Ever since Slay the Spire has hit the markets, the genre of roguelike deckbuilders was reinvigorated. Thanks to the excellent mechanics and design of MegaCrtis’s game, players saw the potential of games that tested their patience with demanding gameplay and mechanics inspired by various real-world genres, including trading card games and tabletop RPG games.

Obviously, Slay the Spire wasn’t the first title in the honored line of roguelikes. Before and after the MegaCrit title’s success, many other games had drawn the players in with the allure of one of the most difficult genres in the industry. And in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best of them.

Here’s our list of the best roguelikes and roguelites.

Into The Breach 2018-02-27 Indie Subset Games 89% Read more
FTL Faster Than Light 2012-09-14 Adventure Subset Games 44% Read more
Invisible Inc 2015-05-12 Indie Klei Entertainment 58% Read more
Heat Signature 2017-09-21 Action Suspicious Developments 93% Read more
Darkest Dungeon 2016-01-19 Indie Red Hook Studios 88% Read more
Darkest Dungeon II 2021 RPG Red Hook Studios Read more
Crypt Of The Necrodancer 2015-04-23 Action & Shooter Brace Yourself Games 83% Read more
Spelunky 2013-08-08 Adventure Derek Yu 71% Read more
Rogue Legacy 2013-06-27 Adventure Cellar Door Games 51% Read more
Hades 2019-12-10 Indie Supergiant Games Read more
Dungeon Of The Endless 2014-10-27 Adventure AMPLITUDE Studios 93% Read more
Gloomhaven 2021-10-20 Adventure Flaming Fowl Studios 66% Read more
Tales Of Majeyal 2012-12-31 Indie Netcore Games 67% Read more
Dream Quest 2014-05-15 RPG Peter Whalen Read more


Into the Breach

Release date:2018-02-27
Developer:Subset Games

Into the Breach offers the quintessential roguelike experience, with all the staples of the genre. Pilot powerful mechs against a race of alien monsters in this turn-based strategy game.

Into the Breach

The key components of any roguelike are turn-based gameplay, player character permadeath, dungeon crawling, etc. Into the Breach offers most of them, making it an excellent example of a game similar to Slay the Spire. In ItB, the player controls a team of mechs, fighting against alien monsters called the Vek. The player fights the monsters across an archipelago of islands, bringing to mind the dungeon-crawling features of many roguelikes.

Unlike most of them, however, the islands have a predetermined layout, with battle scenarios occurring on them being procedurally generated in a roguelike fashion. The game’s been often positively compared to FTL: Faster than Light, which should be enough reason for the fans of roguelike turn-based strategies.

Key Features
  • Fight the monstrous Vek using a team of specialized mechs
  • Use your tactical skills to predict and respond to enemy maneuvers
  • Experience the essence of roguelike gameplay mechanics with procedurally generated scenarios and turn-based combat

FTL - Faster Than Light

Release date:2012-09-14
Developer:Subset Games

FTL takes the strategy/management gameplay into the depth of space. Manage the systems of your spaceship and fight against the enemy vessels in this complex roguelike game.

FTL - Faster Than Light

One of the roguelike genre’s main features is permadeath – the definitive end of the players’ progress, which forces them to start the playthrough from scratch. This mechanic is present in FTL: Faster Than Light. In Subset Games’ title, the player is tasked with captaining a vessel, exploring the far corners of the known space.

The game focuses on the player’s crew managing the ship’s systems, providing energy to those that need it the most. The player can move around and between sectors using beacons, but each move spends one fuel cell and causes the enemy fleet to move in closer, leading to an inevitable confrontation. Losing the space battle results in a wiped save file and having to start a new game. Players with good management skills and high resistance to frustration will find themselves right at home with what FTL has to offer.

Key Features
  • Explore deep space and face the dangers waiting in its sectors
  • Manage your vessels systems to optimize the energy output
  • Pick your battles carefully, as each confrontation may lead to your permanent death
  • Unlock new vessels and items as you progress through the game

Invisible, Inc

Release date:2015-05-12
Developer:Klei Entertainment

Dive into the world of global espionage in the game inspired by XCOM’s mechanics. Lead your spies to the successful completion of their mission, minding the shrinking time window.

Invisible, Inc

In Invisible, Inc., the player is put in the shoes of a handler of a group of international spies tasked with completing a series of daring missions within a given time period. The game features many mechanics common to the roguelike genre, such as turn-based character movement with limited action points per round, instances of permadeath, etc.

The game heavily focuses on stealth, achieved through careful movement, disabling alarms, and dealing with opposition as quietly as possible. If you enjoyed the tactical gameplay of XCOM, you will definitely like this venture into the world of spies.

