Horror titles are exciting, but scary co-op games are the best! To experience such an adventure, gather your friends and enter terrifying games like Phasmophobia together.

Phasmophobia game is a cooperative horror title for PC and VR where four players face a supernatural challenge. Equipped with ghost detection equipment, they travel to various dark locations and investigate. Danger lurks at every turn in this game! Unfortunately, this title is unavailable on platforms like Xbox, PS4, or Oculus Quest. But others are! For a similarly spooky adventure with your friends, check out the list of the best horror games like Phasmophobia on Steam.

Blair Witch 2019-08-30 Adventure Bloober Team
Obsideo 2021-08-28 Co-op Horror Kyle's Garage
Emily Wants To Play 2015-12-10 Indie Shawn Hitchcock
In Silence 2020-10-16 Multiplayer survival horror Ravenhood Games
We Were Here Too 2018-02-02 Adventure Total Mayhem Games
Gtfo 2019-12-09 Action 10 Chambers Collective
The Blackout Club 2018-10-30 Simulation Question
White Noise 2 2017-04-07 Adventure Milkstone Studios
Back 4 Blood 2021-10-12 Cooperation Turtle Rock Studios
Pacify 2019-02-22 Adventure Shawn Hitchcock
Dead By Daylight 2016-06-14 Adventure Behaviour Interactive
Outlast 2 2017-04-25 Adventure Red Barrels
Outlast 2013-09-04 Adventure Red Barrels
Little Nightmares II 2021-02-11 Puzzle Tarsier Studios


Developer:Shawn Hitchcock

Like Phasmophobia, this is a co-op video game for four players conducting a paranormal investigation. Discover the terrible mystery of the haunted house and complete tasks for a spooky ghost.

When the house does not find any buyers, it’s time to solve this mystery. Travel to a mysterious location to investigate the unusual case of its annoying resident. Explore, collect notes and unravel the brutal truth. But be careful, every little noise will lead a ghost on your trail, and no one will help you in the forgotten rooms of this house.

Key features
  • Play as a paranormal company employee
  • Enter the haunted house and discover its secret
  • Explore and don’t stay too long in one place
  • Play solo or multiplayer – in cooperation or against your friends

Back 4 Blood

Developer:Turtle Rock Studios

It is a post-apocalyptic first-person shooter from the creators of Left 4 Dead, where you’ll join the heroic Cleaners fighting the zombie epidemic. Choose your hero and do whatever it takes to stop the hideous plague!

This game is a real treat for shooter enthusiasts. Choose a hero to embark on a solo campaign or enter the deadly addictive multiplayer. In B4B, you can play in cooperation with your friends or create two teams of four to face brutal competition.

Key features
  • Play as one of the fearless Cleaners
  • Practice your skills and battle zombies
  • Cooperate with friends or play a solo campaign
  • Choose the competitive mode and fight each other

White Noise 2

Developer:Milkstone Studios

It is a survival horror video game for PC and Xbox One for five players where four investigators examine a mysterious mansion inhabited by supernatural beings. Collect all tapes or run for your life before it’s too late.

Play as one of the investigators or choose the role of a terrifying monster. White Noise 2 is a gloomy location where darkness reigns. As a monster, you must avoid the light and eliminate all your victims. As an investigator, you can only use your flashlight and your reflexes. Hurry up because the dark is coming, and the batteries are weak.

Key features
  • Play as one of four investigators and search for mysterious tapes
  • Play as a monster and lose yourself in the killing madness
  • Explore the dark location and use your skills
  • After death, turn into a ghost and support your friends

The Blackout Club


When you’re a kid, nobody believes you. But something strange is happening in this town, and people are starting to disappear. Solve the mystery of the blackout, and do everything to avoid the demonic Boogeyman.

TBC is a cooperative video game for four players who play as a group of teenagers solving the mystery of a strange town. Ignored by adults, they discover a mysterious labyrinth causing the worst events. However, horrid monsters are coming out, and their only desire is to stop the kids. And it seems that adults are involved in the intrigue after all.

Key features
  • Play as one of the kids solving the mystery of bizarre blackouts
  • Get experience and better equipment
  • Record terrifying events and avoid encounters with monsters
  • Play solo or in co-op with other players


Developer:10 Chambers Collective

It is a first-person horror shooter where you and your friends will play as prisoners stuck in the deepest dungeons. Complete the task from the mysterious Guardian, and you might see the light of day again.

