The odds are that you have played a game powered by Unity Engine somewhere in your gamer life.

Thanks to how easy to use and versatile it is, this tool has become one of the favorite solutions among budding game devs and AAA producers. No matter where you stand on the “Unity engine sucks vs. Unity Engine is awesome” argument, it cannot be denied that there are plenty of good games made with Unity.

You'll find out about them from our list of best Unity engine games.
Escape From Tarkov Battlestate Games Ltd. Shooter 2017-07-27
Hollow Knight Team Cherry Action & Shooter 2017-02-24
Cuphead StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc. Indie 2017-09-29
Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Mediatonic Casual 2020-08-04
Untitled Goose Game House House Indie 2020-09-23
Subnautica Unknown Worlds Entertainment Adventure 2018-01-23
Remnant: From the Ashes Gunfire Games Adventure 2019-08-20
Cities: Skylines Colossal Order Ltd. Economy 2015-03-10
Rust Steam Gift NORTH AMERICA Facepunch Studios Adventure 2018-09-10
FE | Standard Edition Zoink Games Action 2018-02-16

Escape From Tarkov

The first game on our list of titles powered by the Unity engine is Escape from Tarkov, a multiplayer first-person shooter with elements of RPG.

In the game, the players control a mercenary deep behind enemy lines. Their task is to fight through the fictional Eastern-European city of Tarkov and reach the extraction point. The game was praised for its realistic approach to urban combat situations.

Escape from Tarkov is an example of how the Unity engine can be used to create realistic environments and fast-paced action simulations. Throughout the game, the player will encounter enemy players and hostile NPCs who will try to hinder their progress towards the extraction point. The RPG elements appear in the form of loot that the player can collect, equip and sell throughout the missions and bonuses obtained from upgrading the player’s in-game hideout.

Key features
  • Make your way through Tarkov with NPCs and other players hot in pursuit
  • Collect loot from fallen enemies and use it to upgrade your hideout or sell at the merchant’s stall
  • Make sure to reach the extraction point in one piece or risk losing all your items.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight showcases the Unity engine’s power to create complex levels, using a cartoony character and location design.

In Hollow Knight, the player controls the titular Knight on the quest to learn the secrets of the Hallownest, a once-thriving kingdom, now lying in ruins. The game represents the Metroidvania genre and features elements of platforming and combat.

By going deeper into the spooky corridors of Hallownest, the players will witness the full power of the Unity engine, which the developers put into creating an intricate world, beautifully designed ad animated. The Knight will encounter a variety of creatures, both friendly and hostile. He will have to use a variety of skills to defend himself from enemies, including powerful bosses. To aid the Knight in combat, the player will be able to purchase various items from the vendors located within the game.

Key features
  • Experience the classic, Metroidvania-style gameplay
  • Explore the dark corridors of Hallownest and face the dangers waiting within
  • Expand your arsenal of skills by purchasing new items from the vendors


Cuphead is a unique title on our list. It uses the power of the Unity engine to create a fantastical world inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s and 40s.

The main draw of the game is its graphical aesthetic, run and gun mechanics, and challenging difficulty. The game follows the characters of Cuphead and Mugman, who are tasked by the devil to collect the money from his debtors in order to keep their souls after losing a game in a casino.

Cuphead’s main feature is its difficulty level. You have probably seen the playthroughs of the game where hapless streamers were wrecked by the powerful bosses waiting at the end of each harrowing level. The fans of challenging gameplay will find themselves at home here, as will the enthusiasts of retro animation graphics design.

Key features
  • You owe the Devil some money. It’s time to pay it back!
  • Explore the enemy filled levels and defeat the powerful boss at the end
  • Feast your eyes on the Unity-powered graphics, inspired by the retro cartoons
  • Enjoy (?) the challenging gameplay where one wrong move can lead to a certain defeat.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys is one of those games that was simply made with the Unity engine in mind.

The players of this battle royale platformer can participate in a variety of minigames that will test their competitive and cooperative skills. The game features colorfully designed levels and characters, providing a feast for the eyes made with Unity.

Fall Guys has become one of the most popular titles of the past year. The player locked in their homes due to the pandemic could experience various activities that they would normally do outside with their friends. The competitive nature of the game added more fun, and plenty of minigames to choose from made for an experience that wouldn’t get boring soon.

Key features
  • Choose a minigame and take on other players
  • Push, shove and fight your way to victory
  • Enjoy the colorful graphics and level design

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is one of those games that people treat as a joke, in the vein of Goat Simulator and other similar titles.

But somehow, House House’s production manages to draw in the players who want to enjoy a simpler life of a farm animal. Knowing the reputation of the honking bird, their experience with Untitled Goose Game will be anything but.

In UGG, the player controls the titular goose and is given a variety of objectives to accomplish. Unlike the Goat Simulator, Untitled Goose Game is less random and sandboxy, with the map of the game being slowly uncovered as the player completes their objectives. Thanks to cute graphics design and plenty of things to do on the map, Untitled Goose Game is the perfect title to spend a lazy afternoon with.