Key Features
  • A tactical stealth game inspired by the XCOM series
  • Send your spies to carry our high-profile heists
  • Steal intel, money, and other high-value items and don’t get caught
  • Look after the members of your team – losing them all means game over

Heat Signature

Release date:2017-09-21
Developer:Suspicious Developments

Send your mercenary crew to carry out dangerous missions in a procedurally generated world of Heat Signature, a title that shares more than one common gameplay feature with the previous item on our list.

Heat Signature

The main task of Heat Signature’s player is to board the traveling vessel and carry out various missions, such as stealing, assassinations, sabotage, and freeing captives. The ultimate goal of the game is liberating space stations located in different parts of the map.

The game’s world is procedurally generated and designed as a development tree – each conquered station inlocks new skills for the player to use. The game is played in real-time, but the player can pause at any moment to change the loadout of their mercs to adjust to the situation at hand. This adds a turn-based tactical element to the game, making it similar to Invisible, Inc., and XCOM.

Key Features
  • Send your team on dangerous missions located within a procedurally generated nebula
  • Board vessels to steal, sabotage, assassinate or liberate captives
  • Conquer space stations in order to unlock new skills
  • Enjoy the real-time gameplay with elements of turn-based strategy

Darkest Dungeon

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Red Hook Studios

Darkest Dungeon combines the mechanics of a dungeon crawler with turn-based RPG action. Travel down the titular dungeon and face your worst fears as your characters’ sanity slowly deteriorates.

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a unique blend of a roguelike RPG, dungeon crawler, and survival-horror game. In DD, the players are tasked with exploring the titular dungeon, facing the monstrosities that wait within. Each encounter leaves a mark on the characters’ psyche in a system called the Affliction.

Witnessing a party member’s death, being wounded by a monster, and other terrifying events can increase the characters’ stress level. If left untended, an overstressed character might die of a heart attack. It’s something the player might want to avoid – in Darkest Dungeon, like in many other roguelikes, death is permanent.

Key Features
  • Explore the darkness of a dungeon and fight the monsters lurking inside
  • Select your party out of 15 unique characters
  • Plan your every move to avoid permanently losing a character
  • Tend to your party’s mental status before the terror of exploring the dungeon sends them to an early grave

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Release date:2015-04-23
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Brace Yourself Games

A unique combination of a roguelike dungeon crawler and a rhythm game, Crypt of the NeuroDancer is a real treat for the players bored with the standard-issue turn-based RPGs cluttering the genre.

Crypt of the NecroDancer

The unique mechanics of CoND allow the player to control their characters using not only a keyboard or a gamepad but also a dance mat. The player can only move following the played beat, with each successful move increasing the score multiplier. The game is set in four procedurally generated dungeon divided into four levels.

The player completes the level by defeating enemies and the final boss of the dungeon. However, they are limited by the length of the played song. Should the player fail to complete the level before the song ends, they are immediately transported to the next one, with no completion rewards. This provides an additional time pressure, increasing the game’s challenge – something the fans of roguelikes will surely enjoy.

Key Features
  • Explore ta series dungeon to the music’s beat
  • Defeat enemies and bosses using a dance mat as a controller
  • Follow the beat to rack up the score multipliers
  • Complete the level before the song ends or suffer losing the rewards


Release date:2013-08-08
Developer:Derek Yu

If you ever wanted to play a Tomb Raider game as a roguelike, then Spelunky is the title you should definitely check out. Explore tunnels filled with artifacts, enemies, and traps, and collect as much of the treasure as you can carry.


In Spelunky, the player takes the role of a spelunker, a treasure hunter, exploring deep tunnels. As the player progresses into the procedurally generated tunnel/dungeon, they will encounter many enemies and traps, as well as find treasures and powerful artifacts. The game features permadeath, a roguelike staple, which returns the player to the start of the tunnel should they lose all health or fall into an instadeath trap.

Throughout the dungeon, the player will encounter various characters, including damsels in distress that can be rescued (doing so restores the player’s health) or merchants who trade in artifacts and useful items. The player can purchase from the merchants or try to rob them. However, attempting to steal from the merchant turns them into a powerful, boss-level enemy, so the player should think twice before trying anything shifty.

Key Features
  • Explore a treasure and artifact-filled tunnel
  • Beware of enemies and traps hindering your progress
  • Save damsels in distress in order to restore lost health
  • Trade with merchants for useful items, or steal from the mand face the consequences

Rogue Legacy

Release date:2013-06-27
Developer:Cellar Door Games

Rogue Legacy puts a unique spin on continuing the game after the character’s permadeath. Enter the procedurally generated dungeon and conquer its bosses, and let your unique descendants continue your work should you die in action.

