If you are not able to play a game with speakers on or don’t have any headphones, then you may consider checking out something which doesn’t require sound at all to be played without any problems.

The games below don’t mind silence…

You don't need sound to play those games
Darkest Dungeon 2016-01-19 Indie Red Hook Studios
Darkest Dungeon Ancestral Edition 2017-06-19 Indie Red Hook Studios
XCOM 2 Collection 2016-02-04 Strategy Firaxis Games
Ftl Faster Than Light 2012-09-14 Adventure Subset Games
Football Manager 2023 2022-11-08 Simulator Sports Interactive
Fallout 2 1998-12-01 Adventure Black Isle Studios
Diablo II Resurrected 2021-09-23 Hack and slash Blizzard Entertainment
Oxygen Not Included 2017-05-18 Action & Shooter Klei Entertainment
Terraria 2011-05-16 Adventure Re-Logic
Stardew Valley 2016-02-26 Adventure ConcernedApe

Darkest Dungeon

Release date:2016-01-19
Developer:Red Hook Studios

A dungeon crawler with complex party-management mechanics and around 80 hours of gameplay you can go through without sound.

The game is about exploring the dungeons below a gothic mansion with a party of heroes. As a typical dungeon crawler, it simply requires you to slay another monsters and enemies in order to advance to the next floor. The RPG elements are also quite strong here.

Key features
  • Form your party of heroes but beware – if one dies, the death is permanent and you will need to get somebody new for the spare slot in your team.
  • Some characters will die sooner or later so the best strategy is to max out and protect those you put the biggest hopes in.
  • There are several attributes and other traits your characters have – analyse them carefully to make the most of your company.
  • Watch out for the stress factor – characters may get stressed sometimes and if you don’t react to this, the stressful atmosphere can spread on the rest of your team!
  • Improve the facilities in the town near the dungeon you explore – use those facilities to get new equipment, heal your heroes and perform other activities between your expeditions.


Release date:2016-02-04
Developer:Firaxis Games

The game takes place 20 years after the events of the reboot title, XCOM: Enemy Unknown. After losing the war against the alien forces, the military organization known as XCOM needs to make for the resistance against the occupation of Earth.

The game is about turn-based combat and strategic management of the military squad who fights countless battles against aliens. The gameplay composes of two parts: the one in which you fight turn-based battles and the other one when you manage XCOM’s mobile base, Avenger.

Key features
  • Make wise use of the various character classes and adjust your team to your preference.
  • Fight tactical battles in the turn-based system – make your soldiers take cover and take out another groups of aliens.
  • Thanks to the ROG elements present, your soldiers can gain levels if they end up surviving a battle.
  • Avenger is your base – conduct research and discover new technologies. Examine aliens and unlock new weapons and gadgets for your squad.
  • The game features a multiplayer mode, too – use the points you are given and form your team of both ADVENT and XCOM forces.

FTL: Faster Than Light

Release date:2012-09-14
Developer:Subset Games

FTL: Faster Than Light is a top-down RTS where you take control of over a crew of a spacecraft. The player’s objective is to guide the spacecraft through eight different space sectors while watching out for enemies and other dangers.

The crew you can gather can be very diversified as there are a number of various species residing in the game’s world. It is crucial to master their traits in order to complete the mission of delivering an important data packet to the Federation headquarters.

Key features
  • Take care of your ship – watch out for various dangers such as flares of the giant stars or the asteroid belts.
  • Collect your crew members from other spaceships and form a unique team of individuals.
  • The combat is real-time with the player’s ability to pause the game in order to analyze the situation and input commands.
  • The game allows you not only to travel through space and fight other spaceships – barter, upgrade your ship and hire new crew members from different places.
  • What is important is that once you have been defeated by your enemy in combat, the game erases your save file and you are forced to start all over if you wish to continue the game.