Unravel allures with the promise of a breathtaking adventure, enchanting with stunning landscapes and lovable characters. Fortunately, its lookalikes offer an identical experience.

Unravel presents a gorgeous world woven from yarn, wrapped in puzzles and engaging challenges. That game delivers an incomparable emotional experience and a sense of comfort flowing from its touching story.

And since Unravel Two represents probably the last installment in this exceptional series, its fans may feel a little lost in the rich world of similar alternatives. Therefore, we decided to find and highlight eight titles like Unravel 1 and 2 to make looking for such video games more enjoyable.

How We Chose These Games

Kids imagine exciting scenarios such as “What if I were a mouse?” or “Are dwarves real?” Unravel brings these images to life, revealing the adventures of tiny yarn heroes traveling to the faraway destination. This game allows us to experience the unique atmosphere of such a scenario, triggering our long-forgotten dreams.

This fairy-tale atmosphere makes Unravel popular among players of all ages. Moreover, the second installation features online or split screen couch co-op and helpful mechanics enabling a fun team play in the beautifully crafted world of puzzles and unexpected events. The list below covers the best games involving a similar experience that can and will add a bit of childlike excitement to our everyday lives.

Little Nightmares II

Release date:2021-02-11
Developer:Tarsier Studios

It is a single-player horror alternative for players aged 16 or more. Prepare for a scary adventure, beautiful visuals, and exciting puzzles!

Play as Mono – a boy who, after saving Six, embarks with his new friend on the most disturbing adventure of his life. Working together, the two encounter various horrors of this twisted world, solve challenging riddles, and discover the secrets of the Signal Tower. It is a must-have if you love scary stories!

Key features
  • Embark on a risky journey through a dystopian world
  • Discover how the Signal Tower distorts reality
  • Sneak and solve puzzles
  • Enjoy the scary and delightful setting


Release date:2015-01-29

This surrealistic puzzle game tells the story of Ophelia and her soulmate – Olivier – exploring a weird and slightly psychedelic reality.

Like Unravel II, Tulpa focuses on the journey but doesn’t offer a specific plot or cute leading heroes. Ophelia goes somewhere, but we don’t know where to, while her friend represents just a part of her complex soul. They must solve all challenging puzzles to see where this adventure will take them.

Key features
  • Play a surrealistic game about Ophelia and her mysterious companion
  • Explore minimalistic levels of unsettling adventure
  • Solve riddles to see what lies ahead
  • Relish in the eerily captivating setting


Release date:2019-01-24
Developer:Arnaud De Bock

Unlike previous recommendations, Pikuniku is more of a joyful game for the entire family. Play it solo or in multiplayer for two to enjoy its hilarious and engaging plot!

Explore a vibrant world to meet its many inhabitants requiring your help with challenging tasks. Solve puzzles and make friends to discover this happy land hides a secret! Similarly to the Unravel series, Pikuniku combines cheerful graphics with intriguing stories and unobvious solutions.

Key features
  • Explore the cheery world to meet other characters
  • Solve puzzles on twelve different levels
  • Enjoy up to 5 hours of dystopian journey
  • Play solo or in 2-player co-op

Time Loader

Release date:2021-11-03

Play this game if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you became the size of a mouse!

This physics-based side-scroller takes its players to the 90s to task them with a time-changing mission. Explore the not-so-typical household, solve puzzles, and make decisions to see different story outcomes with each playthrough. Relaxing and challenging!

Key features
  • Travel back to the 90s to complete the time-altering mission
  • Explore the house and solve exciting puzzles
  • Confront surprising threats
  • Make choices to influence the entire story

The Spirit and the Mouse

Release date:2022-09-26
Genre:Puzzle Platformer

Now, you can not only be the size of a mouse – you are the mouse!

Make Sainte-et-Claire villagers happy by doing good. Use electric powers to solve their troubles by playing engaging mini-games with charming Kibblins. Explore the town, collect upgrades, and peek into people’s flats to discover a stress-free and memorable gameplay experience.

Key features
  • Play as an electric mouse (definitely not Pikachu!)
  • Play mini-games to fix electricity issues
  • Enjoy the company of cute Kibblins
  • Lose yourself in an incredibly relaxing atmosphere


Release date:2021-09-09
Genre:2D Platformer
Developer:Sbug Games

Play as a cute spider searching for her kidnapped boyfriend in the massive forest. And just like the heroes of Unravel use their yarn, you can overcome all obstacles with the spider web!

Embark on an epic adventure to make friends and find your beloved boyfriend. Swing on the web, jump, design your paths, and dance! Webbed provides a comforting story full of surprises and beautiful pixel-art visuals – perfect for players of all ages.

Key features
  • Explore the wilderness using your reliable web
  • Dance and make friends
  • Find your boyfriend kidnapped by a sneaky bird
  • Swing and construct to overcome obstacles

Teslagrad 2

Release date:2023-04-19
Developer:Rain Games

Imagine a world where steampunk meets Scandinavian myths. Playing as young Lumina, you must find a way out of dangerous Wyrmheim!

Prepare for physics-based adventure, risky encounters with ancient beasts, and epic battles against mighty Vikings! Using electromagnetic powers, solve complex puzzles and travel faster to reach the mysterious tower and learn its secrets.

Key features
  • Explore dangerous land ruled by Norse myths
  • Wield electromagnetic powers to survive
  • Collect equipment and develop your skills
  • Solve puzzles to reach the mysterious tower

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Release date:2019-10-08

Prince Selius used to experience some bizarre nightmares – until one day when all his dreams came true. Then, he disappeared without a trace, and now, only three courageous heroes can save the world.

Trine 4 offers beautiful graphics enveloping an inspiring story about three adventurers. Follow their journey solo or in multiplayer for up to four players to confront unexpected opponents and solve puzzles. Each hero uses unique upgradable skills, making this adventure particularly engaging when played with other players.

Key features
  • Discover what happened to Prince Selius
  • Wander the land and confront dangerous nightmares
  • Have fun with the adrenaline-fueled combat system
  • Play solo or in cooperation with up to 3 players

Puzzle platformers captivate the heart and mind. Meeting such fascinating characters and their friends, even in the most desperate conditions, makes these stories wholesome.

And solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, or discovering non-obvious solutions satisfies the challenge-starved mind. Go ahead and embark on one or all of the recommended adventures, as each truly delights with its magnificent visuals and makes life a little more magical.