Arkane Austin’s Prey is one of the finest science fiction games of the generation. It’s set on a large research-oriented space space overrun by the aliens it tried to study.

The Typhon are a dangerous species with incredible adaptive ability, and you’ll spend a lot of time studying their traits… and trying to stay alive.

The game is a perfect example of an immersive sim, with a range of gadgets and unlockable powers, an open world environment ripe for exploration, and even a few important choices to make through gameplay and narrative choices.

It’s a ton of fun, but perhaps you crave a change of pace, playstyle or scenery without abandoning the kind of immersion offered by Prey. We’ve got you covered: most games on this list are science fiction like Prey, some of them are confined to a place cut off from the rest of the world one way or another, and all of them can match Arkane’s title in terms of immersive environments.

Games like Prey: immersive adventures
Control Ultimate Edition 2019-08-27 Action Remedy Entertainment
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard 2017-01-23 Horror CAPCOM
Resident Evil 8 Village 2021-05-07 Horror Capcom Development Division 1
System Shock 2 1999-08-11 RPG Irrational Games
Singularity 2010-06-30 Horror Raven Software
System Shock Enhanced Edition 2015-09-22 Adventure Looking Glass Studios
Alien Isolation 2014-10-06 Action & Shooter The Creative Assembly
Metro Exodus Gold Edition 2019-02-22 Action 4A GAMES
Metro 2033 Redux 2014-08-27 Horror 4A GAMES
Soma 2015-09-21 Adventure Frictional Games
Metro Redux Bundle 2014-08-27 Horror 4A GAMES
Stalker Bundle 2007-03-20 Adventure GSC Game World
Stalker 2 Heart Of Chornobyl 2024-09-05 RPG action GSC Game World
Dishonored Definitive Edition 2012-10-11 Action Arkane Studios
Dishonored 2 2016-11-11 Action Arkane Studios
Deus Ex Collection 2017-01-06 Adventure SQUARE ENIX
Deus Ex Goty 2000-06-22 RPG Ion Storm
Deus Ex Mankind Divided 2016-08-23 RPG Eidos Montréal
Deus Ex Human Revolution Directors Cut 2013-10-25 Action & Shooter Eidos Montréal
Deus Ex The Fall 2014-03-18 Adventure nFusion Interactive LLC
Bioshock The Collection 2016-09-15 Adventure Irrational Games
Bioshock Infinite 2013-03-25 RPG Irrational Games
Bioshock Triple Pack 2013-03-25 Action Irrational Games
Dead Space Remake 2023-01-27 Action Motive Studios
Dead Space 3 2013-02-08 Adventure Visceral Games


Release date:2012-10-12
Developer:Arkane Studios

It shouldn’t be a surprise that one of the games similar to Prey would be another production from Arkane.

The similarity is mostly in the gameplay design philosophy, emphasizing immersive and dynamic interactions between player character, gadgets, and powers with the environment. If that’s what you need, Dishonored has that in spades, but the setting is very different.

In Dishonored you’re thrown into the city of Dunwall, a fantasy metropolis inspired by 19th-century London and Edinburgh. Dishonored is divided into several discrete missions, each presenting a large, engaging sandbox. Each mission is a different target for your supernaturally gifted assassin on a mission to save the daughter of a tragically murdered Empress Jessamine.

Key features
  • Fantastic whalepunk setting with a strong supernatural side
  • Several powers and gadgets supplementing Corvo’s agility and skills
  • You can find really creative solution to most of the game’s challenges
  • You’re an assassin, but each level can be completed without bloodshed


Release date:2019-08-27
Developer:Remedy Entertainment

Moving closer to modern setting, Control takes place in the modern-day USA, nominally.

The game’s confined to the unrealistically spacious interiors of a brutalist building holding the Federal Bureau of Control, an agency specializing in containment of supernatural items and phenomena. Which usually worked great, until the FBC became overrun by alien entities known as the Hiss.

It’s a great setup, and not far from Prey’s own alien situation. You even get a few cool telekinetic powers in addition to a shapeshifting gun. Control, from developer Remedy, taps into a very different kind of weirdness, however, one inspired by the SCP Foundation. Oh, the FBC HQ is also an open world in a Metroidvania style, opening up to you as you unlock new zones.

Key features
  • Excellent setting inspired by Men in Black and the SCP Foundation
  • Looks phenomenal
  • Instead of the Typhon this game has the Hiss
  • Shares its universe with the Alan Wake series

System Shock (series)

Release date:2023-05-30
Developer:Nightdive Studios

System Shock games are something of a grandparent of immersive sims, and it’s no stranger to space stations and spaceships overrun by an antagonistic and dangerous force.

Although it’s System Shock 2 that’s probably the most influential, the original one has been recently remade, making it a lot more accessible. And while it lacks SS2’s brain parasites, it does take place on a space station.

Specifically, the Citadel Station owned and controlled by the TriOptimum Corporation. Which is a big target for a lowly hacker like you, and that ambition puts you in trouble. Thankfully, all you need to do is hack a certain AI and your transgressions will be forgiven. Oh, if only things could be that simple. The situation goes sideways fast, and you’re left with a huge problem to solve.

Key features
  • First-person perspective immersive sim
  • Original game from 1994, remade in 2023
  • Set on a space station controlled by an AI freed from its limiters
  • Has a great and very influential sequel


Release date:2007-08-21
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:2K Australia

Remember that bit about System Shock being influential? That’s one of the key examples.

BioShock is set in 1960 in a fictional underwater city of Rapture, once touted as a utopia free from government oversight, now breaking apart, divided, and with violent Splicers roaming the corridors. And then there are you, a plan crash survivor who has to navigate this hostile situation.

