Skyrim set a high standard as one of the best role-playing games available on so many platforms. And although it was released in 2011, it still evokes excitement and provides a lot of fun.

With Skyrim, Bethesda designed an absolute breakthrough in the history of its games. And although there are many newer titles like Elden Ring or The Last of Us, players are still eager to choose the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls as their favorite. Engaging storytelling, a dark setting, and many choices are just a few of the fantastic features that make this title a flawless RPG.

There is a beautiful open world, thrilling quests, and many charming or deadly crazy NPCs that we should never forget. This title also supports mods, which creates the perfect conditions for players wanting to realize all their dreams of more personal gameplay. But surprisingly, many video games can deliver a similar atmosphere! Already played Skyrim and looking for something new? If the answer is yes, be sure to play one of these games like Skyrim!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Release date:2015-05-18

Play the third installment in the best-selling adventures of Geralt of Rivia to find yourself in a war-torn world and fight the mysterious Wild Hunt. It is a massive non-linear story with two epic DLCs for those thirsty for more!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a fantasy RPG where you manage the professional monster killer’s actions. Traveling through a magical open world, you will encounter its inhabitants, complete quests, and learn the details of many well-kept secrets. The Slavic setting makes this game a real treat for fans of unique worlds, and its vastness may appeal to Skyrim lovers. There is only one tiny difference – as its creators claim, the heart of the game is not just open-world possibilities like in Skyrim, but the story itself.

Key features
  • Play the third installment about the adventures of Geralt of Rivia
  • Make decisions and witness their consequences in the later gameplay stages
  • Explore the open world and meet its inhabitants
  • Fight, upgrade your skills, and get carried away by the political plot

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Release date:2014-11-18

The conflict-torn world of Thedas must rise to confront another challenge. Diabolical monsters have flooded this land, and only the Inquisition can get rid of them once and for all.

Become the leader of an organization responsible for fighting ultimate evil and create your dream hero. You will experience this adventure in the company of three other characters with unique personalities. Explore, fight, and complete missions to gain experience. Unlike Skyrim, Dragon Age does not offer an open world, but many players believe it has a much better storyline. Every, even the tiniest choice is crucial, so if you are looking for a challenging title – choose this recommendation.

Key features
  • Play the third part in the epic RPG series from BioWare
  • Choose your race and class to create the hero
  • Explore the land, fight monsters, and forge relationships with your teammates
  • Make decisions to see the world change under their influence

Fallout 4

Release date:2017-09-26
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios

It is one of the best installations in the series of post-apocalyptic role-playing games from the creators of Skyrim. With a similarly gigantic open world, many decisions to make, and a gripping storyline featuring a lone hero struggling with fate.

See the beginning of dramatic events that transformed the world. Hibernation will save you, but it will be extremely long. The post-vault reality is an unforgiving struggle for survival in the heart of the wasteland and ruined Boston. Find a companion, deconstruct buildings, fight and discover new information to find your place in this crazy world. The gameplay of Fallout 4 is very similar to Skyrim, but there is one more thing you might be interested in – mods. In terms of their massive amount, this particular Fallout provides the same customization options for the entire game.

Key features
  • Discover a new story set in a post-apocalyptic world
  • Explore the wastelands, gather resources, complete equipment, and fight
  • Make decisions and get information from various NPCs
  • Enjoy a variety of mods to spice up your gaming experience

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Release date:2017-03-03
Developer:Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development

Play this game if you are a fan of unlimited exploration. Because in The Legend of Zelda for Nintendo, you can get anywhere you want!

Embark on a legendary journey as the fearless Link and uncover the secrets of the ruined kingdom of Hylure. This title combines RPG and survival features, so it is all about collecting equipment and fighting numerous opponents. Like Skyrim, this title features a massive world, a non-linear storyline, and… cooking!

Key features
  • Play a beautiful adventure on Nintendo Switch and Wii U
  • Explore a massive world and get where you want
  • Complete quests, discover secrets, and fight
  • Gather resources and craft to survive

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

Release date:2017-10-10
Developer:Monolith Productions

Time for a little something for all Tolkien and Lord of the Rings fans. Travel to Middle-earth and participate in the final battle between good and evil.

