You have all sorts of traps to choose from that will make the race challenging for everyone.

Key features
  • Take part in an exciting competition together with your friends
  • Do everything to eliminate your rivals
  • Complete the levels and avoid obstacles
  • Play in a group of up to four players

Iron Brigade

DeveloperDouble Fine Productions

A shooter with tower defense elements in which you will become part of a spectacular fight between good and evil. All of this with huge robots and mechs!

Join the brave Mobile Trench Brigade squad and start cooperative gameplay against the forces of Monovision. The gameplay is based not only on shooting and traversing the map but also on building defensive elements. The outcome of the entire game depends on developing a good strategy. Oh, and let’s not forget about the mechs! Mechs are wonderful, powerful and their use can determine the fate of the whole battle.

Key features
  • Stand up against the evil Monovision army
  • Plan attack and defense strategies
  • Build defenses and fight with a mech
  • Lead your friends to victory on the battlefield

Dungeon of the Endless

ReleasedOct 27, 2014
GenreRoguelike, Tower defense
DeveloperAmplitude Studios

Roguelike RPG by Amplitude Studios, set in the universe known from Endless Space. Play the role of a survivor on an alien planet who has to fight for life in underground dungeons full of vicious creatures.

You find yourself in the underground dungeons created by the ancient race. Your task is to get free, both yourself and the entire army of your traveling companions. The game combines elements of management and survival. You can play both in solo mode and cooperation with friends of up to four people.

Key features
  • Work out a plan to get out of alien dungeons
  • Take care of good morale, skills, and survival of your companions
  • Fight, obtain resources and develop technologies
  • Play solo or in cooperation

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

DeveloperPocketwatch Games

Action game from Pocketwatch Games, inspired by Pacman and Ocean’s Eleven. Become a member of the thieves’ gang and rob as much as you can, alone or in the company of other players!

The action of the game takes place in Monaco. Complete tasks, break into buildings, avoid traps and steal the most valuable items. You have eight unique specializations to choose from, and the success of the entire mission depends on how you use your skills. Fantastic cooperative gameplay for both casual players and those focused on the perfect ending.

Key features
  • Choose one of the specializations
  • Play solo or with friends of up to four players
  • Complete missions without being noticed
  • Sneak around, avoid traps and outsmart your opponents

Multiplayers are one of the favorite genres on Steam. No wonder, as they offer many possibilities not available in single-player games. Regardless of whether the game is played in cooperation or competition, having fun is the most essential point. From a distance or on a couch, or even at a party. Games like Overcooked bring people together, integrate, and make it possible to meet new friends. One thing is sure – all video games of this genre look like a guarantee of great fun with your friends!