FireFly Studios’ Stronghold, a classic example of a castle-builder game, was quite popular during its early 2000s heyday and its 2013 re-release was also met with a positive reception.

We definitely recommend trying out the game, as it features complex real-time strategy gameplay mixed with a detailed representation of medieval kingdom management. If these mechanics strike your fancy, we also invite you to take a look at our list of 12 awesome castle-building games like Stronghold.

Northgard 2017-02-22 Indie Shiro Games
Life is Feudal: Your Own Steam 2015-11-17 Indie Bitbox Ltd.
Life is Feudal: Forest Village 2017-05-26 Indie Mindillusion
Age of Empires II HD 2013-04-09 Strategy Hidden Path Entertainment
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 2019-11-14 Strategy Forgotten Empires LLC
Age of Empires IV 2021-10-28 Strategy, Real-Time Relic Entertainment
Stronghold: Warlords 2021-03-09 Simulation Firefly Studios
Stronghold Crusader 2 2014-09-22 Simulation FireFly Studios
Stronghold Crusader HD 2002-07-31 Simulation FireFly Studios
Going Medieval 2021-06-01 Medieval Gramophone Games
Rise of Nations: Extended Edition 2014-06-12 Strategy Big Huge Games
Age of Mythology Extended Edition 2014-05-08 Economy Ensemble Studios
The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary 2006-09 Strategy Ubisoft Blue Byte
Medieval Kingdom Wars 2017-06-09 Indie
Majesty Gold HD 2001-03-23 Strategy Cyberlore
Anno 1404 - History Edition 2020-06-25 City-building Ubisoft
Foundation 2019-02-01 Indie Polymorph Games
Kingdoms and Castles 2017-07-20 Indie Lionshield Studios
Banished 2014-02-18 Economy Shining Rock Software


DeveloperShiro Games
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

In Northgard, the player is put in charge of a group of Scandinavian explorers, banished from their lands and searching for a new place to settle. As the leader of the settlement, the player has to make sure that their people will thrive in this new environment.

The game relies heavily on the management aspect, with the player assigning positions to their minions and developing new means of improving the Viking village. Northgard can also be played in online PvP, with the players’ settlements cooperating or competing for the land and resources.

Key features
  • Give your Viking tribe a fresh start in a new land
  • Explore the environment and expand your settlement
  • Fight against hostile natives and treacherous nature
  • Play with or against other settlements in online multiplayer

Life is Feudal - Your Own & Forest Village

Game modessingle-player 

Your Own and Forest Village are, in fact, two very different games, set in a similar world. Your Own follows the gameplay patterns of such titles as “Mount & Blade: Warband” and “Kingdom Come: Deliverance”.

Forest Village focuses on the city-building and managing, giving the player control over a whole town with people to look after. Whether you prefer a sandbox-survival nature of Your Own or the management mechanics of Forest Village, you’ll find plenty to enjoy about Feudal Life: Your Own and Forest Village.

Key features
  • Become the master of the medieval land
  • Survive against all odds and protect your people from the dangers of the Dark Ages
  • Build your city and alter the environment around it to make your people prosper

Age of Empires II HD

DeveloperHidden Path Entertainment
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

If you are a fan of real-time strategy games, you must’ve played at least one of the Age of Empires titles. If you haven’t had the chance to do it, then Age of Empires II HD is your best choice.

Experience the classic RTS/city-building gameplay with improved graphics and multiplayer options and see what you’ve been missing for all these years. Or, if you’re an AoE veteran, return to the roots of the RTS genre and see how it holds up against the more recent titles.

Key features
  • Become the king and lead your nation to victory
  • Build cities and muster armies to gain control over the medieval land
  • Experience the improved graphics of the HD re-release
  • Enjoy new multiplayer features

Rise of Nations: Extended Edition

DeveloperBig Huge Games
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

Like many RTS’ with selectable civilizations, Rise of Nations relies heavily on “what if” scenarios. For example, the player can choose to play as one of the Native American nations and push back the European expansion on the continent. This gives the player a chance to see how the civilizations that were historically subjugated or wiped out would develop into modern times.

Rise of Nations features complex gameplay mechanics, which require the player to consider every move carefully or face its consequence. Combined with extensive building systems, this makes RoN a title that all fans of RTS city-builders should try.

Key features
  • Choose one of 18 nations and lead it through the ages
  • Gain victory over your enemies and see an alternate version of history unfold
  • Expand your territory to gain more influence in the land
  • Plan your moves carefully as every decision might cause dire consequences

Age of Mythology Extended Edition

DeveloperEnsemble Studios
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

A spinoff to the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology takes the player to the ancient times, where people believed that their fates were governed by the will of almighty gods. While most of the gameplay mechanics remain the same, the presence of gods and their influence on the world of the game is what makes Age of Mythology so different than other games in the “Age of…” series.

Each civilization chooses one major god to aid them – including Zeus, Ra, Odin, etc. As the player progresses, minor gods who provide additional support in various gameplay aspects are unlocked. If you don’t mind a bit of fantasy in your real-time strategy games, then we can wholeheartedly recommend you play Age of Mythology.