Key features
  • You’re a goose, be a goose!
  • Explore the suburbs and annoy everyone within the area
  • Honk at pedestrians and steal food from picnic tables
  • Complete your objectives to unlock new areas


Subnautica tests the limits of the Unity engine by setting its action in an open-world oceanic planet.

The player is put in control of a scientist tasked with exploring the world under the surface, filled with precious resources and various types of fauna. The game features elements of survival, with the player being responsible for the protagonist’s stats, such as hunger, thirst, etc.

The main attraction of Subnautica is the underwater world. The developers at Unknown World Entertainment did a hell of a job designing creatures living under the surface. The player will encounter small and cute fish but also large and dangerous sea monsters. Catching and studying them will be one of the player’s main tasks, right next to collecting materials to expand their station and not dying from hunger.

Key features
  • Explore the mysterious world beneath the surface of the oceanic planet
  • Capture and study various creatures living in the water
  • Encounter monstrous leviathans and other monstrosities scouring the depths
  • Manage the protagonist’s stats and upgrade their research base while waiting for the rescue to arrive

Remnant: From the Ashes

In Remnant: From the Ashes, the player controls a survivor wandering a post-apocalyptic wasteland, fighting against interdimensional aliens known as the Root.

The game features elements of multiplayer, in which parties of up to 3 players can tackle the dangers of the world together.

The players of Remnant will quickly notice the similarities between Gunfire Games’ production and the ever-popular Souls series. The main differences are the inclusion of firearms in the game, which the player can use against the enemies, and expanded multiplayer. Depending on the number of players in the game, the difficulty will also be different. The players can mod their weapons with loot dropped from the enemies and found in the world.

Key features
  • Explore the post-apocalyptic world taken over by interdimensional beings
  • Team up with other players and take on the Root together
  • Explore randomly generated levels and find loot to upgrade your weapons

Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines opens to the player a world full of constructive possibilities. The game focuses on building and managing cities and providing resources to sustain them.

The player can build different buildings that will improve the management of the city: schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, etc. Thanks to the power of the Unity engine, the player can do all that and witness their city flourish.

Expanding your agglomeration in Cities: Skylines will require not only proper infrastructure but also people. Inviting new citizens requires building roads and means of transportation that they can use to get to the city. As your city’s population grows, you will be able to expand it further, adding new blocks and buildings. The game features various DLCs, which add new mechanics, making your city-building experience even better.

Key features
  • Build the greatest city ever and populate it with happy citizens
  • Create the infrastructure to make people feel safe and secure
  • Build roads leading to your agglomeration to expand its population
  • Experience the new city-management  mechanics offered by various DLCs


Rust’s robust open-world environment is a testament to the power of the Unity engine.

In the game, the players wake up in a wasteland with little to no resources and rudimentary tools. Their task is to survive in this hostile environment, fending off dangerous fauna and fighting other players. With time the players will find schematics to create more advanced items and summon various drops ranging from weapons to combat vehicles.

On top of fighting against enemies, the player will also o have to survive against the elements. Much like Subnautica, Rust tasks the player with managing their character’s stats – hunger, thirst, exhaustion, etc. Keeping the player’s character healthy, well-fed, and rested will allow the player to survive longer. The game also emphasizes the multiplayer aspect – the players are encouraged to form groups and survive in this dangerous world together.

Key features
  • Build the greatest city ever and populate it with happy citizens
  • Create the infrastructure to make people feel safe and secure
  • Build roads leading to your agglomeration to expand its population
  • Experience the new city-management  mechanics offered by various DLCs


Fe takes the player to a mysterious forest where the titular fox-like creature roams about, helping the inhabitants of the forest fight off the creatures known as the Silent Ones.

The game emphasizes a “hands-off” approach, giving the player a lot of freedom in playing it.

That means that, unlike many contemporary titles, Fe offers little in terms of the mechanics’ explanation. It trusts the player to be observant and notice certain useful elements of gameplay themselves. Sometimes the player will have to spend a while interacting with the environment to see which elements work with which puzzle. But in the end, the effort of figuring the solution on your own will be worth the while, and the players will fondly remember the feeling of not being lead by hand for once.

Key features
  • Explore the forest and help its inhabitants fight against monstrous creatures
  • Experience the gameplay inspired by the Metroidvania genre
  • Enjoy mechanics that require the player to be observant and clever

Games made with Unity

As you can see, there are a lot of games made with the Unity engine. The titles on our list represent only a fragment of the large library of titles powered by this versatile tool. The games we’ve chosen come from different genres and feature different engaging mechanics. Even the most demanding players will find something for themselves from among the titles in our list. What’s more, the diversity we have tried to present is proof of the strength of Unity, which can be used in developing games from a variety of genres.