It is a continuation of the events of the Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor game, where you will direct the actions of Talion traveling in the company of a forgotten spirit. This time, the duo of heroes wants to create a mighty ring to finally gain power equal to Sauron and destroy him in a battle. When it comes to decision-making, this title fares much better than Skyrim. Each interaction affects the relationships and the attitude of NPCs toward your character, so you better watch what you say.

Key features
  • Play the second part of the epic Middle-earth adventure
  • Explore, complete quests, and discover the secrets of this dark world
  • Choose from dialogue options and build relationships with NPCs
  • Fight in spectacular battles against clever enemies

Horizon Zero Dawn

Release date:2020-08-07

Those looking for something smaller and shorter will find everything they want in Horizon Zero Dawn. This game is similar to Skyrim but features a much more satisfying combat system!

Play as Aloy desiring to learn the mystery of humanity’s fall. The world is a vast wilderness ruled by powerful machines. Slash your way through hordes of opponents to understand the truth of this reality and yourself. Unlike Skyrim, Horizon Zero Dawn does not offer free exploration right from the start. To begin the great adventure, you must first complete some introductory missions.

Key features
  • Explore a massive world ruled by hostile machines
  • Learn your weapons to use them effectively in combat
  • Enjoy dynamic combat and parkour-like traveling
  • Complete quests and learn your past

The Elder Scrolls Online

Release date:2014-04-04
Developer:ZeniMax Online Studios

Discover the Skyrim origins! ESO takes place a thousand years earlier and reveals all the conflicts shaping Tamriel as we all know it in The Elder Scrolls series.

Customize your character down to the smallest detail and explore diverse lands inhabited by all kinds of creatures. During your journey, you will complete quests, craft, join factions, and create your ultimate legend in this magical world. It is an excellent choice for players wanting to scratch that Skyrim itch in PvE or fierce PvP gameplay.

Key features
  • Play the multiplayer installment in The Elder Scrolls series
  • Explore various biomes and discover their secrets
  • Complete quests, gain experience and upgrade your weapons
  • Play as a lone wolf or join a giant community of other players

Monster Hunter: World

Release date:2018-08-09
Developer:CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Become a fearless monster hunter and discover the secrets of the New World. Monster Hunter: World is a role-playing game but much more focused on dynamic action than the story side of the game.

Explore an open world of new dangers and upgrade your equipment to fight the most powerful creatures. This game features spectacular combat, where you will discover the abilities of each weapon and increase your combat potential. But you also must learn some survival skills to get through another day.

Key features
  • Play an epic action game from Capcom
  • Explore the New World and learn its secrets
  • Explore and fight powerful beasts
  • Upgrade your weapons to become unbeatable

Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date:2019-11-05
Developer:Rockstar Games

Arthur Morgan is on the run from the law as he struggles with his doubts and the changes occurring in the Wild West. Make decisions to see how this captivating story unfolds.

Explore the Wild West and discover its opportunities! RDR2 is a game where you can interact with the world around you, designed at a very high graphical level. Fight, ride a horse, take care of yourself and have fun in various mini-games. Unlike Skyrim, the gameplay focuses on one storyline instead of many, becoming more of Wild West GTA than a classic RPG.

Key features
  • Play the second installment in the iconic series from Rockstar Games
  • Discover the chapter of Arthur Morgan’s turbulent story
  • Explore the Wild West and meet the locals
  • Make decisions to see their consequences in the future

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey

Release date:2018-10-05
Developer:Ubisoft Quebec

It is one of many games from Ubisoft turning to RPG than action gameplay. So if you are looking for a Skyrim-like Assassin’s Creed – choose this title.

Travel to Ancient Greece to see the Peloponnesian War. Choose your hero and start an epic adventure, meet the most important historical figures and fight! AC: Odyssey introduces a selection of dialogue options, so the success of your experience depends entirely on you. It is like Skyrim in ancient Greece, but with more dynamic combat and movement methods!

