Warframe is unstoppable. The free-to-play multiplayer action game is a decade old, and seemingly has no plans to slow down. In the ten years, it’s also accumulated a massive amount of content and complexity, which might seem a little bit overwhelming after a while, and taking a break from it all can be healthy every now and then.

However, taking a break from the game doesn’t need to mean taking a break for the playstyle, tone, or aesthetic, so we’ve created a short list of games which might tickle the same fancy while you are on your vacation away from the Sol system and its Void-themed problems.

Most of these games have robust gear systems providing a good excuse to spend hours grinding and farming, and multiplayer options, if you really dig going on murderous digital adventures with your IRL friends. So, without delay, let’s take a look at…

Remnant II

Release date:2023-07-25
Developer:Gunfire Games

Few games can match Warframe’s mixture of ranged and melee combat coupled with power special abilities, but Remnant 2, sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes, is a strong contender.

It’s set on Earth ravaged by a supernatural apocalypse caused by a bizarre, interdimensional plant-like species. As one of the few remaining human survivors, you must try to stop it from expanding.

Remnant II actually takes a fair bit of inspiration from the Souls-likes games. It has a somewhat slower pace, for instance, and uses safe-zone respawns, here in the form of crystals, rather than bonfires. But if you’re looking for a co-op experience of fighting against weirdoes, using cool weapons and nifty powers, then Remnant 2 is a good Warframe-like experience in this sense.

Key features
  • Several archetypes providing various abilities and perks
  • You can multiclass and respec
  • A satisfying array of melee and ranged weapons
  • Procedurally generated levels

Borderlands 3

Release date:2020-04
Developer:Gearbox Software

The Borderlands series is one of Warframe’s strongest contenders as far as the looter-shooter genre is concerned.

There are differences, of course. First of all, Borderlands is an FPS/RPG mix, with predefined characters performing double duty as classes. In BL3 the classes are a hunter and pet-master FL4K, soldier Moze, psychic warrior Amara, and sneaky Zane.

Instead of mods and components of Warframe, Borderlands 3 prefer to just shower you with guns and gear falling off killed enemies and grabbed as quest rewards, and there’s a staggering number of possible gun and trait combinations. The BL series is also quite famous for its incredibly enjoyable four-player co-op, and the third installment certainly keeps up the good job on that front.

Key features
  • For the first time in the series: several planets to visit
  • Four playable characters
  • A mix of intense shooter and an RPG, with quests and personal progression
  • Doesn’t take itself too seriously

Destiny 2

Release date:2019-10-01

Destiny 2 is Warframe’s main competitor on the MMO, space fantasy/science fiction looter-shooter front.

D2 is a first-person shooter like Borderlands, but its vision of the future is a blend of high technology and superpowers that can be appealing to Warframe players. Although there are only three classes, there are 5 subclasses to each providing a pleasant gameplay diversity.

There are also tons of weapons to find, win, and grind for in raids and other high-end activities. The game’s moment-to-moment solo experience is excellent thanks to fantastic gunplay, but the heart of Destiny 2 lies in the party-oriented activities, and it’s in co-op that you’ll tackle the most challenging (and the most rewarding) experiences.

Key features
  • Three classes, five subclasses each
  • Plenty of solo and co-op content
  • Tons of guns at various levels of rarity
  • Cool science fiction/space fantasy setting

Titanfall 2

Release date:2016-10-28
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Respawn Entertainment

We’re still in the first-person shooter zone, but this time the similarities to Warframe are somewhere else.

Sure, Titanfall 2 Is a futuristic action game, but the real thing that puts it on this list is the joy of movement. It’s a pillar we haven’t yet talked about on the list, but Warframe’s parkour is a key element of the game, and few, if any shooter does parkour better than Titanfall 2.

It’s more than just a method of clearing platforming sections. The enhanced mobility plays a major role in your combat maneuverability, letting you easily outflank enemies and, if needed, get on their giant mech and ruin its day. Oh yeah, this game gets a bit of semi-autonomous robots/mechs called Titans and they are the second pillar of the gameplay experience. Play TF2, it’s very cool.

Key features
  • A fantastic single-player story campaign about a rookie Pilot and his Titan
  • Outstanding first-person parkour
  • Two different experiences: nimble, on-foot shooting, and powerful titan combat
  • Great multiplayer

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Release date:2014-01-09
Genre:Action & Shooter

We’ve shot enough on this list, let’s take a break and slice things up instead, shall we?

A perfect game for that will be Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a Platinum Games-made spin-off from the Metal Gear series, starring cyborg lad Raiden, equipped with a sense of duty and a fancy hi-tech katana capable of cutting through virtually anything, including elements of the game world.

While you eventually gain additional weapons, the star of MGRR’s gameplay is the Blade Mode which gives your precise control over angle and location of your cuts. It’s essential for boss fights, but it’s also very fun, because you might decide you want to cut a car into a dozen slices. Of course, there’s more depth to combat, with a lot of combos to unlock and master.

Key features
  • Melee-oriented third-person action game from the Metal Gear series
  • Upgradable weapons and player character
  • Fantastic boss fights against all sorts of entertaining weirdos
  • The Blade Mode

Warhammer Vermintide 2

Release date:2018-03-08

There was a lot of science fiction-adjacent games on the list, so let’s switch things up.

Vermintide 2 is set in the Warhammer Fantasy universe and puts a team of four (out of five total) characters against hordes of ratlike Skaven and human Chaos worshippers. It’s a first-person perspective title, but it’s quite melee-intensive, with a strong presence from ranged options for almost all classes.

Each of the five characters has access to a total of four classes with different weapon choices, special abilities and perks, so they all feel substantially different. Instead of Warframe’s procedurally assembled maps, VT2 uses tailor-made levels, but the roguelike Chaos Wasted mode provides a more diverse, randomized content which will hold your interest for a long time.

Key features
  • Co-op oriented gameplay: you have a team (bots) even when you play solo
  • Four classes for each of the five characters
  • A ton of personality given to characters and their interactions
  • Tailor-made core missions, and a randomized roguelike experience in the Chaos Wastes mode


Release date:2022-04-07
Developer:Counterplay Games Inc

Interchangeable armor sets providing themed abilities? Check. A blend of high technology and quasi-fantastical layer? Check. Dynamic combat? Check.

Godfall responded to a niche perfectly served by Digital Extremes lasting hit, but if you’re seeking alternatives to WF, you shouldn’t ignore it, you might find it quite enjoyable, especially since it’s now sold as a complete edition.

There’s a total of 12 Valorplates which define your class, and five weapon types. There’s also a degree of cosmetic customization and character progression. There’s also a sensible amount of loot and an enchantment system which allows you to improve a weapon’s rarity to unlock additional effects. Godfall also includes online co-op for good measure, so you don’t have to fight alone.

Key features
  • A third-person melee-focused action RPG
  • Twelve classes based on equipped armor sets
  • Co-op for up to four players, or for 6 in Spirit Realms
  • You’ll either love or hate the aesthetic, no middle ground

Gear up

This concludes our quick list of games which might be right up your alley if you want games like Warframe that are not, in fact, Warframe. Whether you’re taking a break or seeking something that matches your tastes closer, this list should be a good starting point.