Like a great book, movie, or anime, a well-designed horror game leaves the audience convinced that they’ll never find anything better. But with a little help, you can!

The Quarry is a remarkable title that took inspiration from the trashiest horror productions (teens camping in the woods – a classic) and equipped it with an unimaginably immersive form blending the movie with the video game.

Its goal is to discover all possible outcomes by following the decision-based stages of an interactive story. It’s a replayable piece of fun, but ultimately one starts wondering if the world has some alternatives to offer, preferably similar in terms of chills down the spine. We may have some suggestions if you are interested!

Until Dawn

Release date:2015-08-25
Developer:Supermassive Games

As The Quarry is the spiritual successor to this game, it’s your new gaming must-have. Surprisingly, this story also features teens trying to survive an unknown threat – just like in your favorite B-movies.

Get ready for a hundred alternative endings to the 9-hour campaign. This title focuses entirely on delivering the Butterfly Effect gameplay, so every single decision, even the smallest, impacts the development of events. Will this group of teenagers survive? And what lurks in the darkness of Blackwood Mountain? See for yourself!

Key features
  • Play the successful The Quarry predecessor
  • Manage a group of teenagers stuck in an isolated location
  • Make decisions and see a hundred potential game endings
  • Enjoy an exceptionally dark audiovisual setting

The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan

Release date:2019-08-30
Developer:Supermassive Games

It is the first part of The Dark Pictures Anthology series, developed by the creators of The Quarry. As in other games from this studio – everything depends on your decisions.

Play solo or in multiplayer for up to five players to follow the actions of five friends on their scariest diving trip. Finding a sunken World War II plane is just the beginning of bizarre events that will soon lead them to a mysterious ship. Explore, solve puzzles, develop decisions, and see if you can endure this test.

Key features
  • Play the first part of the sensational The Dark Pictures Anthology
  • Direct the actions of five friends on their dangerous diving trip
  • Explore, solve puzzles, and make decisions to see alternative endings to this dark adventure
  • Play solo or in co-op for up to five players

Telltale's The Walking Dead

Release date:2019-09-10
Developer:Telltale Games

It isn’t your typical zombie game, as not bad luck, but you decide who survives and who dies. Prepare because many characters are the highlights of this brutally unforgiving adventure.

The world is absolutely devastated by a zombie apocalypse when ex-teacher Lee Everett meets little Clementine. From now on, he will keep her safe until both find the heroine’s parents. Lose yourself in this engaging point-and-click adventure and decide what happens to your favorite characters!

Key features
  • Play the first chapter in the legendary The Walking Dead series from Telltale Games
  • Explore destroyed locations, solve puzzles, and fight
  • Chat with other heroes to make crucial choices
  • Sneak and try to survive

The Evil Within 2

Release date:2017-10-13
Developer:Tango Gameworks

This psychedelic experience will affect your perception of the genre forever. Discover the next chapter in the disturbing adventures of Sebastian Castellanos on the way to save his lost daughter.

Until now, the ex-detective thought his daughter was dead. It turns out that she is being held at the Mobius facility to generate the perfect Union town. Enter this alternative world and fight the most bizarre opponents to solve its mystery. If you love Stephen King’s works and The Quarry vibe – this is your game.

Key features
  • Play the second part of the psychedelic survival series from Tango Gameworks
  • Explore an alternative reality and discover its secrets
  • Fight, craft weapons, and solve puzzles
  • Have loads of fun with a truly unnerving setting

Detroit: Become Human

Release date:2020-06-18
Developer:Quantic Dream

Detroit of the future inhabits many unique creatures – including humans and androids. The latter looks like the former, but their sole purpose is to serve humanity. At least until they discover that life is more than a miserable existence.

Discover the story of three androids: Connor, Kara, and Markus. Thanks to a bug in the software, they start feeling emotions leading to dramatic events that can change the world. Explore, chat with other characters, and make challenging decisions determining the fate of your heroes. What is the future of this world? And what does a machine have to do to be treated like a human?

Key features
  • Play the sci-fi title with very positive reviews on Steam
  • Feel the tension in every action
  • Make decisions to influence the entire plot
  • Explore the depressing reality of the future

Alien: Isolation

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Creative Assembly

Remember Ellen Ripley? Now you can explore the grim world of Alien 15 years later as her daughter Amanda.

Lose yourself in an atmosphere of constant danger and terror on an abandoned space station. What happened to the Nostromo crew? Retrieve its black box and last the battle against the bloodthirsty Xenomorph to unravel this mystery. Sneak, collect clues, solve puzzles, and make decisions to survive.

Key features
  • Play a terrifying game set in the Alien universe
  • Explore the space station, discover its secrets, and survive
  • Sneak and decide how to approach unexpected encounters
  • Enjoy the extremely claustrophobic atmosphere of this desperate mission

Beyond: Two Souls

Release date:2020-06-18
Developer:Quantic Dream

It is an interactive thriller from the creators of Detroit: Become Human, in which you will learn the story of a little girl with an invisible friend – starring epic Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page!

The mysterious entity accompanies Jodie Holmes since day one of her life. To understand the meaning of this bond, use the help of a supernatural expert and experience various stages of the heroine’s life. Two Souls is a thrilling adventure full of plot twists and intriguing events. And just like in Quarry, you make decisions to witness its eventual ending.

Key features
  • Play a sensational thriller about a supernatural being
  • Follow the heroine’s story through the various stages of her life
  • Chat with other characters, make decisions, and see one of the game’s many endings
  • Enjoy a fantastic cast and realistic audiovisuals

Don’t worry – more video games provide the same experience as The Quarry. This genre is just beginning to spread its wings! And there are plenty of other options to play – including upcoming ones. Even this year, you can expect the release of various thrilling titles like Greyhill Incident, Layers of Fear, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Unholy, or Paranormal Tales. So start preparing your Halloween gaming session or add these video games to your wishlist, as this may be a perfect year for fans of a good scare!