Storyteller is an extraordinary puzzle game where the player’s task is to create stories. The game provides creative fun filled with a good dose of humour and plot twists.

At the Independent Games Festival, the game received an award for innovation. And that innovation, of course, alongside the great fun, attracted many fans to it. If you also enjoyed it and are looking for something similar.

Alternative Games

The game Storyteller saw the light of day on March 23rd, 2023. Initially, it was released on Switch and PC, but a few months later, an Android version was also made available. The game was developed by independent designer Daniel Benmergui from Buenos Aires, whose favourite field is artistic games, such as I Wish I Were the Moon or the described Storyteller.

The gameplay revolves around creating picture stories. Of course, they must be consistent with the title assigned to them at the given moment. The comic panel allows for entertainment through trial and error, providing excellent fun in the company of dragons, vampires, princesses, and villains. This is one of those titles, girl gamers love!

It takes some effort to find proposals similar to Storyteller. We decided to consider various aspects, such as graphics, game mechanics, or the fairytale, mysterious atmosphere. How did our search go? You better check it out yourself on our list of games similar to Storyteller!

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