What is the worst nightmare you’ve ever had? In Scorn you have to survive the one you never dreamed of.

It is a survival horror game reminiscent of a skeleton and muscles, parasitic creatures will actually weaponize your body and expanded space will be within your reach. The game is so original that it has divided the opinions of players. Some love its specifics, others prefer to avoid it.

In this article we have prepared some alternatives to Scorn, which have an equally unique horror atmosphere.

Why Should You Explore Games Similar to Scorn?

It seems that more boundaries can not be pushed, because this game causes really extreme emotions and is scary, but why not get a new experience in similar productions? Here only fear will limit you.

The good news is, that you don’t have to worry that your wallet will get hurt, because the games can be purchased at a pretty affordable price, and the only victims will be your character or (hopefully) your opponents.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Release date:2010-09-08
Developer:Frictional Games

Daniel woke up in the hall of Brennenburg castle with no memory and finds a letter he wrote down while he still knew about everything.

In the letter you find some explanation of your situation, you forced yourself to forget, and on top of that you learn that you are hunted by a being called the Shadow and you have to kill Alexander, who is somewhere in the depths of this castle.

The feeling of unease will increase with each step, and you will have to solve quite a few puzzles along the way. The dark creatures lurking in the corners are definitely going to make their presence felt.

Key features
  • lots of puzzles
  • a plot full of twists and turns
  • 4 different endings
  • beautiful graphics


Release date:2015-09-21
Developer:Frictional Games

You look at the woman in the mirror, but something is wrong… you were a man and lived 100 years ago.

You agreed to have your brain scan donated to science because you were dying anyway. So now you are Simon’s consciousness in the future right after humanity was exterminated by a comet.

You at least have a body, dead , but it’s always better than incapable machines that claim to be human. Now it’s in your hands to complete the mission at the PATHOS-II underwater facility at the bottom of the Atlantic.

Key features
  • robots that are convinced they are humans
  • artificial intelligence that has evolved uncontrollably
  • gameplay at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean
  • fighting monsters


Release date:2013-09-04
Developer:Red Barrels

You arrive at a psychiatric hospital as a reporter Miles Upshur and quickly learn how dangerous the place is.

After entering the building, the first things you notice are blood on the walls, flashing lights and insane patients. A night vision device will help you in the darkness, but this one discharges quickly so use it wisely.

Your ability to react quickly will come in handy here, and it’s best to remember all the hiding places nearby, as the patients will also display a lot of aggression.

Key features
  • gameplay in the psychiatric hospital “Mount Massive Asylum”
  • escape and hiding
  • finding switches, keys, access cards

Alien Isolation

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:The Creative Assembly

In order to find out the truth about her mother, Amanda goes to the space station, where she finds panicked humans and ruthless aliens.

It’s like a real hunt, except that you’re the game. The slightest movement and the quietest sound can lure a xenomorph. Do your best to protect yourself, hack into the system, search your surroundings, create weapons and use radar, but be careful.

The alien will learn, so the hiding place that was good won’t be so safe next time. In the end, you will have to decide whether to hide indefinitely or face him in open combat.

Key features
  • the action takes place in a space station
  • an alien that learns from the player’s actions
  • you can create your own weapons
  • graphics straight out of a science fiction movie

Silent Hill 2

Release date:2001-09-24
Developer:Team Silent

A city covered with fog, in which monsters hide. A little different vibe from the dark corridors, here you will feel that you can be attacked from all sides.

Image credit: Team Silent

James received a message from his dead wife that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill. You go to find her and will have to search the city, look for ways to get into buildings or meet intriguing people with different pasts, which reflect on their behavior.

You will use melee weapons or firearms to fight, and the radio will help you detect monsters. Nothing like the pursuit of love, right?

Key features
  • city full of monsters
  • melee weapons and firearms
  • greater focus on exploring the city
  • interesting people whose behavior defines the past

The Evil Within

Release date:2014-10-14
Developer:Tango Gameworks

Another game with a psychiatric hospital in the center of spotlight. This time the main protagonist is a detective Sebastian Castellanos, who together with his partners got a call to investigate a mass murder.

Humanoid opponents, a lot of deadly traps, rotating blades or a character chasing you with a chainsaw is just a part of what you might encounter.

You will have the ability to regenerate through the Medial Kit, but this will result in temporary hallucinations, and various content vials will improve your skills.

Key features
  • cinematic atmosphere
  • bloody and dynamic gameplay
  • 15 chapters
  • various nightmarish locations


Release date:2005-10-17
Developer:Monolith Productions

In this game, nightmarish visions will show up gradually, and the choice of weapons will slightly affect the gameplay.

The main character is the Point Man with supernatural abilities and his task is to fight an army of cloned soldiers. At the same time, he discovers the secrets of a paranormal threat in the form of a little girl.

You can briefly slow down time while shooting, which will affect visual effects, such as bullets moving the air around them. Opponents will adapt to the situation and usually attack in well-armed groups.

Key features
  • shooting game with a horror background
  • AI adapts to the situation
  • wide range of guns
  • reflex time skill

These games may differ a lot from each other, but horror and unique graphics is something they have in common. Just as Scorn deals with thematic issues that will absorb you, so in the other suggestions the themes will make the story have a second bottom, and you will come to important conclusions.

Don’t wait and let yourself be drawn into worlds full of danger and heavy atmosphere. Let us know which game you try first and share your own recommendations.