Key features
  • Choose one of three available nations and pledge your people to the will of the gods
  • Use their divine support to turn the tides of battle
  • Build cities and raise armies during the age of myths and legends
  • Compete against other rulers in multiplayer mode

The Settlers 2: 10th Anniversary

ReleasedSep, 2006
DeveloperUbisoft Blue Byte
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

A spinoff to the Age of Empires series, Age of Mythology takes the player to the ancient times, where people believed that their fates were governed by the will of almighty gods. While most of the gameplay mechanics remain the same, the presence of gods and their influence on the world of the game is what makes Age of Mythology so different than other games in the “Age of…” series.

One of them is definitely the autosave feature – now forgetting to save manually won’t cost the player hours of progress. The player can now also remap the keyboard buttons – something that players used to customizing the inputs to suit their style will definitely enjoy. History Edition is definitely worth checking out, not only to see how it holds up against RTS’s currently available on the market.

Key features
  • Build your own settlement and lead it to prosperity
  • Assign positions to the villagers and train them in their craft
  • Muster armies to defend your territory
  • Enjoy improved graphics and other features of the History Edition

Medieval Kingdom Wars

Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

Medieval Kingdom Wars is a rare combination of a real-time strategy and a roguelike, and the gameplay is as complex as one would expect. The player sends their armies into epic battles, including open field skirmishes and brutal sieges. The game features elements of RPG related to the technologies used by the nations – the player can develop them to gain access to new tech.

Finally, there is the roguelike aspect of the game, through which the player is forced to push through the game with few options for repeating certain segments or choosing different paths.

Key features
  • Choose a king to serve under and rise in the ranks from a young noble to a major political player
  • Experience the gameplay mechanics that blend RTS and roguelike mechanics
  • Participate in realistically brutal battles
  • Behold meticulously recreated medieval cities

Majesty Gold HD

Released23 Mar, 2001
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer 

Majesty Gold HD is another HD remake on our list. A classic title in the RTS genre, Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim gives the player a chance to rule their own kingdom. Aside from the usual features of a real-time strategy game, Majesty features a complex base-building system.

The player starts with the basic building, which is the palace. Around it, they can build other facilities. Some of them require certain conditions to be met before the player can place them there. Others cannot be placed in combination with other buildings. Figuring out the ins and outs of base-building in Majesty Gold HD will give the player plenty of fun.

Key features
  • Build a thriving medieval kingdom
  • Form armies and send them into battle against your enemies
  • Construct buildings and decide where to place them in your city
  • Expand your adventure with new quests in the Gold HD edition

Anno 1404 - History Edition

DeveloperRelated Designs, Ubisoft Blue Byte
Game modessingle-player, multiplayer

As the title suggests, Anno 1404 is set at the dawn of the 15th century.  The game features various classic RTS mechanics and some unique ones related to the city-building gameplay. The game’s factions are divided into the Occident (western) and the Orient (eastern) nations. Each of them has its own style of building, related to the social standing of the NPCs.

A key feature of the game is building monuments, such as a cathedral for the Westerners and a mosque for the Orient nations. Building such a thing is a major undertaking, which will require a great deal of preparation on the player’s part.

Key features
  • Choose between two groups of civilizations
  • Lead the Western or Eastern expansion at the dawn of the Age of Explorers
  • Erect magnificent constructions and build homes for your people


DeveloperPolymorph Games
Game modessingle-player

This medieval city-builder offers the player a chance to raise their city wherever they want, in a process described as “organic building” allowing the player to let their city-planning imagination loose. The player can raise free-form monuments and later share them with other players. The developers emphasized the support of mods and sharing various elements of the game world between the players, including entire maps.

As of writing this article, the game is still in the Early Access stage, so some things are still subject to change. But if the premise of “organic building” strikes your fancy, then you should go ahead and try out what Foundation has to offer.

Key features
  • Enjoy a brand new city-building experience
  • Place buildings wherever you want on the map thanks to the organic building mechanic
  • Share your constructions with other players

Kingdoms and Castles

DeveloperLionshield Studios
Game modessingle-player

Kingdoms and Castles features similar gameplay elements as Foundation. The game focuses on building the city and defending it from the upcoming invasion.

To do that, the player will not only have to place housing and everyday facilities for the citizen but also build fortifications and defense systems. All that is embellished with a cute graphics style, procedurally generated clouds, and a seasonal change system.

Key features
  • Build facilities to keep the citizen satisfied and fortifications to defend your kingdom from aggressors
  • Changing seasons system sees the land change through the virtual year
  • Procedurally generated clouds add beautiful effects to the colorful game


DeveloperShining Rock Software
Game modessingle-player

Much like Northgard, Banished focuses on building a pocket of medieval society and maintaining it. Unlike many of the games on our list, this one focuses solely on managing the player’s town by building facilities to keep the people satisfied.

The game doesn’t feature outside threats, such as invasions of enemy forces, giving the players problem within the community instead. To keep the city thriving the player will have to deal with diseases, aging population, hazardous conditions, etc. Keeping the people alive and happy through all of that is the main task of the game.

Key features
  • Experience the hardships of managing a medieval town
  • Build housing and facilities to keep up the good spirits of your people
  • Distribute resources to the sectors that need them most
  • Withstand the hazardous weather, diseases, and aging population and make your city thrive