Gone are the days of button smashing required to progress in video games. Now, we can play many of them, wielding the power of our words!

If operating systems, voice assistants, smart speakers, and refrigerators can already use sound recognition, why not games? Recent years have seen a significant increase in voice-controlling technology for a more intuitive gameplay experience and greater accessibility for gamers with disabilities.

This area of game development still needs to grow – but the simultaneous AI evolution makes introducing innovative technologies a bit easier. Let’s see which titles with voice control have made it to our top picks today!

Tom Clancys EndWar™

Release date:2009-02-25
Developer:Ubisoft Shanghai

Real-time strategies require the quickest orders. This game makes that possible by introducing voice commands!

Pick a side in the global conflict to command your troops in a two-stage campaign against the relentless AI. Follow the events on the map, use mighty machines, deploy units, and enjoy a slightly psychedelic soundtrack enriched with realistic graphics.

Key features
  • Battle in a global conflict
  • Have fun with classic and futuristic weapons
  • Use a headset for faster commands
  • Enjoy Tom Clancy’s fantastic scriptwriting

The Broken Seal

Release date:2018-01-29

It is a VR game that unravels the open world of players using their voices to cast powerful spells in unforgiving battles against monsters from other dimensions.

Image credit: XAREA

The Broken Seal is a unique action RPG enabling ideal immersion in the world of magic and terrifying beasts. Play solo, with others, or with a pet to discover over 40 hours of engaging gameplay featuring realistic physics and omnipresent mysteries!

Key features
  • Discover an open world of magic and monsters
  • Explore diverse biomes to upgrade your character
  • Enjoy voice control and realistic physics
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Radio General

Release date:2020-04-09
Developer:Foolish Mortals Games

We all know war movies where a general sits in a tent and supervises the entire mission. In this game, you can try yourself at that unbelievably challenging job!

Radio General is an RTS focusing on verbal communication. Listen to reports from your units and issue orders while executing challenging decisions regarding your next moves. It is quite a fresh approach to the WWII theme!

Key features
  • Plan your war strategy using only the map, reports, and radio
  • Make decisions based on the unit specializations
  • Relive famous WWII battles
  • Play solo or in an online co-op

Tower! Simulator 3

Release date:2022-12-13

It is a highly realistic simulator of a flight controller responsible for everything that happens at the airport and in the air.

Experience the most stressful job managing all aspects of the proper airport operation. Using your voice, coordinate flights, predict ever-changing weather, solve problems, control radars, and more – all in 3D for the perfect immersion.

Key features
  • Play a professional flight controller simulator
  • Enjoy the 3D environment designed for this job
  • Take care of all aspects of the proper airport work
  • Use your voice to coordinate your actions


Release date:2020-09-18
Developer:Kinetic Games

This psychological horror puts you in the role of a professional paranormal activity hunter tasked with one objective – to gather evidence of the ghosts’ existence.


Key features
  • Find evidence of the paranormal beings’ existence
  • Discover different types of ghosts and communicate with them using your voice
  • Operate professional equipment
  • Play solo or in an exciting co-op for up to four players

In Verbis Virtus

Release date:2015-04-03
Developer:Indomitus Games

This unique title combines fantasy and puzzles to deliver an enchanting adventure developing in an ancient temple packed with mysteries.

Use your voice to learn how to cast forgotten spells in the Maha’ki language. All this knowledge will be necessary for discovering the secrets of this world that make each subsequent stage even more magical. Prepare for tons of exploration and challenging puzzles!

Key features
  • Learn ancient spells in the Maha’ki language
  • Explore the forgotten temple and discover its secrets
  • Solve puzzles and fight powerful enemies
  • Enjoy the immersive atmosphere of this beautiful world

Welcome to the Game

Release date:2016-06-15
Developer:Reflect Studios

Ready for a terrifying experience? This hacking simulator takes place on the dark Web – the success of your risky mission depends entirely on staying as quiet as possible.

Explore the incredibly spooky Deep Web to complete your goal in 30 days. Your destination is the Red Room – a terrifying website streaming torture and executions. Solve puzzles and do everything you can to avoid kidnappers noticing your presence.

Key features
  • Search the Deep Web for eight keys
  • Experience the most terrifying hacking scenario
  • Find the Red Room in thirty days
  • Avoid getting caught yourself


Release date:2019
Developer:Ape Studio

Explore the abandoned mansion to discover its secrets and survive unexpected encounters with supernatural beings using only your voice.

Image credit: Ape Studio

Travel to an ancient mansion to explain the mystery of sudden deaths in the Willard family. This creepy title involves using your voice to learn new powers and progress, which can be difficult considering the creators aimed for deep immersion.

Key features
  • Discover the history of the Willard family
  • Explore an old manor inhabited by a hostile creature
  • Use your voice to continue the adventure
  • Discover a new level of fear

Don't Scream

Release date:2023-10-27
Developer:Joure & Joe

Ready for another scary game? This recommendation may become your favorite if you love productions like The Blair Witch Project!

Image credit: Joure & Joe

Don’t Scream is an indie title allowing you to explore Pineview Forest for 18 minutes. Whisper or speak softly, but screaming means game over. Moreover, time only flies when you move, but things happen around you nonetheless. No story, only jump scares – have fun!

Key features
  • Explore the beautiful Pineview Forest
  • Remember that time only flies when you move
  • Use the microphone to play fair
  • Any scream restarts the adventure

VoiceAttack software

Release date:2009-10-01

It is a software you may want to check out if speech recognition is your ideal fun destination!

Image credit: VoiceAttack.com

Voice Attack allows you to use your words to control video games, apps, virtual reality experiences, design macros, and more. It supports text-to-speech and voice recognition in Spanish, French, English, Japanese, Chinese, and German. And even if your Windows OS doesn’t support any of these, you can download other bundles at VoiceAttack.com. According to players on Steam, this software offers the best immersion and ease of use in games.

Key features
  • Access fast and easy computer operation with your voice
  • Choose from six available languages or download extras
  • Create perfect macros
  • Gain seamless control over your favorite video games

Designing a successful video game is complicated, especially when voice interaction is one of its features. Developers didn’t seem keen to incorporate it for years until speech recognition became common in smartphones and other devices. Now, voice control is a part of our everyday lives. Hopefully, it will no longer be such a rarity in gaming.