Do you like horror movies, books, and other stuff involving vampires? Those blood-sucking undeads can sometimes be very attractive… in many ways.

You know, the “Twilight” saga, Van Helsing, or the lord of all vampires, Dracula – all of this is the evidence that many like those monsters. If you feel the bloodlust, you can satisfy it there…

Games Where You Are A Vampire

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Genre:Action RPG
Developer:Dontnod Entertainment
Release year:2018 (PC, PS4, X One), 2019 (Switch)

This is a choice game where a doctor called Jonathan Reid turns into a vampire, and has to decide how to mix his newly obtained curse with his professional life.


The game focus heavily on player’s decisions. It features an interesting plot and encourages the player to get involved in Reid’s life. Moreover, although there are some compulsory boss battles, most of the in-game combat can be avoided. Will you spare the innocent?

Key features
  • Take control over Jonathan E. Reid in London from 1918, which was a time of the epidemic of Spanish flu.
  • Make important decisions that will affect the city and its inhabitants.
  • Be a good doctor, help your patients, and remain undercover, or let your vampiric self break free and feed on everybody!
  • The game mechanics let you play in two ways (violent or peaceful) and it features 4 different endings.
  • Reid’s skill tree let you upgrade his abilities – the experience points needed for that can be acquired either by running investigations on London’s citizens or by feeding on your victims.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dawnguard

GenreAction RPG
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios
Release year:2012 (PC, X360), 2013 (PS3)

Dawnguard was the first official DLC for TES V: Skyrim.

It adds a completely new questline and new skill trees bound to the appropriate quests. Choose your side in this conflict with the vampires.

Together with the implementation of the new questline, the developers decided also to introduce two completely new skill trees: one for the vampire and the other for the werewolf abilities. This means that this DLC not only provides you with additional hours of Skyrim gameplay, but it also allows you transform yourself into a werewolf or a vampire.

Key features
  • Choose your side – will you join the Dawnguard and try to stop Volkihar, or will you rather help Lord Harkon in “extinguishing” the Sun
  • New skills – become a werewolf or a vampire and get access to the unique abilities, depending on your choice.
  • Joining Dawnguard will make it possible for you to use crossbows – a completely new type of ranged weapon.
  • Two new places you can call “home” – Castle Volkihar and Fort Dawnguard wait for your arrival.
  • Dawnguard also features the appearance-changing system – visit an NPC in Riften’s Ratway to change your face and/or hair.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

Genre:Action RPG
Developer:Troika Games
Release year:2004

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines lets you take control over a human who has been killed and resurrected as a vampire.

Investigate the whereabouts of the mysterious relic who is said to bring doom to the vampire race.

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines

The players create a male or female vampire character and process through the game world in either a violent or a non-violent way. There are also seven clans in which the player’s character can join. The character development system is based on the mixture of “Abilities” and “Attributes”.

Key features
  • Trace the mysterious relic and prevent the annihilation of all the vampires.
  • Create and customize your vampire – take care of their development and acquire the desired perks.
  • How human can you be? The “Humanity” meter measures the “humanity” of your character.
  • The choices you make and the actions you take affect how others perceive you – your “Humanity” meter can change, too.
  • Depending on the clan you choose, you will have the access to a separate “Disciplines” section of special vampire skills (different for each clan).

BloodRayne & Bloodrayne 2

Genre:Action, hack’n’slash
Developer:Terminal Reality
Release year:2002 & 2004-2006

This hack’n’slash is the second installment of the BloodRayne series with the fierce, redhead female vampire as the protagonist.

She needs to face his vampiric father Kagan and stop him and his army of vampires to save what is left of humankind.

BloodRayne & Bloodrayne 2

In fact, Rayne is only a half-vampire, namely a “dhampir”, born from a union between a human and a vampire. Although she possesses supernatural vampiric powers, she still wants the best for the humankind. She needs to trace down her siblings and stop them before they put an end to all of the humans.

Key features
  • It’s getting really personal when Rayne is challenged to face her own father, but it must be done if she wishes to save the life on Earth.
  • As it is a typical hack’n’slash title, the pace of the game is fast and requires much attention.
  • Use Rayne’s unique equipment, such as Twin Arm Blades or Silver Steel Stiletto Heels to slaughter your enemies.
  • The vast weaponry also includes various firearms which Rayne has at her disposal.
  • The hordes of enemies include humans (such as ordinary thugs) as well as vicious monsters, like Foremen, the Shadow Legion warriors, flying vampires, and many more.