.When a game combines an epic plot with a strategic approach, unlimited exploration, leveling up, and slashing hordes of enemies, you may have encountered a classic action RPG like Torchlight.

Action role-playing titles merge different game styles, appealing to fans of various genres. Who doesn’t like exploring and discovering pieces of an intriguing story arranged in a fantasy setting? Who doesn’t love unrestricted hack-and-slash battles bursting with legendary loot? Games like Torchlight combine engaging planning with satisfyingly mindless combat to deliver what we all crave – pure fun!

And while the Torchlight series represents a uniquely cartoonish take on the genre, you’ll find strikingly similar experiences on our list of five of the best recommendations

Diablo 3

Release date:2012-05-15
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

This game is like Torchlight’s big brother, which has seen some disturbing stuff. No wonder – they were both developed by some of the same creators!

It’s 20 years after the turbulent events of Diablo 2, and a mysterious comet awakens an ancient evil. Pick one of seven heroes, embark on a grand adventure to solve this mystery, and lose yourself in addictive hack-and-slash gameplay! This recommendation offers a much darker, gothic environment with more varied loot, set in the familiar Torchlight-like mechanics of any classic action RPG.

Key features
  • Travel to the Sanctuary to confront the awakening evil
  • Choose from seven unique characters and level up
  • Develop your skills and fight the unpredictable forces of darkness
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Path of Exile

Release date:2013-10-23
Developer:Grinding Gear Games

Unlike Torchlight, PoE offers many more character growth options, featuring a massive skill tree with over a thousand talents included. Moreover, this game still evolves!

Explore a massive world as a lone wanderer discovering his destiny! PoE offers seven unique character classes and a gigantic skills system, so it is a fun alternative for challenge enjoyers. The game is free to play but features purchaseable items modifying the character’s appearance.

Key features
  • Become a lone exile exploring dangerous lands
  • Develop your hero with over a thousand options for designing a unique build
  • Choose from seven powerful character classes
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Grim Dawn

Release date:2016-02-25
Developer:Crate Entertainment

Choose this game if you expect more content and character development freedom than Torchlight offers without any mods included.

Grim Dawn features slightly fewer enemies than Diablo or Torchlight – but it does not lack the fantastic atmosphere we look for in every action RPG. Surprisingly, the adventure develops in an apocalyptic fantasy world, and only the playable heroes can save this reality from final doom.

Key features
  • Choose from five unique character classes or create hybrids
  • Explore the devastated Cairn and decide its future
  • Craft and enjoy the complex hero development system
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Titan Quest

Release date:2016-08-31
Developer:Iron Lore Entertainment

Prefer classic aRPGs, but with a mythological twist? Then, it is your ultimate game!

The plot unfolds in an ancient setting overrun by mythical monsters. Fight as a novice hero to finally confront the ancient evil. Traveling through China, Babylon, and Greece, you will complete thrilling quests and gain priceless experience. The game features 28 character classes, hundreds of battle items to collect, and powerful bosses to defeat!

Key features
  • Enjoy classic hack-and-slash combat set in ancient times
  • Confront the mythical forces aiming to destroy this world
  • Travel, level up, and collect increasingly powerful pieces of armor
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Sacred 2

Release date:2012-12-21

Although this game doesn’t include pets as part of the gameplay, Sacred 2 is a user-friendly experience providing one of the most engaging storylines on this list.

Sacred 2 is a timeless classic featuring the once gorgeous world of Ancaria, now attacked by a mysterious energy. And the best thing is you decide its future! Become the ultimate saver or ruthless saboteur, complete over 500 quests, choose from 7 character classes, and try out thousands of pieces of armor and weapons in unforgiving combat. Moreover, this game version expands the world with new, extremely addictive content.

Key features
  • Pick from seven exciting character classes
  • Decide the fate of the entire world of Ancaria
  • Explore, complete quests, and enjoy a classic action RPG experience
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Why do we love action RPGs? Partly because of their incredible complexity. Everything poses a challenge, including character development, hack-and-slash combat, decision-making, and exciting dungeon crawling. But paradoxically also because of their outstanding simplicity. Once you learn all the rules of any action RPG in this world, you know them all. In the end, these games are popular because they combine challenge and relaxation into one perfect experience.