Multiplayer games have us grown accustomed to many incarnations with plethora of modes.

Some of them rise in popularity, other fall into obscurity. In the former category, there is one type of game which stands out and is currently gaining momentum – multiplayer spellcasting-action battle royale. A prominent example is Spellbreak.

You, a mighty battlemage from one of 6 classes of wizards, are to outsmart and frag as many rivals as possible, exploring tactical advantages of maps and collecting gloves which give you various annihilating powers. Below you will find similar titles full of spell casting and duels.


Release date:2017-08-09
Developer:Scraping Bottom Games

Vengeance fuels the plot of the brainchild of Scraping Bottom Games studio.

You are a powerful mage who had been executed by the evil Inquisition, which is to eradicate all proofs of existence of the titular Fictorum – a forbidden magical order whose member is…well, you.

Contrary to most of games in general, your character is already a mighty wizard. Your powers are so great that you have managed to resurrect yourself, that’s how the game begins.

Therefore, instead of building your character from scratch, you modify your magical abilities using runes and other enchanted items during your journey of revenge. Interestingly, what really stands out in Fictorum is the fully destructible world. You can literally obliterate anything watching it collapse, explode, implode, etc.

Key features
  • Being a badass mage from the get-go
  • Tailoring your already existing powers
  • Impressive destruction physics

The Unspoken

Release date:2016-12-06
Developer:Insomniac Games

Hold on to your Oculus Rifts, you maniacs of magic, because here is a game that will knock your socks off (without touching your feet).

Released in 2016, The Unspoken breaks conventions, first, by being virtually an e-sport not a game and, second, by exploring a somewhat overlooked trope of blending contemporary times with magic.

To put it simply, it’s a fight club for urban mages. Mastering gameplay takes time, and your adversaries are real people, who can parry each strike while teleporting, while countering your attack, while planning a route to the next upgrade.

Key features
  • Modern urban areas plus magic equals awesome
  • Difficult yet highly rewarding when mastered.
  • A VR e-sport which engage your whole body

Wizard of Legend

Release date:2018-05-15

Let’s jump out of the VR world and plunge into its exact opposite made of heavily pixelated graphics and a 16-bit console retro vibe.

Wizard of Legend takes us to the Kingdom of Lanova, where the Council of Magic prepares a so-called Chaos Trials – an event full of challenges and quests taking place in a labyrinthine castle – the completion of which reveals the new Wizard of Legend.

The gameplay is fast-paced with a vast bestiary to slain, behead, freeze or set fire to. You diversify your magic arsenal through relics and spells, eventually learning complicated combinations of arcane superpowers.

Key features
  • Retro pixelated vibe
  • Fast-paced and dynamic yet long
  • Really satisfying combat

Mages of Mystralia

Release date:2017-05-18
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Borealys Games

Mages of Mystralia has a rather clichéd premise, which quickly evolves into a highly fulfilling game.

You take on the role of a young red-haired girl named Zia who discovers she has magical powers. Unfortunately, the magic is forbidden in Mystralia, so she is exiled. Being on her own out of the village she was brought up in, Zia stumbles upon other banished wizards who help her fully unleash her potential. The girl eventually gets involved in a sinister plot.

The graphics based on comic strip tropes vibrates with colors and speech bubbles. Also, the distinctive feature in MoM is an advanced spell creator, which allows you to form your own enchantments, curses and other useful incantations.

Key features
  • Colorful comic-like graphics
  • Very intuitive yet complex spell creator
  • Exuberant color palette

Magicka 2

Release date:2015-05-26
Developer:Pieces Interactive

Welcome to the faceless and hooded world of Midgård.

Mages have been decimated due to Wizard Wars, which ensued shortly after the events from the first installment.

Influenced by Nordic folklore, with references to timeless classics like Neverwinter Nights, Magicka 2 has a splendid co-op mode, comprising up to four players where friendly fire is permanently on, causing hilarious and occasionally painful consequences.

The spell-casting system based on elements is back with several upgrades to make sure the gameplay is even more enjoyable than in the first Magicka.

Key features
  • We’re back in Midgård!
  • Brilliant co-op mode
  • Highly combinatorial spell casting system

If you ever ask yourself a question what to play next after Spellbreak, you should really look into checking these 5 games out. They are available on our marketplace.