Do you enjoy party games? Then you surely know Quiplash! A game for up to 8 players, where, along with others, you answer funny questions in an even funnier way. Quiplash is a huge dose of humour and fun that shouldn’t be missing from any party!

If you’ve already had the chance to play Quiplash and are looking for alternatives that you could present to your friends and family at the next gathering, you’re in luck! Below you’ll find a list of games that, like Quiplash, will provide you with a huge dose of fun and laughter!

Similar Adventures

Quiplash is a video game created by the well-known party game studio – JACKBOX GAMES, INC. This title was released on June 30th, 2015, and is currently available on eighth-generation consoles and almost all computer systems (PC, Linux, macOS, Fire OS).

The title enjoys high ratings among players and is mentioned as a great party and family game. There is no doubt about it – Quiplash gameplay is based on fun, humour, mockery, sharp jokes, and funny responses. In this title, there are almost no rules and correct answers. Only great fun matters!

If you’re looking for other games similar to Quiplash, or simply searching for titles perfect for a party or fun with the family, our picks will certainly interest you. We’ve created a list of 7 games that provide a similar dose of absurd humour and fun for multiple players! Check it out for yourself!

Super Mario Party Game Image

Super Mario Party

Release Date: 5 Oct 2018

Genres: Party, Multiplayer

Jackbox Party Pack 6 Game Image

Jackbox Party Pack 6

Release Date: 17 Oct 2019

Genres: Party, Trivia, Multiplayer

Overcooked 2 Game Image

Overcooked 2

Release Date: 7 Aug 2018

Genres: Simulation, Cooperative, Multiplayer

That’s You Game Image

That’s You

Release Date: 4 Jul 2017

Genres: Party, Quiz, Multiplayer

Drawful 2 Game Image

Drawful 2

Release Date: 21 Jun 2016

Genres: Party, Drawing, Multiplayer

The Jackbox Party Game Image

The Jackbox Party


Genres: Party, Trivia, Multiplayer

Boomerang Fu Game Image

Boomerang Fu

Release Date: 13 Aug 2020

Genres: Action, Party, Multiplayer