If you are bored with the games where you are either required to kill some ugly and bad monstrosities, or you are forced to run and hide as their prey.

This list is going to give you some examples of the titles which, virtually, put you in their shoes. Those games let you unleash your inner monster.

Become a monster in these games
Evolve Stage 2 Founders Edition 2015-02-10 Action & Shooter Turtle Rock Studios
Dead By Daylight 2016-06-14 Adventure Behaviour Interactive
Spore 2008-12-19 Strategy Maxis
Spore Galactic Adventures 2009-06-23 Adventure Maxis
Warp 2012-03-21 Adventure Trapdoor
Ghost Master 2003-08-23 Strategy Sick Puppies
Carrion 2020-07-23 Horror Phobia Game Studio
Vampyr 2018-06-05 RPG DON'T NOD
Werewolf The Apocalypse Earthblood 2022-02-07 Action Cyanide Studio
Aliens Vs Predator Collection 2010-02-16 Action & Shooter


Release date:2017
Genre:Survival horror

Deceit is a multiplayer survival horror where players connect in groups of 6, and need to survive in a dark and grim environment.

The group includes 4 ordinary humans and 2 infected ones. Both types of players have different objectives. The survivors need to cooperate in order to find out who is infected, and the infected’s aim is to kill all the survivors by taking advantage of the occasional blackouts.

Key features
  • Four weak humans and two mutated individuals – will the spirit of cooperation save the survivors?
  • Playing as the infected, you are bound to take advantage of the blackout moments, which unleash your inner Terror form – an extraordinarily strong monster longing for blood!
  • The environment is designed in the way which creates more and more doubts – will you trust your non-infected companions?
  • This game won’t let you feel bored – the gameplay intertwines the fast-paced moments of combat with more peaceful time for strategic thinking.
  • Move through the facility, collect items and gather clues on who is whom in order to achieve your goal.


Release date:2015-02-10
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Turtle Rock Studios

The idea of the game is partly similar to Deceit, but now the monster is only one – and it is much more powerful! The survivors are also more capable of fighting him as they specialise in four different ways.

The cooperation in this game is more action-based. As long as Deceit was something more of a psychological manipulations, Evolve is pure action. Especially, when it is you who takes control over the monster!

Key features
  • As the title suggests, the monster’s aim is to “evolve” – the long the match lasts, the further goes your evolution!
  • The game is class- and skill-based – the survivors divides into 4 classes, and there are also more than just one type of the monsters. Each survivor class and each monster feature different playstyle!
  • Cooperation is the key to success if you are one of the survivors – the classes complement each other, so take advantage of that fact!
  • The monster, regardless of its type, is always vicious – only the full team can take it down!
  • The survivors are not just your prey in this game – they are rightly equipped to hurt you really bad if you are not careful!


Release date:2008

Now, this is a completely different approach to what it means to be a “monster”. SPORE is a unique title which lets you control your whole population of “monsters” – various aliens and other extraterrestrial species.

From a single cell to a complex and developed society of various species. The uniqueness of SPORE made it highly popular in its genre. The game generally presents you with no limits, so you can feel the freedom of this God-like simulator.

Key features
  • Start from a microscopic organisms and evolve to eventually establish a well-organised society.
  • By evolving and developing your creatures, you go through consecutive game stages – each stage challenges you with different missions and objectives.
  • Create your own Spore, and colonise the whole planet.
  • The game is also deeply linked with the idea of user-generated content – everything the players create can be shared and shown to the world.
  • You can either be a friend to other species, or you can take on a more aggressive approach and try to annihilate everybody.


Release date:2012-03-21

Zero is a small alien monster who needs to escape a lab filled with guards and scientists. You need to help him solve various puzzles and make it safely to the exit.

The game lets you play in two different ways. You can either move stealthy and avoid direct contact with the enemies, or you can wreak bloody havoc and kill everybody on your way out. The choice is yours.

Key features
  • Zero has been abducted and locked in a underwater laboratory by an evil General – now he needs to make his way home.
  • Nice or mean? Will you try to move silently and avoid killing guards and scientists, or will you prefer some more action and violence?
  • Zero is not much of a “zero” in fact – evolve by upgrading your abilities and skills, and discover perfect combinations of Zero’s powers.
  • Test yourself in Challenge Rooms – they will test your speed and lethality. How fast can you complete all those mazes and stages?
  • The game presents you with a nice, soft visuals in a top-down perspective for the better view on the situation.

Ghost Master

Release date:2003-08-23
Developer:Sick Puppies

Although the game is quite old now, it can’t be denied that it is somehow unique. Here, you take control over your crew of ghosts, phantoms and various monstrosities in order to sow fear in the hearts of the mortals.

The game puts you in the shoes of the title “Ghost Master” – you are in the total control of the team of terrors. You can grow your squad by freeing new spirits in certain missions, and you can also buy your “soldiers” new abilities so that they would be even scarier!

Key features
  • A unique approach to a horror genre – now you are the one who makes other scream!
  • Collect new ghosts and phantoms, and buy them new abilities to make them even more powerful.
  • Your companions divide into several categories and types – make sure your haunting team is complementary.
  • Watch out as not all the mortals are defenseless – there are some powerful mediums who can banish your ghosts!
  • Sometimes you will do more then just scaring the mortals – freeing lost spirits, interrupting witches’ rituals, and other issues will require your attention.