Key features
  • Discover the eleventh installment in the action game series from Ubisoft
  • Travel back in time for an adventure in Ancient Greece
  • Explore, encounter NPCs, and fight
  • Uncover secrets and get carried away by a complex plot

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Release date:2015-09-01
Developer:Konami Digital Entertainment

This story follows the fortune of Big Boss, who wakes up from a coma and becomes the leader of the Diamond Dogs organization to execute his ultimate revenge plan. It will be perfect if you are looking for games similar to Skyrim but focused on adrenaline-fueled action with guns.

Metal Gear Solid 5 features an open world, challenging missions, a rich arsenal, and a memorable story – meaning all the features that fans of good RPGs love. The main difference is it focuses on stealth gameplay, providing even more excitement from a well-done job.

Key features
  • Discover the dramatic story of Big Boss
  • Explore the open world and complete missions
  • Lose yourself in a captivating storyline rich in plenty of plot twists
  • Sneak and eliminate hordes of enemies

Far Cry 5

Release date:2018-03-27
Genre:Action & Shooter

Play as a Montana cop to chase a mysterious cult and stop its ruthless actions. Solo or co-op with one extra player!

Design a hero down to the smallest detail and enter the open world to start your thrilling adventure. Gather allies, sneak, drive various vehicles, and use your full potential to defeat members of a sinister cult. This game is perfect for those wanting to have some RPG fun with more guns and vehicles than Skyrim has to offer.

Key features
  • Play the fifth installment in the famous Far Cry series
  • Create a hero and fight a shady cult
  • Chat with locals to gain allies
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Dark Souls 3

Release date:2016-04-11
Developer:FromSoftware, Inc.

Enter a dark world where danger lurks at every turn. Create a hero and start your desperate fight for survival against dozens of unforgiving enemies.

Dark Souls 3 is the next installment in the most challenging action series, presenting an even higher visual level. Embark on the most dangerous journey of your life and fight! It all depends on your technique and skills, so it is worth practicing to discover the following chapters of this engaging adventure. This game is nothing like Skyrim, but somehow it delivers the same fantasy gameplay satisfaction.

Key features
  • Have fun in the third installment of the most challenging action series ever
  • Explore a devastated world and discover its secrets
  • Fight powerful enemies and gain experience
  • Collect valuable items to become even stronger

Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Release date:2020-03-31
Developer:TaleWorlds Entertainment

Imagine a beautiful medieval world without a ruler. Yes, it is chaos and omnipresent destruction. And you are the one who will fix this tragic situation.

Like Skyrim, this title is a giant living world, with hundreds of NPCs with their tasks and deadly combat with the threat of war looming over the land. Direct your hero’s actions and form a team to control the spreading chaos and restore the once-lost peace. Solo or in exciting multiplayer!

Key features
  • Play the second installment in the legendary medieval strategy series
  • Enter a turbulent world and restore peace
  • Explore, meet the inhabitants of this land, and fight
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Release date:2018-02-13
Developer:Warhorse Studios

The last recommendation takes place in 15th-century Europe. It is a zero-to-hero story where you will experience revenge and the brutality of the most famous battles.

Kingdom Come focuses on classic RPG gameplay and historical realism. During your journey, you will visit specific medieval locations, learn combat skills and meet the inhabitants of this restless world. Thirsty for some authenticity with a lot of Skyrim spectacularity? Here you are!

Key features
  • Experience an epic adventure in 15th-century Europe
  • Play as the blacksmith’s son and lose yourself in a complex political intrigue
  • Explore and fight in brutal battles
  • Enjoy a high level of historical authenticity

The desire to experience an epic adventure in an open fantasy world is entirely understandable. Developers keep crafting breathtaking realities for millions of players enjoying each playthrough. And while many of the games on this list bear almost no resemblance to Skyrim, they all provide a virtually identical feel because that is what we all want when looking for a good game like Skyrim – a memorable experience.