This list will provide you with the games where you can manipulate with the timeline, freezing the time at your will. It will usually give you a lot of possibilities to continue with your gameplay in the way you like! You can stop the clock in any of the games below.

Games with the ability to stop time

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Quantum Break

Xbox One
Genre:Action-adventure TPS
Developer:Remedy Entertainment
Release year:2016

Quantum Break is a unique sci-fi TPS where you take control over Jack Joyce, who has the ability to manipulate the time around him. One of his basic skill is to freeze everything and everybody in place, while he himself can move and act normally.

As Jack Joyce the player needs to oppose Monarch Solutions guards and other enemies in order to deal with the space-time apocalypse. Armed with a variety of firearms and his supernatural time-manipulating abilities, Joyce is up for challenge.

Key features
  • Fight various enemies, some of whom are also able to manipulate time – adjust your strategy wisely!
  • Freezing time is just the most basic of Joyce’s time-manipulating abilities – later, he will unlock more of them!
  • Engaging and interesting storyline with realistic dubbing made by professional actors.
  • Jack can use his time-manipulating skills not only in combat, but also while exploring the world and solving other problems.
  • Control not only Jack Joyce, but also the main antagonist of the game and Joyce’s former friend – Paul Serene. Controling Paul lets players influence the story and make plot-changing decisions.


Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Developer:SUPERHOT Team
Release year:2016 (PC, X One), 2017 (PS4), 2019 (Switch)

An untypical first-person shooter, in which we take out other enemies in a very minimalistic, abstract environment. The most specific game feature is its time mechanics.

The time in the game progress only if the player moves. Such a situation makes it possible for the player to think twice about what he or she is going to do next, and it enables them to adjust their actions to the on-screen events.

Key features
  • The game is set in an abstract, minimalistic environment – the focus is put mainly on the action itself.
  • Take a good care of the weapons you pick up – they have limited ammo and can break very easily.
  • You need to be a try-harder here – one bullet from an enemy is more than enough to put you down!
  • A wide variety of available weapons make the gameplay more interesting – choose from among firearms, melee weapons, explosives, and many more.
  • Jumping will also let you to slow down time as long as you will hold the jump key – use it wisely to plan your moves in the air!


Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Developer:Saber Interactive
Release year:2007

Travel in time to stop evil scientist from ruling the dystopian world in an alternate timestream. The game focuses both on its gameplay as well as on the interesting storyline.


Taking control over the Beta Suit, a special suit-device capable of manipulating time, the player needs to travel to 1939 in order to stop Dr Krone and fix his own suit, which has got damaged during the time travel. Through the idea of Beta Suit, the game features a number of possibilities to “play with time”.

Key features
  • Follow Dr Krone and stop him from ruling the dystopian Krone Magistrate.
  • Take control over the Beta Suit – manipulate time by slowing it down or even freezing it at your will!
  • Time-manipulation abilities of the Beta Suit lets you not only enhance the combat, but will also help you solve various puzzles.
  • 24 combat missions to use a wide array of weapons and vehicles.
  • Multiplayer mode for up to 16 players on 14 different maps.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Xbox 360
PlayStation 2
Playstation 3
Nintendo Switch
Genre:Action-adventure, hack’n’slash, puzzle-platformer
Developer:Ubisoft Montreal
Release year:year 2003 (PC, PS2, Xbox), 2018 (Switch, Android, iOS), 2010 (PS3)

One of the most popular franchises from the Ubisoft’s stable. A unique combination of combat, puzzle-solving and magic in a hack-and-slash style. Described by some as the predecessor of the Assassin’s Creed series.


Take control over the Prince, whose mission is to stop the horrors he had unleashed unintentionally, being misled by a treacherous Vizier. Possessing his Dagger of Time, he needs to return the Sands of Time to their hourglass if he wishes to fix the situation.

Key features
  • Intense combat intertwines with some more peaceful moments of puzzle-solving and exciting parkour acrobatics.
  • The Sands of Time enable the Prince to manipulate the time itself – you can slow it down, or even make it stop completely.
  • The exploration phases are full of traps and mechanisms the Prince needs to discover and solve.
  • As the Prince is very agile, he can climb, walk along beams, swing on poles and ropes, and more!
  • Sometimes you will need some help from Farah – Maharaja’s daughter – who will cooperate with you to solve some riddles.

Dishonored 2

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre:Action-adventure, stealth
Developer:Arkane Studios
Release year:2016

The second installment of the series tells the story after the events of the first Dishonored. Now, except for Corvo, we can also control Empress Emily Kaldwin.

Besides the fact that the game continues with the story from the first installment, the mechanisms it features are very much like those we know from the first title of the series. The key component here is the Outsider’s mark, which enables the player to use special abilities.

Key features
  • Follow the continuation of the story from the first Dishonored – choose if you want to play as Corvo Attano or Emily Kaldwin.
  • Although you can decide to reject the Outsider’s mark, once you accept it, you get unique abilities, one of which is time manipulation (upgrade it and you will be able to freeze the time at once)!
  • Just like the previous game, Dishonored 2 features the mixture of stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving – all of that in the immersive first-person perspective.
  • Perhaps you have completed the game with all the powers? Try it once again without them – just reject the mark.
  • Unique character development thanks to complex development trees lets you play as you like – according to your style!