Oh, to play a game that has the best storytelling and runs on a low-end PC. Wait! You can do this by selecting from hidden gems like Wildermyth!

Wildermyth is an indie story-driven role-playing game following a diverse team on a zero-to-hero adventure. Playable characters start as ordinary farmers and evolve into legendary heroes of various professions. Their development depends entirely on the player’s decisions, much like in classic tabletop RPGs, and even their deaths do not spoil the infinite replayability.

Moreover, the game offers low system requirements, so almost anyone can play it. But if you’d prefer something alike, check out G2A’s top recommendations like Wildermyth!

What Makes Wildermyth Unique?

Wildermyth unravels life-long character development set in an epic fantasy world. Combining deep personalities, complex choices, and turn-based combat, it appeals to fans of the RPG genre and anyone looking for great replayability.

But what makes it unique is the massive freedom of choice in how the story unfolds, the ability to revive favorite characters, and its craft-your-story nature.

Alternatives to Wildermyth

Spire Of Sorcery 2021-10-21 Turn-Based Strategy Charlie Oscar
Darkest Dungeon II 2023-05-08 Roguelike Red Hook Studios
Darkest Dungeon 2016-01-19 Indie Red Hook Studios
Gloomhaven 2021-10-20 Adventure Flaming Fowl Studios, Saber Interactive
For The King 2017-02-28 Indie IronOak Games
For The King II 2023-11-02 RPG IronOak Games
Battle Brothers 2017-03-24 Indie Overhype Studios
Divinity Original Sin 2 2017-09-14 Adventure Larian Studios
Xcom Ultimate Collection 2021-05-03 Strategy Firaxis Games
XCOM 2 2016-02-04 Action & Shooter Firaxis Games
XCOM 2 Collection 2016-02-04 Strategy Firaxis Games
Phoenix Point Year One Edition 2019-07-18 Tactical Snapshot Games Inc.
Ancient Frontier 2017-09-21 Strategy Fair Weather Studios, LLC
Quasimorph 2023-10-02 Turn-Based Magnum Scriptum

Darkest Dungeon

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Red Hook Studios

This legendary RPG shares similar features, like turn-based combat, team adventure, rich personalities, and low system requirements. The most crucial difference is character deaths are final!

Choose from 16 playable character classes to assemble a team of fearless heroes ready for the most terrifying adventure of their lives. Not only monsters are your gravest opponent in this game, but also hunger, plague, and stress.

Key features
  • 3 game modes
  • 16 playable character classes
  • Exciting turn-based combat set in a gloomy environment
  • Surprising factors affecting characters’ well-being

XCOM series

Release date:2021-05-03
Developer:Firaxis Games

Like Wildermyth, the XCOM series revolves around a team of unique characters fighting in turn-based combat. And your job is to beat highly dangerous aliens!

Manage the operation of Earth’s secret defense organization to invent new technologies and decide on each character’s growth. You are responsible for everything: the base, mission outcomes, appropriate strategy, and weapons supply. It’s a sci-fi twist on your favorite Wildermyth adventure!

Key features
  • An exciting war against alien forces
  • Access to the most epic arsenal of weapons
  • Great focus on strategy
  • Story-driven experience featuring unique characters

Battle Brothers

Release date:2017-03-24
Developer:Overhype Studios

This medieval combination of turn-based strategy and RPG features lets its players take command of a group of experienced mercenaries. Also, it is a low fantasy title, so prepare for a realistic approach to the genre!

Lead a crew of mercenaries, each with their own unique backstory and skills. You decide what activities your party should undertake in this unwelcoming world, so prepare a strategy and enjoy an incredibly realistic medieval experience!

Key features
  • Strategic low-fantasy RPG featuring unique characters
  • Unrestricted freedom of choice
  • Turn-based combat on challenging difficulty level
  • Random events and permadeath

Slay the Spire

Release date:2019-01-23
Developer:Mega Crit Games

It is a perfect recommendation for enthusiasts of deck-building and roguelike genres. Create powerful combos to climb the massive Spire!

Climb to confront the most bizarre enemies and improve your cards. Due to permadeath, each playthrough means a different map layout – so you can count on infinite replayability!

Key features
  • A unique deck-building and roguelike combination
  • Different layout with each playthrough
  • Valuable artifacts for better boosters
  • Unique enemies and mighty bosses

Phoenix Point

Release date:2019-07-18
Genre:Turn-Based Strategy
Developer:Snapshot Games Inc.

It is another sci-fi recommendation on our list, exploring a future world overrun by bloodthirsty alien mutants. The survival of humanity depends entirely on your choices!

Inspired by X-COM, Phoenix Point offers similar gameplay features, including turn-based combat, base management, resource acquisition, and challenging decision-making. Locations generate randomly, and a complex combat system requires a solid strategy.

Key features
  • A sci-fi experience in a world overrun by aliens
  • A massive map packed with strategic possibilities
  • Diplomatic relationships with other factions
  • Incredibly addictive turn-based combat

Buyer’s Guide to Similar Games

That may come as a surprise, but the recommended system requirements for these games are beautifully low. Therefore, if you seek a mixture of classic role-playing and strategic gameplay mechanics, check out deals on video games like Wildermyth on our marketplace. Each represents fantastic replay value for hours of immersive gaming adventure – even on low-end PCs!