The best time to grab a good deal for games and hardware is coming. Black Friday and are right around the corner, so it may be worth taking a look at where they even came from, why each day offers such good deals year after year, and, what deals you can grab during that time on the G2A.COM Marketplace.

Black Friday is just days away, and while it’s good to have an eye on all the amazing sales on electronics and other nifty physical stuff, what use is a new laptop if you don’t have new games to play on it? This year you can get some new cool gaming hardware and then push it to the limit with some of the cool new games which came out recently. Remasters, re-releases and brand new adventures at fantastic prices are here, waiting for you to get them.

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If the glut of options in the table above does help you decide what to treat yourself to this Black Friday, let’s take a look at some of the most interesting games which graced us with their presence this year.

Still fresh from the press are Guardians of the Galaxy, an original adventure of the galactic misfit mercenaries, filled with action, banter, and a really juicy licensed soundtrack. On the other end of the mood spectrum dwells Bloober Team’s new horror game, The Medium, and its unique presentation, showing you both a physical and spiritual world, side by side.

Fans of the 2016’s Resident Evil VII should take a look at this year’s Resident Evil: Village, since it’s a new misadventure of Ethan Winters, and things go truly out of hand this time. Another mutation-ridden world we got to see this year is Turtle Rock Studios’ Back 4 Blood, a 4-player zombie-shooting co-op experience, and Left 4 Dead’s obvious spiritual successor.

If you’d rather build something this fall, how about Jurassic World Evolution 2, a zoo sim with prehistoric beasts and hilarious security accidents leaving dozens of visitors chewed and dead? Maybe you’d like something on a larger scale, which is where Age of Empires IV comes in, a new installment of a classic real-time strategy series about running a nation and turtling up in a fortress.

Finally, fans of sports and competition can enjoy new installments of the world’s longest-running football simulator, FIFA 22 while racing fans can get behind the wheel in Forza Horizon 5.

Keep an eye out for more

These are just just a few of the games launching in the last months of 2022, so absolutely do keep watching out for more. Many of the titles you’ll be able to find at attractive prices among G2A’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers if any of them look like just the game you need to check out.