Being God surprisingly resembles being human, only on a larger scale.

The constant pleading and whining of your believers “O God, please do this”, “O God, make him do that”, “God, why doesn’t she like me”, etc, plus the zillion possibilities (in the end you are a God, you can do anything and everything, all at once, or can you?) seems overwhelming if not grueling to induce analysis paralysis.

But there is also a bright side, which outshines all the tiring stuff. Quoth Jeremy Clarkson: POWERRRRRRR!

What title captures being almighty better than Black and White? Following in the footsteps of a god per se, you have your followers with their petite (or was it petty?) problems, and your Creature which not only was your executive force on Earth, but also a symbol of what kind of God you evolved into during the gameplay – a vengeful malicious Satan or a literal paragon of virtues.

With a nostalgic glitter in our eyes, we recommend 7 other god games thanks to which you’re going to feel mighty good.

Force Of Nature 2016-12-13 Indie A.Y.std
From Dust 2011-08-17 Adventure Ubisoft Montpellier
The Universim 2018-08-28 Simulation Crytivo Games
Reus 2013-05-16 Indie Abbey Games
Populous The Beginning Strategy Bullfrog Productions
Evil Genius 2 World Domination 2021-03-30 Strategy Rebellion Developments
Spore Collection 2008-12-19 Simulation Maxis Software
Rise To Ruins 2014-10-27 Indie Raymond Doerr
Simcity Complete Edition 2014-11-13 Economy Maxis

Evil Genius 2

Release date:2021-03-30
Developer:Rebellion Developments

The sequel to the 2004 production with one of the most original premises in the gaming industry ever, Evil genius 2 is something that will leave a fond memory of something each and every one of us fondled in our imaginations as musings at least once.

You are a villain, but not some kind of regular cutthroat – the Bond-like arch-villain, the nemesis of the world. You get to build your secret lair, train your minions and lackeys accordingly to your vile machinations, get rid of recalcitrant spies which tend to infiltrate your base, and then set plans for world-scale calamities and total domination, by fashioning a doomsday device. In short, sabotage, extort and terrorize.

4 evil geniuses to choose from with different missions set provide for a diversified gameplay. Oh, and did we mention the OST sounds very bond-ish?

Key features
  • Original premise: be a supervillain
  • Nestle yourself in your lair and brew up dastardly plans
  • 4 evil geniuses to choose from = 4 different campaigns
  • Bond-like soundtrack


Release date:2008-12-19

Now, that’s what you call an evolutionary tale of turning a monocellular organism into a Master of the Universe. In Spore you do EXACTLY that!

You evolve through 5 stages: Cell, Creature, Tribal, Civilization and Space, being able to do different things in each of them, from overstuffing our primitive gob and mating in the first one, to building our first spaceship and terraforming planets in the last.

The game is a must for everyone with superiority complex, evolution aficionados, and all the rest, which likes to tinker with the concept of life, literally.

Key features
  • From monocellular organism to master of the universe
  • 5 stages to evolve through
  • Lots of seminal decisions to make
  • Profuse creators to fiddle with your cell/creature/tribe/civilization in the next stages of your evolution

From Dust

Release date:2011-08-17
Developer:Ubisoft Montpellier

If you want to play a game created in an outburst of conceptual labor of love (although made by the Ubisoft moloch), with highly climactic music and some stylized graphics, look no further.

From Dust is a god sim sandbox in which you lead an outcast tribe to the long-lost enlightenment of their forefathers. What makes From Dust noteworthy is its cyclic narrative arc as well as the dynamically evolving natural conditions. Yes, nature may wipe out a substantial portion of the island your tribe currently resides in stressing you to urge them run for cover.

Also, we really cannot stress enough how superb the sound effects are in From Dust, only enhancing its unique feel.

Key features
  • Atmosphere, atmosphere, and atmosphere!
  • Surprisingly unforeseeable cyclic narrative
  • You may be God, but nature here is Godder 😉

Rise to Ruins

Release date:2014-10-27
Developer:Raymond Doerr

Say hello to the pixels again, for what we have here is a top-down medieval blend of god sim, RTS, resource management and tower defense genres.

Become an almighty master of a village which is under siege by horrendous undead monsters at night and, after recuperation during the day, tries to expand and survive in the brutal real-life conditions.

Apart from the regular RTS-y stuff like farming, mining and lumbering, you also collect essence which in turn might be used by your almighty hand as defensive and offensive spells.

Key features
  • Expand during day, defend at night
  • Pixelated top-down graphics
  • A crafty blend of many genres

The Universim

Release date:2018-08-28
Developer:Crytivo Games

Your God-scale rises and reaches the entire planet. The Universim, a 2024 production from Crytivo, places you in a god-supervisor position.

You observe how your civilization rises from the prehistoric remoteness of the Stone Age and then gradually develop into the more sophisticated one, ending up in the Space Age. In the beginning, you set some highly strategic indicators like natural disasters, exile aggression, wild animal attacks, etc., and then occasionally interfere or influence some seminal occurrences, crucial and/or turning points of civilizational crossroads, e.g. to end a war between two cities or not, to encourage the research path of our civilization, etc.

Key features
  • Help develop a whole civilization
  • Extremely strategic
  • Cute animated graphics

SimCity Series

Release date:2014-11-13

Become a demiurge of architecture and prove your urban planning capabilities in this cult series. A brainchild of Maxis studio, Sim City, no matter which number, is an epitome of city-building simulation.

You have a map and you need to build a thriving metropolis on it. Simple? Think again! Lots of interdependencies to handle, many conditions to be met in order to turn your city into the capital of capitalism and the hub of the hubristic cityscape.

There’s quite a lot of quirky stuff too, e.g. ludicrous news tickers in Sim City 3000, or an essay penned by Neil Gaiman himself that pops up when we query the library and select “ruminate” in Sim City 2000. You go find more by yourself! 🙂

Key features
  • The quintessential city-sim series
  • Lots of urban planning!
  • The series spans 25 years, so there’s quite a lot to be build
  • quirky and fun


Release date:2014-08-06

Another title in the portfolio of the great Peter Molyneux – a man behind titles like Dungeon Keeper, Fable series, and the title which inspired the following list – Black and White. In Godus, you again become God, and what a truly almighty demiurge you are.

Image credit: 22Cans

Land sculpting accordingly to your whim or to your followers’ convenience, give a helping hand or rather a finger to them when they e.g. are off to have a face off with their adversaries, Astari, or wreak havoc by the meteor shower. It will all cost you, though. Your in-game currency is Belief. You may be omnipotent, but drain it, and you’ll turn into a mere mortal in front of the monitor. 😉

Key features
  • Peter Molyneux had a hand in producing it
  • provide a Promised Land for your Followers
  • Use your Belief “currency” wisely

Alright, that was seven alternative titles to Black and White game. Some of them echo it more, the other echo it less. Next time you scratch your head, thinking “what to play after Black and White?”, turn your eyes on the above god games – all are available in our marketplace.