You shoot at enemies, but not to kill them. In Splatoon, the idea of shooting has been used unusually.

It’s a multiplayer game in which you fight for control of an area. There are two teams of four on the map, and you are tasked with covering as much area as possible with paint in a certain amount of time.

You’ll be in the middle of ink battles here, literally shooting colours across the surface of the map, and in your territory, you’ll be able to turn into a cephalopod form that moves twice as fast and becomes invisible to your opponents. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

If you’re into Splatoon like games, you might also enjoy the titles we’ve selected for you.


Release date:2019-08-19
Developer:Double Fine Productions

The world has survived two apocalypses and now the future lies in the hands of the younger generation.

You set out on a mission to the radioactive wasteland to find new sources of energy because the machines that provided energy and purified the air are failing.

In the Fallow, the toxins that float in the air will make your genes mutate and thus you will gain new skills (sometimes even a third arm).

Key features
  • Roguelike game with an isometric perspective
  • Fighting with unspeakable creatures
  • Mutations that add powers
  • Colourful, fabulous graphics

Morphies Law

Release date:2019-07-30

Another multiplayer game in which you shoot at your opponents, but not only can you defeat them, but you also take over their body weight.

To jump, you have to defeat your enemy. It will make your legs grow and thus his will shrink. This ability provides new skills, for example with your big foot you will be able to kick the opponents.

Rest assured, you won’t become a huge ever-growing Mexican hulk, because the creators have taken limits into account, however, you’ll also have to shed some volume in some situations to, for example, squeeze through a pipe.

Key features
  • By shooting your opponents you take away their body mass and grow yourself
  • Enlarged muscles give you more options
  • Unique war paints
  • Three main modes

Knockout City

Release date:2021-05-21
Developer:Velan Studios

Here the rules are simple, hit your opponent with the ball, and don’t get hit.

The game is based on the classic dodgeball, except that it’s not boring throwing the ball at the opponent, here you run all over the city and jump like on the moon.

The classic game here is three-on-three and up to two won rounds. You do dodges, discover new throwing techniques and even become the ball.

Key features
  • Group game of dodgeball
  • Each map is characterized by different balls, e.g. sniper ball, moon ball
  • A red frame informs you that someone is aiming at you
  • Lots of techniques for throwing the ball

Crayola Scoot

Release date:2018-10-16
Developer:Climax Studios

Very similar game to Splatoon in terms of painting the world, except that you ride a scooter.

Thanks to various tricks you will be able to paint the map and get points for it. With these, you will buy new items for your scooter, change the look of your character, and unlock new places.

The map is full of challenging places to practice, guard rails, or ramps. In addition, the board will display the current champions you can compete against.

Key features
  • Single or multiplayer game
  • Riding on a scooter
  • Painting the world with tricks
  • Possibility to upgrade the scooter and the appearance of your character

Katamari Damacy REROLL

Release date:2018-12-06
Developer:MONKEYCRAFT Co. Ltd

The gameplay is a bit like making a snowman, except that you use objects you encounter, no matter if it’s a street lamp, a banana, or a person. Yes, it sounds as bizarre as it looks.

You move a small character through a bit angular, colourful world. Like a magnet, you attract various objects and form them into a sphere. The bigger the sphere, the bigger the objects, up to the size of an apocalyptic mass that will pull even skyscrapers.

All this is to send it into space to replace the stars that were inadvertently destroyed by the King of All Cosmos.

Key features
  • Insane animations
  • You create a sphere from objects
  • The bigger the sphere, the bigger the things it absorbs, starting with pins and ending with mountains

de Blob

Release date:2017-04-27
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Blue Tongue Entertainment

INKT Corporation has taken back the colours of the world, and you play the role of the Blob, who is one of the few individuals opposing the enemies.

You can paint trees, cars, billboards and whatever is in the city. Your character will roll through the streets painting objects, but will also jump and bounce off buildings.

At first, your task will be to get a colour, with each stage there will be more and more colours and you will encounter various obstacles in the form of water or black ink that will wipe out the paint.

Key features
  • You colour the city the way you want
  • Possibility to experiment with colors
  • Each level is composed of three sections
  • The music corresponds to the colors of the Blob (for example, if it is red then saxophone you will hear)

The unique idea of the creators of Splatoon has inspired the developers of many games. It’s the colours that unite these disparate productions, and each is original in its way. Playing dodgeball, riding a scooter, or creating stars are just a fraction of what they offer.