Thanks to video games we can do it all in a safe environment without risking destroying our furniture or electronics. But which game to choose? Check out some of destructive games on the list down below.


Everyone knows Minecraft. You can either love it or hate it, but you can’t deny that it’s a one-of-a-kind title that allows players to unleash their inner creative self to a great extent.

Minecraft is a voxel-based game that is mainly known for giving the players the possibility to create almost anything they want with the use of large 3D blocks made of various materials. The entire playable area can be shaped according to the player’s needs, and this means that players can not only build things but also completely destroy the surroundings, making the title one of the best building and destroying games out there. Destroying can be done in a number of ways, but the most spectacular one is undoubtedly a box of TNT – place a lot of it near the blocks you want to get rid of, light the fuse, and enjoy the show.

Key features
  • 3D voxel-based environment that can be easily modified
  • Randomly generated worlds that are virtually endless
  • Simple survival elements, dynamic weather, and night and day cycle
  • Different modes to play – choose between creative, survival, and adventure

Battlefield V

The Battlefield franchise is one of the most successful and popular first-person shooters out there. Coincidentally, Battlefield games were also some of the first ones to proudly represent destructive games. The series is known for the introduction of realistic war destruction that can be either done by the players or by their enemies.

The newest game in the series, Battlefield V, is also known for its destructible environment. The game is set during World War II and this means that you will get access to a lot of interesting war-era equipment, including weapons and tanks, such as the legendary Tiger.

Although Battlefield games usually come with a single-player campaign, the mode where players spend most of their time playing is indisputably multiplayer that makes the game more unpredictable and replayable. It also gives more opportunities to fully test the game’s destructible environment in practice. The enemy squad is hiding in a building? Instead of risking your life rushing it frontally, use explosives to destroy the walls, so they won’t have where to hide.

Key features

ARK: Survival Evolved

There aren’t many games about dinosaurs out there, so enjoy Ark – another game with destructible environments. Kind of. Ark is a survival game, where you will start literally naked – with no equipment and no clear goals set, your job is to simply survive in the wilderness that is full of dangerous predators that only wait for people like you to feast on.

What makes the game fun is the fact that it’s entirely possible to tame the ubiquitous reptiles and use their help to quicken numerous mundane tasks, such as picking berries or moving large quantities of items between places. While it’s entirely possible to play solo exclusively, Ark starts to shine in multiplayer, where you can build large strongholds together with other players. The destructible environment is unfortunately limited to destroying other people’s creations and chopping down the trees or destroying rocks, but the overall experience still makes this game a must-play.

Key features
  • A unique experience in a world inhabited by dinosaurs
  • Puts strong emphasis on survival elements
  • Lots of crafting options and virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to building
  • Starts to shine in multiplayer, especially if you’ve got a friend to play with

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is a beautiful game that has a story so great that it feels like a good Hollywood movie and not a simple video game. GTA V was always known for the sheer amount of freedom it gave players – there are almost no restrictions, meaning that you can go and do whatever and wherever you want from the very beginning, as long as you don’t catch the police attention, in which case you’ll have to either surrender or lose them.

Unfortunately, there is no destructible environment in form of razing buildings to the ground and such, but there are some fun options to make a bit of chaos on the side if you’re in a bad mood. If we consider the people who live their peaceful lives in this imaginary world of GTA V as a part of the environment, then smashing their vehicles using rocket launchers or other types of explosives should count – destructible environment at its finest.

Key features
  • An open-world environment full of gorgeous locations – based on California and its surroundings
  • An engaging story that begs to be unraveled
  • Tons of weapons to try and master
  • Constantly updated multiplayer mode in GTA: Online

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

For the final game, we’ve got something that brings environmental destruction to a whole new level – it’s an experience you surely don’t want to miss. The game allows players to jump right into the middle of the counter-terrorists versus terrorists conflict and use modern weaponry and gadgets to defeat the enemy team. Destructions in Rainbow Six Siege are truly impressive.

You can use either explosives or a powerful gun to easily destroy the entire wall to make a shortcut while inside the building, for example, which adds a lot of new strategic options when planning the best approach to complete the task. Utilize environment destructions to perform surprise attacks and strike from where your opponents expect you the least.

Key features
  • Amazing tactical shooter in a modern environment
  • Dozens of real-world weapons to try and master
  • Destroying the environment is not only possible but encouraged
  • Puts strong emphasis on multiplayer action

Games with Destructible Environments

Destructible environments in video games is not a new concept, but due to how resource-hungry it usually is, especially when we’re talking about physics-based destructions in 3D productions, it wasn’t too common to see games that implemented it in the past. Now that our computers have much more computing power available to utilize, such games increase in popularity, giving us the unique opportunity to demolish the surroundings without worrying about accidentally destroying some real-world stuff. Pick your favorites from the list of the best world destruction games above and have fun blowing up things.