Rogue Legacy

While the gameplay of Cellar Door Games’ title follows similar gameplay patterns as other roguelikes, Rogue Legacy offers one significant mechanic that makes it stand out from the crowd. Upon death, which obviously is permanent, the player can choose a randomly generated descendant of their character to continue the game.

Said descendants are born with various conditions and genetic mutations that add unique gameplay modifications – a character born with ADHD will move faster, a descendant with dwarfism will be able to access smaller spaces, etc. While the ethical correctness of that feature is debatable, it definitely adds something new to an otherwise unremarkable but competent dungeon crawler.

Key Features
  • Enter the procedurally generated dungeon and face the monsters within
  • Have your descendants follow in your footsteps when you perish
  • Complete a specific lineage to unlock a New Game mode, more challenging but also full of new rewards


Release date:2019-12-10
Developer:Supergiant Games

An example of what genre fans call a “roguelite,” Hades features some elements of roguelike gameplay but isn’t limited by them. Explore the Underworld as the son of the titular god of death in one of the most popular games of 2020.


The discussion of what constitutes a roguelike game is as old as the genre itself. To distinguish between “actual” roguelikes and titles that only feature some elements of roguelike mechanics, a new term was coined. Roguelite games, such as Supergiant Games’ Hades, borrow certain elements of the gameplay but are not bound to them. That is why Hades plays much more like a distant cousin of Diablo than, let’s say, XCOM.

The player controls Zagreus, son of Hades, and explores the different locales of the Greek underworld, encountering enemies and friendly NPCs alike and completing quests. The game features RPG elements, with Zagreus collecting items, weapons, and skills which can be upgraded with experience points and coins. Should the player “die,” they are returned to the start of their adventure and lose any and all skills, equipment, and coins they’ve gathered during the specific quest.

Key Features
  • Explore the many locales of the Underworld and complete quests within
  • Collect weapons and gains skills to deal with the adversaries met in the dungeons
  • Interact with NPCs to learn the game’s lore
  • Play carefully, as each death will cost you all the items you’ve managed to acquire

Dungeon of the Endless

Release date:2014-10-27
Developer:AMPLITUDE Studios

Lead the survivors from a crashed spacecraft towards safety in Dungeon of the Endless, a turn-based roguelike RPG with elements of tower defense.

Dungeon of the Endless

The main feature of DotE that separates it from other similar titles on our list is the tower defense mechanic, or in this case, “carrier defense” mechanic. The player’s task is to explore the surface of a hostile planet as a group of survivors from a recently-crashed spacecraft. The player chooses two characters which they control from the start, leading them through procedurally generated dungeons filled with dangerous enemies.

After locating the exit from the dungeon, one of the survivors becomes the carrier of a crystal, which needs to be transported to the exit. The game then introduces its “tower defense” mechanics, with the player protecting the carrier against the alien onslaught. Should the crystal carrier perish, the game is over. The game features a four-player online coop mode to tackle the Dungeon of the Endless together with friends.

Key Features
  • Lead the survivors of a crashed spaceship to safety
  • Choose your characters and adjust their skills for the best chance of survival
  • Escort the carrier of a crystal to the end of the level in a tower defense-like gameplay
  • Enjoy the game with friends in a co-op multiplayer mode


Release date:2021-10-20
Developer:Flaming Fowl Studios

The electronic version of a popular tabletop strategy game, Gloomhaven offers a lot of decent roguelike gameplay features, despite only being an Early Access title.


At first glance, Gloomhaven might be a by-the-books roguelike, featuring the usual mechanics of the genre, like turn-based gameplay, elements of RPG, permadeath, etc. And, if we are to be a little bit pedantic, it’s true: Flaming Fowl Studios game doesn’t come up with a bunch of new mechanics or revolutionary features.

What it does come with is the legacy. BoardGameGeek.com named the originalGloomhaven as the No.1 tabletop game of 2017. With such high commendation the, electronic version of Isaac Childres’s creation had a lot to live up to. And so far, it does. With the game still in development and new content being released, we can expect Gloomhaven to deliver a solid dose of roguelike gameplay for all the fans of the genre.

Key Features
  • Pick your party and explore the dungeons of Gloomhaven
  • Choose your characters based on their skills and how they interact with each other
  • Face powerful enemies, including challenging elites and dangerous bosses

Hearthstone - Dungeon Run mode

Release year:2017-12-07
Genre:Digital collectible card game
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

The digital trading card game set in the world of Azeroth with roguelike mechanics? As proved by Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run mode, nothing is impossible for the geniuses at Blizzard Entertainment.


