Risk of Rain 2 has captured the hearts of gamers with its intense cooperative gameplay, rogue-like elements, and dynamic world. The game’s popularity has soared as the players got to explore its ever-changing alien landscape.

In this guide, we’ll explore the essence of Risk of Rain 2 and present a selection of games that deliver a similar thrill, whether through challenging environments, strategic progression, or relentless enemies.

Why Seek Games Like RoR2?

Risk of Rain 2 stands out for its unique blend of action, strategy, and procedural generation: an experience that is sure to keep anyone on their toes. The search for games similar to RoR2 is fueled by the desire to recapture the same adrenaline rush, strategic depth, and cooperative excitement.

The game’s popularity lies not only in its dynamic world but also in the strategic depth and camaraderie it offers. As you navigate through the game’s landscape, you might find asking yourself where can you find games that will provide you with a similar experience. Join us on a quest to discover titles that capture the essence of Risk of Rain 2 and offer a diverse range of adventures that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Dead Cells

Release date:2017-05-10
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Motion Twin

A rogue-like, metroidvania-inspired action game that challenges players to explore interconnected levels, battle enemies, and uncover the mysteries of a sprawling, ever-changing castle.

Each run poses a threat of permanent death which in turn surely encourages strategic decision-making and quick adapting to evolving challenges. Here, you can engage in fast-paced combat and enjoy a variety of weapons and abilities which make each encounter feel unique and challenging.

The game’s replayability is further enhanced by the procedurally generated levels with diverse environments, enemies, and challenges.

Key features
  • Rogue-like progression
  • Dynamic combat
  • Procedural generation
  • Metroidvania exploration


Release date:2023-02-15
Genre:Bullet Hell

A third-person, rogue-like shooter that follows Selene, an astronaut trapped on an alien planet. The game combines intense combat, time-loop mechanics, and atmospheric storytelling.

Embrace a time-loop narrative, where death resets the world, but knowledge and skills persist and shape subsequent playthroughs.

Returnal allows you to experience a hauntingly beautiful alien world with dynamic environments which add to the game’s immersive atmosphere. Your strategic thinking skills and reflexes will be put to the test in the fast-paced, bullet-hell combat with a diverse array of alien creatures.

Key features
  • Time loop dynamics
  • Immersive atmosphere
  • Challenging combat
  • Narrative depth

Deep Rock Galatic

Release date:2018-02-28
Developer:Ghost Ship Games

A cooperative first-person shooter where players take on the roles of space dwarves who work in mines and battle hostile creatures in procedurally generated caves.

Team up with friends or AI dwarves to explore and mine cave systems and face challenging enemies. You have the possibility to choose from different classes, where each of them has its own unique abilities.

This fact will encourage strategic cooperation in tackling various challenges, as well as navigating through dynamic cave systems filled with diverse biomes, resources, and unexpected threats.

Key features
  • Cooperative mining
  • Class-based gameplay
  • Dynamic environments
  • Progression system


Release date:2019-12-10
Developer:Supergiant Games

A rogue-like dungeon crawler where players control Zagreus, the son of Hades, as he attempts to escape the Underworld. The game combines fast-paced combat, rich storytelling, and a beautifully crafted world.

In Hades, you get to utilize the powers of the Greek gods –  each one offers unique abilities, which enhance combat and adds depth to the gameplay. Immerse yourself in a well-crafted narrative centered around exploring the relationships between characters and uncovering the story of Zagreus.

The game’s visually stunning art style and a dynamic soundtrack that complements the intense action will make the entire experience even better.

Key features
  • Continuous progression
  • Godly powers
  • Narrative depth
  • Stylish art and music

Hyper Light Breaker

Release date:TBD
Developer:Heart Machine

An action RPG that blends rogue-like elements with traditional dungeon-crawling gameplay. Here, the players explore a vibrant world, battle challenging enemies, and uncover secrets.

The unique and atmospheric aesthetic of this game is tightly linked to its visually striking world full of detailed pixel art. In this game, you will engage in fast-paced combat and try out a variety of weapons and abilities. Collect resources and upgrade your character in order to unlock new abilities and improve your chances of survival in the ever-evolving world.

Key features
  • Pixel art aesthetics
  • Challenging combat
  • Procedural generation
  • Upgrade system

For those craving the thrill of Risk of Rain 2, these games offer a similar blend of action, strategy, and procedural generation. Whether you prefer the atmospheric storytelling of ‘Returnal,’ the cooperative camaraderie of ‘Deep Rock Galactic,’ or the narrative depth of ‘Hades,’ each title provides a unique adventure to embark upon. As you seek the adrenaline of intense combat and the unpredictability of ever-changing environments, these games are sure to satisfy your hunger for the rogue-like experience.