BioShock is a fantastic, immersive experience with a fair share of tense combat, and plenty of weirdness involved, mostly due to the fantastical substance called ADAM, which can be processed to grant people incredible powers at the cost of addiction. The story also has a certain twist which we won’t spoil in case you haven’t heard of it yet, but it is quite impressive.

Key features
  • Set in a failed utopia, the underwater city of Rapture
  • First-person perspective combat and exploration
  • Spiritual successor to System Shock
  • Strong horror elements

Deus Ex (series)

Release date:2000-06-22
Developer:Ion Storm

The Deus Ex series is a great pick, if your search for something like Prey requires a down-to-earth science fiction world with a cool aesthetic more than a claustrophobic scenario.

The games present cyberpunk-adjacent urban landscapes in a version of Earth where cybernetic and nanotechnological augmentations can change people’s lives… and not necessarily for the better.

Deus Ex, particularly the most recent Human Revolution and Mankind Divided, pull double duty as first-person RPGs and action/stealth games. The plots always involve nefarious corporate conspiracies, thankfully you’re well-equipped to deal with them. Your skills are already formidable, and augmentations range from social enhancers to becoming a shrapnel dispenser.

Key features
  • Immersive first-person action RPGs
  • Stealth is powerful, but not your only option
  • You can use a range of cybernetic powers as well as weapons and gadgets
  • Cyberpunk setting

Dead Space Remake

Release date:2023-01-27
Developer:Motive Studios

Dead Space has a few things in common with Prey, including a protagonist untrained in combat, a setting surrounded by deadly outer space, and enemies with upsetting, form-defying shapes.

Unfortunately, while Prey’s Typhon were mostly inky blobs, Dead Space’s Necromorphs are fleshy constructs made from recombined dead bodies and animated by an alien intelligence.

Dead Space goes all in on being a horror experience, with claustrophobic corridors, horrific enemies, and a cosmically terrifying mystery lying at the center of nightmares inflicted upon the protagonist, Isaac Clarke. Isaac is just an engineer, grossly unprepared to deal with the situation on USG Ishimura. If you thought Prey’s Talos I station was too cozy, give DS a chance.

Key features
  • One of the finest science fiction and horror games out there
  • Set on a spaceship overrun by monster composed of dead flesh
  • Your only weapons are ingenuity and a few repurposed engineering tools
  • A fantastic remake released in 2023

Alien: Isolation

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:The Creative Assembly

Another horror game on the list, this time mostly set on a space station in the process of having its crew killed by a xenomorph on the loose.

That’s right, Alien: Isolation is set in the same universe as Ridley Scott’s iconic science fiction horror, and stars Ellen Ripley’s daughter Amanda in the leading role. Her search for Ellen, lost in cryosleep, is what led her to the unlucky space station.

The game perfectly recreates the aesthetic of the original movie, and it does wonders for immersion in the setting. Exploration of the station is fraught with danger, not just from the iconic monster, and you’re in for many tense moments of both stealth and action in riveting first-person perspective. It’s both a great horror game and a fantastic adaptation of a beloved franchise.

Key features
  • Looks exactly like a sequel to original Alien should
  • Tense survival horror game with more than the Xenomorph to be wary of
  • Features Ellen Ripley’s daughter as the player character
  • Search for clues of Ellen’s location on a space station going through a lot of problems


Release date:2015-09-21
Developer:Frictional Games

Your last memory was from 2015, a cranial scan preserving your consciousness before the injuries claimed you…and now it’s 2104, you’re in some underwater stations that looks like it’s on its last legs, and there’s virtually nobody around.

Soma is the last full-on horror game on the list, and while you’ll find plenty of danger, the key draw is the atmosphere, as expected from creators of Amnesia.

Exploration, solving puzzles and conundrums, and life-saving stealth all serve the story about what happened on the station. The theme of preserving consciousness digitally past the body’s lifespan a constant presence in the plot, emphasized not only by people communicating with you, but also people who were forcefully turned into violent cybernetic mutants by a rampant AI.

Key features
  • Claustrophobic atmosphere
  • Developed by creators of Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Set in an underwater research station after Earth was cataclysmically struck by a comet
  • Many bone-chilling moments

Metro (series)

Release date:2014-08-27
Developer:4A GAMES

Metro 2033 and its sequels are set twenty years after Earth was rocked by a nuclear conflict, with only pockets of humanity surviving.

You’re playing as Artiom, a member of such a community which survived in the Moscow metro tunnels. Unfortunately, it’s not all cozy and safe, as the tunnels are also home to enemy factions and dangerous mutants.

The series evolved across three entries, up to the open world environment of Metro: Exodus, and Artiom and his family develop with it. The Metro games are a great option if you’d like a change of scenery from the hi-tech interiors of Prey or many other games on the list, and would rather experience some grittier, but just as engaging and thrilling, science fiction.

Key features


Release date:2007-03-20
Developer:GSC Game World

The STALKER series is getting a little bit long in the tooth, having started in 2007, and the development of STALKER 2 has already been subject to many delays.

With all that said, playing the games is still worth your while, because they are just great science fiction stories in a fascinating setting and rich and satisfying gameplay mixing a shooter with survival horror.

The games take place in the alternate history version of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. There was another catastrophe, which resulted in the nearby reality becoming unstable, creating zones of extremely weird phenomena… and many valuable artifacts gathered and sold by the titular Stalkers. There are three installments so far, and each presents a fantastic, immersive, experience.

Key features

Science fiction worlds before your eyes

Welcome to the end of the list! Hopefully, the journey got your eyes on something that matches the vibe you’re looking for after playing Prey and you’re already planning to explore new places full of alien phenomena, weird gadgets, and plenty of problems to solve through ingenuity and determination.

From space-age science fiction and gritty post-apocalypses to quick delves into the paranormal and supernatural, there should be something for everybody!