Dungeon Run is indeed quite similar to Slay the Spire. Both games feature deckbuilding mechanics, which translate quite well into roguelike gameplay. At the start of the game, the player chooses a class of cards they are going to play throughout the game.

The hands are dealt randomly, and the initial choice of class is the only one on which the player has any influence. The player’s task is to defeat a series of increasingly difficult bosses. Each victory is rewarded with new cards, including special treasure cards. The run ends after defeating the eighth boss. Dungeon Run mode came out with the Kobolds & Catacombs expansion and is a perfect choice for both the fans of dTCGs and roguelike tactical games.

Key Features
  • Play your cards well to defeat all eight bosses
  • Choose your favorite class and use it to gain an advantage over your opponents
  • Win turns to gain new cards for your deck

Tales of Maj'Eyal

Release date:2012-12-31
Developer:Netcore Games

A classic roguelike RPG with not-so-classic mechanics, Tales of Maj’Eyal will satisfy both the hardcore veterans of old-fashioned roguelike and those who would rather play something more modern.

Tales of Maj'Eyal

When it comes to roguelike gameplay, Tales of Maj’Eyal offers the best of both worlds for the conservative traditionalists and those not stuck in the 80s. In Netcore Games’ production, the player will encounter the usual mechanics of classic roguelikes, including the dreaded permadeath, but will also be able to stave off their effects by leveling up to receive extra lives.

The core gameplay mechanics follow the traditional turn-based RPG, featuring tactical combat and various ways of leveling up the player character. The game’s story is told in a non-linear fashion, with outcomes of events dependant on the players’ choices.

Key Features
  • Explore the magical world of Eyal in a combination of a classic and modern roguelike game
  • Enjoy the practical combat and freeflow character development
  • Level up your hero to ward off the permadeath that awaits you in the procedurally generated dungeons

Dream Quest

Release date:2014-05-15
Developer:Peter Whalen

Dream Quest is proof that it doesn’t take a big budget and a studio backing to develop an interesting roguelike title. All you need is a good idea and a bit of luck in order to make a unique game.

Dream Quest

Dream Quest follows a similar route as Hearthstone’s Dungeon Run – the title focuses on digital trading card game mechanics, embellished with some of the roguelike features you can find in other games on our list. The player explores procedurally generated, simplistic dungeons as one of 13 character classes.

When encountering an enemy, the game shows its card game roots, playing similarly to the two aforementioned titles on our list. Careful deckbuilding is important in Dream Quest as poorly chosen cards might end up dooming the player’s progress. If you’re a fan of indie roguelike games with, um, unusual graphics, then you should definitely give Dream Quest a shot.

Key Features
  • Build a powerful deck out of 700 available cards
  • Play as one of 13 character classes in randomly generated dungeons
  • Face off against enemies in card game battles similar to those in Hearthstone’ Dungeon Run mode

Dead Cells

Release date:2017-05-10
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Motion Twin

Combining the gameplay features of roguelike games and Metroidvania titles, Dead Cells offers a unique experience for the fans of both genres.

Dead Cells

In Dead Cells, the player controls a cluster of cells controlling the body of a deceased prisoner, moving through procedurally generated levels, and defeating enemies standing in the player’s way. Throughout the game, the player will collect new cells to add to the cluster, offering permanent upgrades. While exploring the dungeon, the player can acquire new weapons, abilities, and host bodies for the cell cluster.

The game features boss battles compared to those of the Souls series. There are 6 bosses in total, each of them with a different pattern the player will have to learn. While the game doesn’t feature permadeath, the player will definitely have to perish several times before finally figuring out the key to defeating a specific boss.

Key Features
  • Explore the procedurally generated dungeons as a cluster of cells inhabiting a human corpse
  • Collect weapons, skills, and items to make the way easier
  • Encounter powerful bosses and learn their patterns to defeat them

What’s it like to play a roguelike?

What you have here is just a selection of the most popular roguelikes and roguelites currently available on the market. Admittedly, this genre isn’t the easiest to get into. Unlike AAA titles offering excellent graphics to go with the gameplay, roguelikes often look like they had been made 30-40 years ago, no matter the release year. And that, in our opinion, is a part of their charm.

Because a roguelike isn’t determined by the quality of graphics but the demanding gameplay it offers. Some of the “worst-looking” games on our list offer the most thrilling gameplay. If you’re bored by the constant handholding of the contemporary AAA games and are looking for truly challenging games, you should definitely try one of the titles on our list. You won’t be disappointed.