Enter the terrifying prison and complete a series of missions to survive. In this game, the most important thing is cooperation between players, and only the right strategy guarantees survival. Grab your gear and embark on your journey deep into a monstrous prison full of hideous beasts thirsty for your blood.

Key features
  • Play the cooperative first-person shooter game
  • Enter the most horrific prison and survive
  • Sneak, fight and protect your equipment
  • Play in close cooperation with up to four players

We Were Here Too

Developer:Total Mayhem Games

Will two separated friends be able to leave the walls of the mysterious fortress? The entire game is a logical challenge – only proper communication can save your life.

Play as a heroic adventurer and chat to your friend on the walkie-talkie to solve a series of challenges. The spooky castle was supposed to be your shelter, but it seems it will become your grave. Explore, collect information, solve puzzles, and get carried away by a grim story about the most forgotten place in the world.

Key features
  • Play as a brave adventurer and try to get out of the spooky castle
  • Talk to your friend on the walkie-talkie and together find a way out
  • Explore and collect clues
  • Solve challenging puzzles to continue your journey

In Silence

Genre:Multiplayer survival horror
Developer:Ravenhood Games

There are unimaginable monsters in this world. Who will you become in your final moments – survivor or hunter?

Play as the monster or one of the survivors to survive the darkest night of your life. The murderous beast is blind but has an ultrasensitive hearing. Any tiny sound can give away your position! Avoiding making noise can be challenging as survivors must break out of this death trap. This title is a tense competition where even victims become the most unpredictable hunters.

Key features
  • Play as one of the survivors and work together to find a way out
  • Play as a bloodthirsty monster and listen to locate your future victims
  • Use your skills to set a trap or just run away
  • Play solo or in multiplayer with up to six players

Emily Wants To Play

Developer:Shawn Hitchcock

It is a survival horror game where you will face the creepy demons living in an abandoned house. If you are scared of haunted dolls, you will surely fall in love with this game!

Play as a pizza delivery man trapped in an abandoned house on a rainy night. Its only inhabitants are the mysterious Emily and her three demonic dolls – and they all want to play. However, the effect of this playtime is your tragic death, and only solving the puzzle of the dead girl will help you survive until dawn.

Key features
  • Play as a pizza delivery man
  • Explore an abandoned house and look for clues
  • Avoid the encounters and discover Emily’s secret
  • Do your best to survive until dawn


Genre:Co-op Horror
Developer:Kyle's Garage

Much like Phasmophobia, this game also features a team of players conducting a paranormal investigation in a seemingly abandoned house. Ready for some exorcisms?

Play as a priest ready to drive the scariest ghosts out of a forgotten mansion. Your equipment is your best weapon, so carefully explore each room to locate your opponent. Team up with friends and discover over 50 types of bloodthirsty ghosts. But remember, your enemies are clever and can hear your every word.

Key features
  • Play as one of the priests exorcising an abandoned house
  • Explore rooms and use professional detectors
  • Speak through the microphone and communicate with the ghosts
  • Cooperate with friends in a thrilling co-op for up to four players

Blair Witch

Developer:Bloober Team

This legendary title is a must-have for any horror game fan. Face the most terrible mysteries of the Black Hills Forest and your demons to solve the case and decide your fate.

Blair Witch is a game based on the horror movie series of the same name, developed by Bloober Team, known for productions like Observer. Play as Ellis – a cop deciding to solve the case of the disappearance of a little boy. With your faithful companion Bullet, you will travel to the ancient forest and face the Witch of Blair. But who will really be your ultimate tormentor – forest monsters or yourself?

Key features
  • Play a horror game based on a series of legendary movies
  • Play as Ellis and solve the case of the missing kid
  • Work with Bullet to discover the secrets of the forest
  • Confront the Witch and your inner demons

Phasmophobia-like games are a real treat for all horror fans. Whether you want to play alone or with your friends, they are just as good every time. Fighting AI or your friends is an unpredictable adventure that will surprise you on many levels! And grave circumstances, claustrophobic locations, and an eternal sense of danger encourage to awaken new emotions and desires. As it turns out, good cooperation is everything! And playing the monster is the only opportunity to slay all your friends without consequences.